Alphamoon Review 2023: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 24 days ago, Apps and Software


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Verdict: Alphamoon is must-have artificial intelligence software designed to facilitate document automation processes and the core value of the SaaS platform is that it has zero-shot technology that lets user process any document type. Thanks to a user-friendly interface, it is very easy to handle documents (you can process first 50 docs for free), extract data, and swiftly locate information in uploaded files.

Alphamoon does wonders, reducing both the duration of document processing and the associated expenses. The highlight of the software is its capacity to seamlessly integrate with various apps through Zapier or API.

  • Cutting-edge OCR technology
  • Integrates with API and Zapier
  • Speeds up repetitive tasks
  • Agile document processing
  • Recognizes most languages
  • Zero-shot technology to process any type of document
  • No free versions
  • Too limited set of integrations
alphamoon interface

Moreover, you can use diverse document templates in the program. With Alphamoon, it is possible to improve a photographer's workflow, save time, and have better control over contracts.

Most of all, I like its AI-driven OCR capability, which effectively manages scans of varying quality, extracts document data, and more. Another notable advantage of Alphamoon is its intuitive setting up. The process boils down to creating an account, creating a custom document process or choosing a template (e.g. invoice) with predefined extraction information, and specifying the document fields you want to extract.

Alphamoon: Main Benefits

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Much like AI writers, a document automation instrument can substantially decrease the time and effort needed to process, handle, and control document types like contracts, invoices, forms, and proposals.

Alphamoon stands out because not many data extraction/document automation tools have zero-shot technology. While other solutions can't handle rare documents like product technical sheets or birth certificates, this tool can extract information from less popular docs.

Digitize Your Documents with Modern OCR

alphamoon interface ai ocr

Alphamoon provides brilliant OCR software capable of identifying tabular data and seamlessly working with the majority of Latin alphabet languages. The AI-driven OCR technology excels at converting documents into digital format with the utmost precision.

By sticking to this approach, you can be sure your documents are securely stored in the cloud (Alphamoon has ISO27001 certification). Therefore, you can not only reduce storage costs but also have access to your files regardless of your location. Alphamoon harnesses advanced OCR technology to swiftly organize all data for extraction and subsequent processing.

alphamoon interface document types

For instance, your invoices and reports will be seamlessly transformed into well-organized tabular data sets, optimized for different applications. What's more, AI-powered OCR minimizes the need for manual data input, boosts data precision, refines operational efficiency, and facilitates more meticulous decision-making.

Their OCR technology can adeptly manage documents of inferior quality, including those with blurred text or various imperfections. Moreover, it can identify text, tables, handwritten elements, stamps, graphs, and various layout components.

Quick Automated Table Extraction

alphamoon interface table extraction

Alphamoon simplifies the arduous process of manually duplicating intricate tables. Thanks to its automated table data extraction functionality, you can extract information from documents that encompass tabular structures in various formats.

Besides, it is possible to transform tables from PDFs, JPGs, PNGs, and even less common formats such as TIFFs, EMPs, and BMPs into relevant data that can power other applications.

Effortless Classification with Custom Classes

alphamoon interface document classification

Alphamoon provides an automated document classification feature, allowing you to organize files based on their content, structure, and visual attributes. Besides, you can parse and arrange documents using your unique tags, so that future information retrieval will be a breeze.

I particularly like that users can customize the criteria for organizing documents to match their business purposes. Whether you want to categorize documents by type, degree of confidentiality, vendor, or project with a collection of files – you are good to go. What's more, Alphamoon's tagging function can describe any file within your system in virtually no time.

When you use Alphamoon's automatic document classification, you can keep your business well-arranged, quickly find the right documents, and facilitate the whole process of dealing with papers. This kind of automatic sorting is useful in many areas like law, healthcare, finance, government, collecting debts, and human resources.

Structure Your Data with Hassle-Free Extraction

alphamoon interface data extraction

With Alphamoon’s AI functionality, you can totally forget about manual data entry. You need to choose which parts you want to take out, edit them right in the app, and save a lot of time by automating repetitive tasks.

What's really cool about this platform is that it can grab information from papers written in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Czech, and Slovakian. This means you can pass the boring and time-wasting jobs to your document assistant, that knows the stuff just like you and gets you the information you want.

Seamless Integration with API and Zapier

alphamoon interface api zapier integration

You can also connect your ERP, RPA, and CRM systems with Alphamoon Workspace using their API. This guarantees smooth data running, saves time and money, expedites your teamwork, and levels up your business. The API lets you get and control your company's file details without resorting to the main platform.

Besides, the Alphamoon Workspace has its own connection with Zapier. Therefore, you can bring in new files and use the results of your work to link up with lots of different apps from the Zapier Marketplace.

Alphamoon Price

The developers give you four choices of how to pay for the software. You can pick the best one for you, considering the cost and the number of papers you have to work with.

Pay As You Go costs €0.40/unit. It's great if you want to test the platform. You can do the first 50 pages for free, and then it's €0.4 for each page. Users limit in organization: 1. API & Zapier integration.

Starter is priced at €49 per month or €528 per year. It's best suited for small businesses. You can use 250 pages each month (3000 in a year), and after that, you have to pay €0.2 for each page. Users limit in organization: 1. API & Zapier integration.

Standard costs €149 per month or €1500 per year. It's suitable for small and medium businesses that have many papers to work with. You can use 1000 pages each month (12000 in a year), and if you need more, get ready to pay €0.15 for each extra page. Users limit in organization: 1. API & Zapier integration.

Professional for €399 per month or €3828 per year. It's designed for businesses that have many documents to handle and a team dedicated to this work. You can use 3000 pages every month (36000 in a year), and if you use more, it's only €0.1 for each extra page. Users limit in organization: 50. API & Zapier integration.

Alphamoon FAQ

  • • What can I do with Alphamoon?

Alphamoon helps you process any type of document: managing invoices and receipts, getting information from passports, searching through entire documents, etc. You can use the software to organize and separate documents, and extract important information from text or tables.

  • • How much time does it take to set up Alphamoon Intelligent Automation?

Setting up Alphamoon is easy. Just create your account, choose a predefined process template or the custom process option. After that, upload your documents and enter supervision part where you verify the extraction.

  • • What sort of data can I extract from papers?

The kind of information you can get depends on what you want and the type of paper itself. In general, you can get things like names, addresses, money amounts, and more.

  • • Is Alphamoon capable of understanding handwriting?

Absolutely. Plus, it can tell if a handwritten part includes a signature and assist you in verifying if a document is signed or not.

  • • Can users change the details in the boxes on their own?

Yes. Even though the program is usually right about 98% of the time when getting information, you can fix any of it yourself. You can also point out words that Alphamoon didn't think were important and make new sections.


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