Hello Pixels Website Design And Digital Agency Review

By Kate Gross 19 days ago, Apps and Software

Hello Pixels

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Verdict: Hello Pixels is a Dubai-based digital agency that offers remarkable web design and digital technology services. Being on the market for more than 8 years, the company managed to complete over 700 creative projects and received numerous awards for that.

The agency is notable for a full package of solutions provided, management and support of the client’s business, consultations, as well as the ability to provide single services.

  • Can put together a photographer’s brand in an extraordinary way
  • Social media marketing services
  • Search engine optimization pack
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hello pixels website

Hello Pixels is known for developing websites from the ground up, creating branding, coming up with digital marketing strategies, designing and printing brochures, developing mobile applications for businesses, and more. Any business will surely benefit from all these services, especially the photography business where great brand visuals are a must.

Besides, photographers have to define their particular qualities, which make them stand out among other professionals in the sphere. These qualities should be presented to future clients in the right way for efficient promotion on the Internet.

Website Development from A to Z

hello pixels website development

The agency’s main area of expertise is the creation of selling websites (including eCommerce) by a huge and dedicated team. Apart from websites, they develop landing pages, WordPress sites, blogs, custom applications, and so on. All team members, such as programmers, web designers, graphic designers, content writers, marketers, etc., take into consideration the peculiarities of your business, as well as your personal preferences.

For instance, if you are a photographer, you are probably interested in a portfolio where you can post your shots and sell various services, like themed photo shoots, presets for image editing, and more. Your portfolio is supposed to speak volumes about you as a photographer, become a memorable business card, be clearly and logically structured for the ease of visitors’ navigation.

Up-to-Date Branding

hello pixels branding

Like many digital agencies, Hello Pixels is heavily involved in branding development and brand positioning on the market. They design logos, printed materials, packaging, business cards, signage and any other means of visual interaction with potential customers. For the greatest results, the experts from Hello Pixels skillfully use color combinations, fonts, iconography, infographics, photos, etc.

If your business requires personal brand identity first and foremost (like the photography business), the agency will also satisfy your needs. They will do everything to create a positive image of the brand’s representative, promote professional qualities and the major values of the brand.

Effective Marketing

hello pixels marketing

This package of services comprises the development of different marketing tactics that fully comply with the requirements of a specific brand. To be more precise, the agency works with digital marketing, inbound marketing, email marketing, Google Ads management, media and social media marketing, SMS marketing, and so on.

In comparison with similar digital agencies, Hello Pixels provides a tailored growth strategy. It defines the current place of the brand among rivals at the given stage of its development along with all opportunities for potential growth.

The team analyzes the strong and weak points of your business, developing effective tactics as a result, which will drive your brand to success. If you are a photographer, experts from Hello Pixels will even share helpful photography marketing tips that you can take advantage of separately.

Full-Fledged Search Engine Optimization

hello pixels search engine optimization

In terms of search engine optimization, the Hello Pixels team thinks up calculated inline marketing schemes that are aimed at making your website more visible and highly ranked on search engines. They perform an in-depth analysis of the business, tendencies of the current market, behavior patterns of the target audience, as well as the attempts made by rivals to search for appropriate keywords.

The goal of Hello Pixels is to give your website a higher ranking on Google and other search engines, boost clicks, visits and conversions – basically do whatever it takes for you to see the outcomes of efficient digital marketing in action.

Custom Software and Apps Development

hello pixels software development

Another focus area of Hello Pixels’ services is the development and promotion of custom software and mobile applications for businesses. Their IT experts develop applications tailored to the particular needs of your business, which proves to be more practical than using a ready-made solution. With the personalized approach, you can be sure that all the details, like equipment maintenance program for a manufacturer, special banking app, payment gateways, etc. will be taken care of.

In terms of custom SEO software development, the applied methods and techniques are up-to-date and professional. The developed software is bound to meet all the required industry standards for desktop or mobile application projects. Before actual deployment, the software goes through the following essential stages, such as requirement gathering, code construction and testing.

Wide Range of Additional Solutions

hello pixels additional solutions

Aside from the services associated with web design, Hello Pixels provides a vast array of extra opportunities for clients. These can be bought as a set or even individually – it depends on the clients’ requests. Due to this, Hello Pixels can be rightfully called one of the top digital marketing companies on the market.

For instance, every brand should have a powerful online identity, which can’t be achieved without a recognizable and one-of-a-kind domain name. The agency’s experts will come up with a fitting and memorable name that won’t be too long or too difficult for future customers to remember and distinguish. Moreover, Hello Pixels can provide proper authentication for your website with an encrypted connection – just ask for SSL certificate services.