Lily Hayes Photography Review 2024: BIO & Styles

By Tata Rossi 15 days ago, Photographer

My Lily Hayes photography review will primarily focus on the main genres she’s known for – maternity, newborn, and family. Lily has managed to devise an original approach to newborn photography that fuses contemporary and artistic techniques.

Hayes works from her own studio and she might be the best photographer for baby photoshoots out there if you want to experiment with a bunch of accessories, backdrops, and attires.

Hayes knows how to deal with newborns and is great at helping parents soothe and calm down their children. She has a very endearing personality and knows what it’s like to be a mother. Lily also doesn’t limit her clients to time constraints, as she continues to take photos until she's happy with the results.

Lily Hayes: Biography

lily hayes photography family photo

Lily Hayes is married and is a mother to four sons, which inspired her to choose this career path in the first place. She treasures her family above everything else, which is why Lily’s main picture on her official website features her entire family.

In 2013, Hayes decided to master the art of digital photography. She focused on learning how to do newborn photoshoots for several months. Lily read articles, watched videos by professional photographers, and passed several courses. After she set out on her own, she quickly gathered the attention of a ton of clients.

lily hayes photography example

Nowadays, Lily is a certified and highly reputed photographer who excels at doing maternity, newborn, cake smash, and family photography in Dallas.

Hayes is extremely talented at conveying the beauty and candid emotions of the subject through all the stages of pregnancy and early motherhood. All her photos shine with creativity and present the mother and baby in the best possible light.

"I had so much fun! Lily is incredible! My husband and I are ecstatic about how great our family lifestyle pictures look. She delivered the edited results in just a few days too!" - Olivia, medical assistant ★★★★★ (5/5)

Main Styles

Lily Hayes photography services cover the maternity, newborn, and family genres and are available to anyone in Dallas and the local area. Lily’s visual style is clean and minimalistic while also having a flourish of artistry and traditionalism.


lily hayes photography maternity

I planned my maternity photography shoot for the 30-week mark and decided to do it in a studio. The first thing that caught my eye about Lily's work was the diverse selection of couture and casual maternity gowns that she gave out for the photo shoot without any extra fees. All the gowns look beautiful and are made of comfortable, stretchy materials.

Hayes has been nothing but charming and professional during the entire photoshoot. She suggested a variety of relaxed maternity photography poses, making sure I looked as beautiful as possible. Since I also wanted to take some photos with my husband, Lily invited him for a set of photos while picking poses that helped convey the deep affection we have for each other.

lily hayes photography maternity example

Within seven days, this maternity photographer shared the initially edited photos for my approval. I could freely choose which pictures I wanted to have completely retouched and sent to me. Such an approach ensures I get the photos that speak to me the most and excel at conveying the emotions I’ve felt at the time.


lily hayes photography newborn photo

The next time I met Lily was for my newborn photography shoot. I arranged the photoshoot one and a half months before the due date to make sure I could capture some of the unforgettable moments of the first weeks of her life.

When my spouse and I came to Lily’s studio for the photoshoot, we were very happy to see how carefully organized everything was and adapted to provide the perfect conditions for a newborn. She also employed soft, diffused lighting and plushy props to establish a tranquil ambiance.

lily hayes photography newborn example

The photo shoot went on for 2 hours, as Hayes masterfully handled my baby's fingers and toes while never missing a cute or funny moment. The set featured a diligently selected array of soft wraps and blankets that helped cocoon the newborn and ensure maximum comfort.

I was a huge fan of Lily’s serene and artistic photography style. She picks cute poses, imaginative outfits, and interesting newborn photography props while taking clean, detailed, natural photos. All the images I received at the end offered an ideal mix of artistry and technical mastery.

"Hayes is an incredible photographer! I bought her services on several occasions and I’m always happy with the results." - Kylie, marketing expert ★★★★★ (5/5)

Cake Smash

lily hayes photography cake smash photo

Not that long ago, I chose to commemorate my daughter's first birthday by ordering a cake smashing photography shoot, and going back to Lily seemed like a no-brainer decision. The 60-minute photoshoot was full of happiness and laughter. When planning the shoot, we went with a rosy and white palette, which is a perfect fit for my baby’s adorable personality.

lily hayes photography cake smash photo example

Probably my favorite aspect about Lily Hayes’ photography is how detail-focused she is, which results in her meticulously planning and personalizing the scene and backdrop for each photoshoot. Lily picks every prop and decoration item with diligent care and her ability to capture the opportune moment allowed us to receive dozens of fun photos from the cake-smashing photoshoot.

The edited photos looked extremely professional while preserving their candid feel. The delivered images conveyed the joyful attitude of my little girl to perfection and I’m certain she’ll look fondly at them when she grows up.

Studio Lifestyle

lily hayes photography studio lifestyle photo

I decided to schedule a lifestyle shoot with Lily after becoming more interested in the artistic side of her talent. Hayes prepared a relaxing, intimate setting in her studio that invited all the members of my family to feel comfortable and behave naturally, which did wonders for helping Lily capture our essence and personalities.

She did a great job arranging the props and decorations and setting up soft lighting that emphasized our most appealing features. Hayes also talked to us the entire time, helping us to relax and forget we were constantly in front of the camera. This family photographer suggested different poses and interactions that allowed us to convey the bond we share and our little personality quirks.

lily hayes photography studio lifestyle photo example

I could tell Hayes was an experienced professional during the entire shoot. She’s incredible at navigating the scene, picking the best moments and angles, and guiding us from pose to pose to take photos that tell our family’s unique story.

Whether it’s our kids having fun with each other or me giving my husband a peck on the cheek, Lily’s finger was always on the shutter button ready to take another beautiful photo.

"Working with Lily was nothing but pure pleasure! In just one hour, she managed to take dozens of stunning photos of my entire family. She's also great at editing the images, as the pictures she sent me look like they belong in professional magazines." - Lydia, social worker ★★★★★ (5/5)

Editing Technique

lily hayes photography editing technique

The thing I like the most about Lily’s editing approach is her dedication to preserving the natural look and feel of the photos. Instead of applying hundreds of edits that "glamorize" the image, she sticks to simply dealing with all noticeable flaws and enhancing the inherent qualities of the photo. As such, the delivered photos look genuine and the emotions displayed by all the family members feel sincere.

lily hayes photography editing technique example

It also helps that Hayes is extremely detail-focused and knows how to make subtle lighting and color correction adjustments that help achieve the desired effect without ruining the photo’s inherent charm. When looking at her portfolio, you’ll notice that most of the images are colorful, full of positive energy, and eye-catching without ever being overly edited or looking fake.

Lily is also great at balancing the shadows and highlights in a way that preserves texture and ensures the skin tones always look natural.

Inspirational Blog Content

lily hayes blog

Lily Hayes also has a maternity photography blog that hosts articles containing relevant advice on how to take beautiful pregnancy pictures, what outfits and colors are currently trending, and how you can enhance your photos even without image editing experience.

From serene outdoor photoshoots to cozy studio sessions, Hayes goes over a broad selection of themes and ideas, inviting readers to express their creativity and infuse their family or lifestyle photos with their unique personalities.

Social Media Networks

lily hayes instagram

Lily is a highly sociable individual, which you can see for yourself the moment you open one of her social media pages. I follow her on Instagram and Tik Tok and I’m always amazed by the image she posts and the advice she shares. If you’re ever looking to get inspired, you should definitely consider following Hayes on socials.