Pressfarm Review 2023: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 24 days ago, Apps and Software

Pressfarm Agency

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Verdict: Pressfarm is a media database where entrepreneurs can find professional writers for promoting their start-ups. Thanks to the platforms, there is no need to choose one of the content marketing agencies, as here you can find journalists from different fields, publications, and categories to hire a person who can tell your story to the audience.

  • A rich database
  • Online PR distribution
  • Quick turnaround
  • Creation of press kits
  • PR database
  • No free packages
  • Absence of discounts
pressfarm agency website

If you need an effective PR campaign, Pressfarm is the agency that can help you with this issue. Its specialists provide various types of services like writing email pitches, press releases, and content marketing. They will also work on developing backgrounds, brand briefs, images/videos, etc.

The agency’s database contains over one million writers from different niches. In such a rich collection of profiles, you will definitely find a specialist who will manage to tell you about your startup to get more prospects.

Pressfarm – Main Features

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Pressfam has been active on the market for over six years and during this time it managed to help multiple start-ups and established businesses to become successful in their niches by providing them with perfect media coverage. Such famous brands as Sony, P&G, Shopify, Regus, Aveda, DocuSign used the service and were satisfied with the result.

No matter whether you need to promote your business, create startup directories and reviews, or increase the ranking of your website or blog, professional writers can cope with any of these tasks successfully. When promoting your business, they focus on many important aspects like quality backlinks, established review processes, startup relevance, and freshness.

Easy to Start Increasing Brand Visibility

pressfarm agency questionnaire

Providing excellent press coverage, this public relations agency helped me develop more meaningful relationships with journalists.

After selecting the needed PR package, I filled out a special form telling Pressfarm’s writers what exactly I want to get. Besides, here I described the type of business, my target audience, the services I deliver, and the problems my company faces. Moreover, here I can also attach some files if required.

pressfarm agency categories

All the agency’s journalists are grouped in various categories like NFT, Nutrition, Android, Fintech, Consumer Electronics, Fashion, Parenting, Crowdfunding, Apple, Healthcare, Environment & Sustainability, eCommerce, etc.

Newsworthy Content Creating

Once the experts got my questionary and analyzed its info, they prepared recommendations for the changes that should be done. Then they delivered top-rated content including email pitches, press releases, guest posts, and press kits, based on the PR package I’ve selected.

pressfarm agency journalists

They worked on my content bringing a focus on specific aspects of the story and made the required adjustments to prepare the piece of info for distribution to media outlets and journalists.

These guys consulted me on any issue about building a brand on social media with photography answering all the questions in a jiffy.

Effective Press Kit Designing

A press kit is pre-packaged promo content that delivers some extra info about a company, its staff, and its organization.

By delivering my brand story in a form of a press kit, the company’s specialists try their best to represent my company in a visually appealing way to engage more potential clients and media. In other words, this is a set of materials designed to tell about your company.

pressfarm agency press kit designing

With the help of advanced web design software, the company’s professionals manage to realize a great variety of graphic design ideas.

As specialists of Pressfarm claimed, the press kit can come in handy when I will launch a new product or new company, conduct news conferences, announce special events, etc.

Custom Targeted Media List to Boost Media Outreach

Note that every package provides access to a different number of media contacts. In my list, there were more than 2000 contacts, which I could use to find a storyteller, whose expertise is enough to represent my brand in the media space.

pressfarm agency media outreach

There are many experienced journalists, bloggers, and influencers among them. These media professionals managed to promote my company attracting the target audience.

PR Outreach to Journalists & Online Distribution

Online distribution of press releases, press kits, and guest posts enters the scope of the agency’s services. They are very helpful for increasing your brand visibility and making your website rank higher on a search engine results page.

pressfarm agency online distribution

By distributing the content to startup directories, the company’s professionals manage to boost brand awareness effectively. Based on package conditions, my business profile appeared in over 80 Directories and professional networks.

Press Release Templates

It is great that beyond developing elements for effective PR strategy, Pressfarm also provides its clients with impressive templates for press kits or press releases that companies can use to develop campaigns on their own.

pressfarm agency templates

Besides, the agency gives a detailed description of what each element is about and what you should include to achieve the greatest possible results.

Using their templates, creating an eye-catching press kit is a speedy and intuitive procedure. All you need to do is to enter the required info and export the document as a PDF file.

Useful Blog with Expert Advice

Their blog contains tips for PR, methods for increasing online visibility, and much other helpful info. All articles are conveniently divided into categories like Business Tips, Content Marketing, Crowdfunding, Entrepreneurship, Industry, Marketing Strategy, Software Tools, etc.

pressfarm blog

Here you’ll find posts telling how to attract potential clients to your startup business, effective ways to capture the attention of online customers, social media customer service software, 5 cybersecurity tips for a higher level of safety when working as a journalist, etc.

Pressfarm Prices

The company offers packages and pricing to fit every taste and need.

Launch – $180 one-time payment. This option is perfect for developing companies that need to boost press coverage and make personal communication with media more effective.

Campaign – $480 one-time payment. This package provides businesses with tools from experienced PR Experts for achieving success. Choose it to increase the visibility of your brand and make it popular around the globe.

Enterprise – $1080 one-time payment. This package includes the whole scope of services. It is great for companies that are going to launch a new product or deliver multiple stories.


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