Nifty Remote Collaboration Hub Review: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 7 days ago, Apps and Software

Nifty Tool

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Verdict: Nifty is a remote project management tool with effective features for supervising projects, communications, and teams to achieve certain goals. The range of options of this easy-to-use platform is really impressive. It allows keeping track of tasks, setting deadlines, milestones, etc. With the help of this hub, I can discuss the projects that are on the agenda in real-time. Besides, it lets you transform each message into a task which is really a cool feature I’ve never met before.

Using this collaboration system for some time, I can say for sure that its assistance is hard to overestimate, especially for photographers. The service has made my life easier accomplishing such tasks as setting deadlines to photoshoots, meeting with clients, invoices management, as well as file sharing and marketing tasks.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Flexible methodologies
  • Collaboration features
  • Time tracking option
  • Easy-to-customize dashboard
  • Integrated chat function
  • Beginners should spend some time learning the toolkit of the platform
nifty interface

Nifty’s dashboard is easy to customize and optimize for your workflow. By prioritizing insights, you can help your team members save time when searching for the info. This is an all-in-one platform for individuals who work remotely together and need an effective management tool to ensure high teamwork efficiency. Besides, Nifty is a perfect choice for distance employees who want to increase their productivity at work. This is definitely a good service for working experience at pandemic.

Nifty Remote Collaboration Hub – Main Features

logo nifty

Thanks to a dynamic task management system, Nifty provides automated updates on project completion and resource insights. Besides, you can also benefit from Project and Team overviews to supervise all your assignments and the specialists who work on them. There is no need for third-party apps, as this collaboration hub has everything to streamline your workload. It encourages communication between team members and allows you to oversee projects and collaborate on tasks for excellent results.

Useful Discussions Feature

nifty’s discussions feature

This project management software offers an array of handy options to get a bird's eye view of all the assignments. For, example, with the discussion feature, teammates can easily collaborate and interact to make the right and meaningful decision.

I use this function to deliver important updates and share valuable info with my employees. Besides, it lets my team members exchange ideas, knowledge, and point of view. They can discuss some questions to decide on what should they work on and how this or that task should be completed.

You can instantly turn any discussion into action by converting any message in the thread into a task for your team. As my experience shows, Nifty remote collaboration hub is a real lifesaver for photographers who need help in running their business. Shooters can benefit from this service to organize the delivery of their photos, present their business on the web, take orders, etc.

Great Team Collaboration

When working with this collaboration software, I can upload files from the PC, Google Drive, or Dropbox for their further sharing with colleagues.

Moreover, the service enables users to create discussion threads on a specific project to brainstorm ideas, as well as plan and execute projects. I find this feature very useful as it simplifies interaction with teammates and makes it more effective. With the Discussions function, it is possible to respond to any comment in 1 click.

Not only that, the project manager has overall control over the workflow: he/she can see what tasks should be performed for each project, monitor the workload of each member, and record the time every collaborator spends on completing the assignment.

Besides, the chats inside teams with direct and daily messages also foster better communication.

Time Monitoring to See Who's Working

nifty time tracking

Time Tracking is probably the most effective option. It allows a group leader to monitor projects, tasks, team workloads, and activities performed by every team member.

With the time tracking function, keeping the whole team's workloads in check is a cinch. By taking advantage of the integrated calendar, I can instantly learn when a particular person started to work and what task he/she is currently fulfilling. It is possible to track time logs across various projects to drive efficiency and see whether your teammates were productive. This feature is a real find for calculating the cost of my client's projects.

This time management software determines how many hours my team members spend on a project or task within a specific period. These in-depth insights allow making data-driven decisions on how to balance the workload and increase employees’ productivity. Eventually, the program generates a timesheet that you can print, and save as a .CSV or PDF.

Best Time Management Software

Nifty Docs is another handy option. With it, I can create a document and provides the access to it to my teammates. So everyone who has the right to open a file can view, edit and comment on it. Such collaboration allows accomplishing projects easier and more effectively.

With this feature, there is no need to handle files across different platforms, which is usually a very time-consuming job. Besides, I can also send docs as well as images, videos, audio, and PDFs to my customers without any hassle. Moreover, it is possible to add website URLs.

The ability to integrate existing docs to any third-party platform like Google Docs is a real game changer, as it allows having all the necessary files always at hand.

Informative Blog from Experts

nifty blog

A blog with useful articles that are regularly updated is a real bonus. Here everyone who is making strides in the project management field can learn more about the best project manager certifications, the greatest no-code software for small businesses, planner apps, premium workload management tools, etc.

Nifty Hub Prices

To conclude my Nifty remote collaboration hub review, I should say a couple of words about the pricing plans. You are free to choose from four different packages to match your requirements: Free, Starter, Pro, Business, and Enterprise.

Nifty Free Plan allows unlimited users, 100 MB of storage space, 2 Projects, basic features, time tracking & reporting, etc.

Nifty Starter Plan has all the essentials for effective collaboration. It costs $39/mo and includes up to 10 Members, 100 GB of storage space, basic and advanced features, account & security, self-serve help, etc. It allows running up to 40 active projects.

Nifty Pro Plan is priced at $79 per month. It includes all the goodies offered by a Starter Plan, as well as unlimited team members, active projects, guests, and clients. Besides, it provides 500 GB of storage space.

By spending $124/mo you can enjoy all advantages offered by Nifty Business Plan. It includes all features of the Starter Plan, 50 members, 1 TB of storage space, unlimited active projects, guests & clients.

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