7 Popular Matterport Alternatives of 2023

Matterport is among the best tools for creating virtual tours and 3D photography. It’s incredibly popular among property owners and managers of various establishments to visit different locations online.

That said, quite a lot of people are also looking for Matterport alternatives for both 3D tours and floor plans after being pushed away by the high cost of its services. While you can create a single active space free of charge, if you need more than that, you’ll need to get a package that includes 25 spaces for $69 per month.

Top 7 Matterport Alternatives

  1. EyeSpy360 - (9.99$/month) - Great option for DSLRs
  2. Cupix - (price by request) - Video editing functionality
  3. Metareal Stage - (9.95$/month) - Allows integrating collaborative solutions
  4. Zillow 3D Home Tour - (free) - User-friendly
  5. EasyPano - (free) - Convenient panorama creation
  6. Tourweaver - (299.95$) - Built-in 3D modeling
  7. 3DVista - (499$) - Hosts Live Guided Tours

Below you’ll find an array of Matterport alternatives that offer comparable features and tools. A select few of the presented options even come with advanced functionality like visual analytics, live guide tours, and much more.

1. EyeSpy360 - Our Choice

Great option for DSLRs
  • Hotspot information labels and tags
  • Remote live tours
  • Supports phone videos, DSLRs, and 3D cameras
  • Can be used in-browser
  • Small number of customization options

Verdict: EyeSpy360 is a virtual tour service that enables real estate experts and photographers to design top-quality 3D tours and flooring plans. The service lets you purchase individual tours for $15 or get a subscription for $9.99 a month.

This solution allows you to add text, video clips, and Google Maps images to the created virtual tours. As such, you’ll have no trouble emphasizing the most appealing features of a property to potential buyers while ensuring your tour is more holistic and customized to your exact specifications.

EyeSpy360 also provides extra services like virtual staging, floor plans, direct social network posting, and professional real estate photography.

Another inclusion that should be of interest to anyone looking for alternatives to Matterport is the EyeSpy360, which is compatible with phones, DSLRs, and 3D cameras.

eyespy360 matterport alternative interface

2. Cupix

Video editing functionality
  • Hotspots, tags, and shoppable links
  • Split and combine 3D tours
  • Branded 3D tours
  • Visual Analytics
  • Doesn’t support smartphones
  • Regular technical problems

Verdict: Cupix is a Matterport camera alternative that offers personalized packages to experts involved in the real estate, retail, architecture, and construction industries. This option provides the most user-friendly backend editing solutions and team collaboration functionality on the market.

Cupix allows using 360-degree videos and 360-degree photographs to produce virtual tours. The service monitors the camera path and detects key image frames by uploading 360-degree footage before delivering the final 3D tour.

This application isn't sold at a fixed cost, as its price is determined based on the size of the website, the number of captures, and extra requested add-ons.

cupix matterport alternative interface

3. Metareal Stage

Allows integrating collaborative solutions
  • Dollhouse effect
  • Fluid natural transitions
  • High-quality & stylish design
  • Supports 360 cameras and DSLR
  • Demanding learning curve
  • Impossible to customize without coding

Verdict: Metareal Stage resembles Matterport in the sense that it allows you to produce immersive, fluid transitions while also creating an impressive 3D house effect. The key distinctive feature of this option is that it lets you upload and design the tour once the shooting process is done.

The biggest drawback of Metareal Stage is that it demands a lot of manual effort to produce the 3D effect, as it has a noticeably harder learning curve compared to most other solutions on this list.

