20 Memorial Picture Ideas To Celebrate The Life

By Tata Rossi 22 days ago, Photography Tips

Funerals or memorials usually display the life of a person that passed away. As a rule, display several photos of a person, but you can always add more. Today, everyone has a huge archive of photographs, so you can share them with guests.

Top 20 Memorial Picture Ideas

A digital photo display is even cheaper than a traditional one provided that you have all the necessary equipment. What’s more, if you have created a digital display, you can watch it again and again whenever you want. You can also share it with your guests to remember your loved one.

Physical photo displays will become a lasting memento of your close person. You can create something original for your guests and thank them for coming to the memorial event. Read on to learn about the most creative memorial picture ideas that will help you honor your loved one.

1. A Traditional Slideshow

funeral picture display ideas

To make an event more memorable, you can create a slideshow. You can use either a mobile or desktop slideshow maker. If you are not good at making slideshows, you can contact the funeral home, and they will create a digital presentation with your pics.

Keep in mind that you should have all the necessary equipment, like adapters, a projector, screens, etc.

2. A Drive-In

funeral picture display ideas drive in

You can also create a movie. Make sure to prepare everything beforehand and show your tech-savvy skills. Try to find an SVGA projector and a big screen.

Plus, think carefully about how many guests you’ll invite and where you are going to accommodate their cars.

3. An Online Memorial – Memorialized Facebook account

funeral picture display ideas facebook memorializing

Another way to make your memories last forever is to create an online collaborative display. You can ask others to upload photos they have and create a deeper portrait of a person. You can participate in the event or just be an administrator or moderator.

Everyone can implement this funeral photo idea by memorializing a Facebook account. Plus, you can keep maintaining the social media account of your loved one. You may even build a website or a film by using a photo video maker.

4. A Concert and Slideshow

funeral picture display ideas concert

A funeral picture display, such as a slideshow, is often accompanied by pleasant background music. You can add live music or your favorite track. To do it, you can use one of the online slideshow makers.

Try to play the music that your loved one truly enjoyed. You can also use other popular tracks. Adjust the volume level depending on the place where the ceremony takes place. 

5. Video

funeral picture display ideas video

You can create various videos for your slideshow, including a longer movie-like video. It might be a film describing the life of your close person. To get a professional-looking result, try using free video editing software.

If you don’t feel like making a movie, you can show photos and accompany them with a detailed narration about the person that passed away.

6. A Digital Timeline

funeral picture display ideas digital timeline

Another funeral picture display idea is to create an interactive timeline or presentation using photos of your loved one. You should prepare it beforehand and then share the link or file with your guests. You can also add captions and fun details to make your work more personal. At the memorial ceremony, watch the timeline or presentation together with guests to honor the person you loved.

Besides, this idea allows you to create something you will watch with pleasure in several years. It is a nice way to remember and honor every person. If you ask your friends and family members to provide some pics or videos for such a project, you will see that your loved one was a truly extraordinary person.

If you have old photos, use photo restoration services to improve them and bring your cherished memories back to life.

7. Memory Board or Collage

funeral picture display ideas collage

One of the easiest funeral picture ideas is to create a memory board or memorial collage. This way, you can make a display that covers various topics and events. It is a perfect way to tell people about the life of your close person.

To bring this idea to life, you need to use photos and materials from a craft shop. Be very careful and don’t use glue or tape since they might affect original pics and materials.

8. Trading or Prayer Cards

funeral picture display ideas prayers cards

If your loved one was a sports fan, you can create an unusual funeral photo display with trading cards depicting your close person. Distribute these cards among your guests, and they will trade them during the ceremony.

Yet, prayer cards are more widely used. If you like this idea more, you can create cards with a picture of your loved one and various prayers, and distribute them among people who came to the memorial event.

9. Printed Desserts

funeral picture display ideas printed cake

Although this idea doesn’t seem to be suitable for memorial ceremonies, you can still use it if you feel that your loved one would have liked it. You can order desserts with your loved one’s photo on them. Today, most bakeries offer edible printing services.

You can hand-draw images of your close person with frosting or some other ingredients. It might look funny, but this idea might greatly lighten the mood at the mourning event.

10. T-Shirts or Hats

funeral picture display ideas t-shirt

If your loved one was a creative person and didn’t like traditional approaches, you can make T-shirts, hats, or some other clothes featuring a photo of them.

You may design this piece of clothes as you like but try to create something that will remind other people about this person.

11. Display or Shadow Boxes

funeral picture display ideas display

Besides photos, you can also use some objects valuable for your loved one. You can put them in a clear display or shadow box.

Think of objects your close person liked and bring them to the ceremony. It might be a ball cap or hair clip. Arrange a display including photos and these objects. This funeral picture display is a nice way to make your guests feel closer to the person they loved.

12. Personalized Photo Frame

funeral picture display ideas photo frame

You can create a photo frame with a picture of the person who passed away. This way, you can celebrate your cherished memories.

13. Memorial Garden

funeral picture display ideas garden

A memorial garden is a good idea to honor a person who passed away. You can decorate it with a memorial garden stone or create a living tribute with flowers that continue to grow. It is a perfect solution if a deceased person loved nature.

14. Memorial Ornament

funeral picture display ideas ornament

People who lost their loved ones feel especially sad on holidays. You can make an etched glass ornament that honors the memory of your close person and hang it on the tree or a window. This way, you will honor your loved person and bring pleasant memories back each time you see it. You can also make pet memorial gifts when they pass away.

15. T-Shirt Quilt

funeral picture display ideas quilt

We usually bring souvenir T-shirts from the places we visited or buy clothes with images of our favorite bands. Your loved one might have had such pieces of clothes. You can turn these T-shirts into a cozy, commemorative quilt.

16. Blowing In the Wind

Another way to honor a person that passed away is to hang a set of wind chimes in the yard or in the garden. Every time the wind blows, you will hear the sound and think of the loved one that is not with you anymore.

17. Memory Bear

funeral picture display ideas memory bear

To remember your loved one, you can get a memorial bear. It will help you go through all the grief and keep the memory alive forever.

18. Photo Frame Wreath

funeral picture display ideas frame wreath

This funeral photo display idea is a nice way to preserve memories about the person that passed away. To implement it, you need to use several wallet-sized photos and frames. Use a wire to attach the frames and create a commemorative wreath that you can show at the funeral ceremony or hang somewhere at home.

19. DIY Photo Vases

funeral picture display ideas vases

To commemorate the memory of a deceased person, you can create a DIY vase. You need to decoupage a PVC pipe with photos and that’s all. It is a great gift for people who lost a loved person. Every time they put flowers in the vase, it will bring their cherished memories back.

20. Memorable Jewelry

funeral picture display ideas jewelry

Another way to keep memories alive is to buy a piece of memorial jewelry. You can engrave an important date, location, or a significant phrase on it. This way, you will feel that a loved one is always with you.

Bonus Tools

portrait presets for lightroom

If you want to enhance amateur shots and make them professional-looking, you can use various portrait presets. It is a perfect choice for editing display funeral photos in the same style even if they were taken at various locations and with different cameras.