8 Best Photo Frame Apps in 2022

By Tani Adams 3 days ago, Apps and Software

Using the best photo frame app, you can easily jazz up your ordinary pictures! You may create collages, add text or stickers, and more. The photo frame apps we reviewed are compatible with iOS or Android devices.

Once you enhance your photos, you can print them and decorate the wall, present your friends with original art pieces, etc. This list includes both free and paid applications.

Top 8 Photo Frame Apps

  1. Fix The Photo Editor & Retouch - Professional team of retouchers
  2. Picsart - A wide choice of customizable frames
  3. InFrame - A collection of thematic frames
  4. Meitu - The most feature-rich app
  5. PicFrame - The most attractive patterns
  6. Framatic - The best free photo frame app
  7. Pic Stitch - Perfect for photo border editing
  8. Insta Picframe - Amazing social media frames

Many apps for picture frames come with a quick grid photo collage maker. You may embellish your photographs with colorful flowers, wild animals, charming lakes, extraordinary designs, locations and make them absolutely unique. No matter what frame application you choose, you will get spectacular results. Plus, these photo frame apps include frames for special occasions, like birthdays, weddings, etc.

1. Fix The Photo Editor & Retouch — Our Choice

Professional team of retouchers
  • Framed are created by a team of professionals
  • Top-level results
  • Comes with a free trial
  • Available 24/7
  • None

Verdict: With the help of the Fix The Photo Editor & Retouch app, you can add frames to your photos or create a photo collage without spending a lot of time on post-processing. The team of professional retouchers will add frames to your photo. They take into account the style of a photo, its colors, and your wishes. You can send them detailed requirements when placing your order.

Start by uploading your picture and letting the retouchers know what result you want to get. They will quickly send you a masterfully enhanced photo in a lovely frame. What I like the most about this app is that the team edits each photo manually. FixThePhoto experts don’t use automatic tools. Thanks to it, all the enhanced photos don’t look as if they were altered. Besides, you can test out the provided services for free by using a trial version of the app.

fix the photo editor & retouch photo frame app interface

2. PicsArt

A wide choice of customizable frames
  • More than 60 million stickers
  • Possibility to edit frames and objects
  • Tools to make your own clipart
  • Great collage maker
  • Annoying ads

Verdict: Apart from being one of the best photo frame apps, PicsArt is also a multi-functional photo editing tool. It provides all basic features to create a masterpiece out of an ordinary picture. Use an Add button to upload clip art, callouts, more frames, and text. Plus, you can edit frames and create cool collages with minimum effort.

PicsArt pleases users with a wide array of options – may edit photos, apply filters, draw, and share your projects on social media. You may perform all changes directly on your smartphone. PicsArt has a wide community that is constantly growing. If you are looking for an effective tool to improve photos on the go, PicsArt is exactly like that.

picsart interface photo frame app

3. InFrame

A collection of thematic frames
  • Original photo frames
  • Insta square photo
  • Impressive filters
  • Thematic collage styles
  • Poor photo quality

Verdict: InFrame brags about numerous photo frames, effects and filters. In a blink of an eye, your picture will become a masterpiece. How is that possible? Upload your photo, apply a frame, edit it with a filter, sticker, text and voila. Use InFrame to make the most memorable moments of your life even more spectacular! Pics from trips, holidays, birthday parties, anniversaries will shine with new vibes! Later, you may share them on Instagram without further cropping.

In addition, this application offers wide customization options. Thanks to a wide variety of frames, InFrame may be deservedly called one of the best photo frame apps out there. What is more, you can modify the frames; for example, you may change colors or even gradually dye them. You may also apply a blurred background frame. In case you are an active “social networker”, you may post your pics on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or share via WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.

inframe interface photo frame app

4. Meitu

The most feature-rich app
  • Irreproachable results
  • A plethora of templates
  • Collage features
  • Multiple output options
  • Laggy

Verdict: Meitu is the latest photo editing app with a growing community of satisfied users. It is a free tool with basic photo editing functions, like auto-enhance, frames, stickers, text, blur, a magic beauty brush, etc. Plus, Meitu offers some advanced features, including facial recognition with augmented reality.

Meitu was developed especially for users, who don’t want to spend much time editing pics. It is one of the best photo frame apps in terms of simplicity since most edits are applied in one touch. The collage-creation procedure is also straightforward. You just select the necessary photos from your gallery and generate a collage.

meitu interface photo frame app

5. PicFrame

The most attractive patterns
  • Customizable border width
  • You can save photos in multiple resolutions
  • Re-shaping tools
  • Patterns for the frames
  • Slightly outdated

Verdict: Make attention-grabbing photo collages and share them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or other social networks! PicFrame offers 36 fully customizable frames, rounded corners, adjustable photo effects, shapes, border width, background patterns and a simple border color picker. The variety of instruments it provides is more than enough to create an eye-catching picture.

Besides, you may design your own extraordinary frames using photos from your phone. Plus, the app offers such effects as hue, gray and sepia. Having mastered this application, you will see how many possibilities it provides. Thus, PicFrame may become the best photo frame app for you.

picframe interface photo frame app

6. Framatic

The best free photo frame app
  • Absolutely free
  • Plenty of features
  • Many exporting options
  • Clean layout
  • Compatible only with iOS

Verdict: More than 12 million people use Framatic to implement their creative ideas. It is one of the most demanded photo border apps in 2021. You just put two photos side by side and get an impressive effect. This app brags about numerous layouts to stitch photographs together. You may add a border and alter its style. Or you may create a collage without any borders. When the creative part is over, you may share the result on social networks.

Framatic is the best variant in case you are looking for a fast and simple tool. Plus, it is completely free. The application allows creating stunning compositions with minimum effort. You may use thematic frames and layouts to design original collages. If you still haven’t tested Framatic, add it to your list of the best photo frame apps.

framatic interface photo frame app

7. Pic Stitch

Perfect for photo border editing
  • More than 250 layouts
  • Effective frame editor
  • High-res export
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Annoying ads

Verdict: Generate before/after sequences in a blink of an eye! Pic Stitch successfully combines power and simplicity to help you design amazing compositions. You can easily make collages and create photo series. Don’t be shy to post your works on social networks, like Facebook and Twitter. Why should you hide your talent?

Bloggers, influencers and content creators claim it is one of the best photo frame apps and effectively use it in their work. The app also offers cool filters, effects, and image editing tools. Thanks to the above-mentioned features, Pic Stitch is extremely popular in the photography community.

pic stitch interface photo frame app

8. Insta Picframe

Amazing social media frames
  • More than 100 PIP frames
  • High-res results
  • Possibility to add labels to photos
  • Effective photo editor
  • Can’t be used on Android

Verdict: If you need a tool to create pics for Instagram, Insta Picframes is the best photo frame app for you. The thing is that it was specifically developed for Instagram. It doesn’t mean that you can share collages only on this platform. You may also post your creations on Facebook, Twitter and other websites. This Instagram photo editor offers more than 100 customizable frames, rounded corners, photo effects, shadows and numerous catchy patterns to make your pics even more eye-catching.

This application allows working with pics on the go. Plus, an autosave feature guarantees you don’t lose your project. You may choose photos from various platforms like Facebook, clipboard or your photo album. By the way, you may download more frames from the cloud if necessary.

insta picframe interface photo frame app