Thankfully, you always have the option of hiring Metareal employees to design the tours for you. The base version is free but if you’d like to expand the offered functionality, you can get the professional plan for $9.95 a month or the premium plan for $39 per month.

metareal stage matterport alternative interface

4. Zillow 3D Home Tour

  • Completely free
  • Doesn’t require extra gear
  • Convenient UI
  • Virtual tours can be integrated into any online platform you need
  • Doesn’t work with DSLRs
  • Doesn’t record room measurements
zillow 3d home tour matterport alternative logo
Zillow 3D Home Tour

Verdict: Zillow 3D Home Tour is the best option if you’re looking for completely free Matterport alternatives. You can pair this application with 360-degree cameras or your smartphone by getting it from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

If you don’t own a pro-grade camera and don’t want to mess around with clunky accessories, you can rely on this application to take quality pictures, import them into the app, design the tour, and upload it to the desired platforms.

All of these factors make Zillow 3D Home Tour the optimal solution for real estate agents on a limited budget who want to create beautiful virtual tours without going broke.

zillow 3d home tour matterport alternative interface

5. EasyPano

Convenient panorama creation
  • Supports sound and video
  • Hotspot icons and pop-ups
  • Integrated 3D modeling tools
  • Social network integrations
  • Virtual tours don’t perform smoothly
  • Downloadable software isn’t synched with the cloud
easypano matterport alternative logo

Verdict: In contrast to Matterport, EasyPano is capable of creating panoramic images using regular static photos. It automatically merges your pictures to design spherical, dome, cubic, or cylindrical panoramas based on your needs.

You can also use videos, maps, background music, pop-up windows, and hotspots to make your VR tours more engaging while also freely rearranging the scenes as you see fit. Furthermore, EasyPano lets you take advantage of gyroscope effects, day-to-night transitions, and 3D effects to make the final product even more appealing.

The platform offers an unlimited free trial but if you find the offered functionality to be lacking, you can purchase the licensed version for $149 (or more depending on the edition you choose).

easypano matterport alternative interface

6. Tourweaver

Built-in 3D modeling
  • Automatic backups
  • It is available for business and personal
  • Notifications if backups fail
  • Easy restore process
  • Weak functionality
  • Expensive subscription
tourweaver matterport alternative logo

Verdict: Tourweaver is similar to alternatives reviewed above in that it lets you design 3D flooring plans and walkthrough tours while embedding 3D models and props.

In addition to the offered editing functionality, you can also make your tour more interesting with GPS positioning, view limitations, radar indicators, and other handy features.

Tourweaver is a fantastic solution for real estate agents who want to enhance their projects with various immersive objects like cars, furniture, and décor items. Even though Matterport offers 3D objects as well, this platform offers the same functionality for a significantly lower, single-time price.

Tourweaver has a free trial version but its feature set is very limited. Thankfully, you can pick from multiple premium plans, with the cheapest one costing $299.95.

tourweaver matterport alternative interface

7. 3DVista

Hosts Live Guided Tours
  • Live guided tours
  • Downloadable solution
  • Hotspots and tags with images, videos, and audio
  • Smartphone and tablet support
  • Client support is only provided via email
  • High price
3dvista matterport alternative logo

Verdict: This solution can be used for a broad range of purposes including e-learning, Live Tours via video calls, and regular real estate tours. Additionally, 3DVista provides a huge library of icons, animations, and personalization options that will help ensure every VR tour you create is unique. The cheapest version of this software costs $499, which is likely to be too much for a lot of users.

Even though Matterport lets you organize virtual tours with video calls, this platform takes that functionality to the next level by providing advanced functionality that ensures both the host and the users enjoy a seamless, smooth experience.

3DVista also offers Adaptive HDR support and allows viewing the virtual tours on all PCs, phones (iOS and Android), and tablets.

3dvista matterport alternative interface

Why Users Stop Using Matterport

Matterport is a great choice for creating digital versions of your rooms and real estate properties but it’s not always the optimal option for all users due to the high cost of assets and the recurring subscription.

You can use the basic version for free but then you won’t have access to a long list of handy features including automated face blurring and third-party site integrations. If you want to gain access to such functionality, you’ll have to purchase one of Matterport’s expensive plans.

Lastly, this platform isn’t easy to use and requires quite a bit of skill if you want to receive pro-level results.