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Verdict: FreeLogoDesign is a free logo maker app you can use online. It allows you to create a logo for your brand in a matter of minutes. You can use pre-designed templates to build up a logo for a website, social media avatars, and business cards, prints or watermarks.

This service is popular among business owners, freelancers, or those who want to make their digital content stand out. If you are a photographer, artist, writer, blogger, you can also make the best use of FreeLogoDesign.

  • An extensive collection of pre-designed templates
  • Fast logo creation
  • Numerous effects
  • Limited free version
freelogodesign website

FreeLogoDesign offers a straightforward procedure for creating your brand logo. All you need is to specify your brand name, choose the most suitable template and adjust it according to your vision. You can customize your project as many times as you need until you like the outcome.

Since the process of creating a logo is relatively simple, you may think the service will fail to satisfy photographers or videographers. Nevertheless, the platform offers numerous tools and adjustments to combine multiple elements, upload your objects and tweak a project.

Wide Variety of Thematic Templates

freelogodesign templates

You can take advantage of a large library of pre-designed templates, so there is no need to learn how to create Illustrator logos. All templates are categorized based on a particular sphere, including sports, real estate, entertainment & arts, photography, education, and more. You can browse through multiple categories and choose the one that suits you most.

It may seem too trivial to use symbols denoting your occupation. If you want to really stand ahead of the competitors, don’t be afraid to go creative. As a photographer, you will hardly make your logo recognizable if it includes only a camera. A great option is to use abstract logo design and spice up it with some elements to highlight your individuality.

Individualized Logo Editing

freelogodesign editing

FreeLogoDesign allows you to customize your logo the way you want. The service has an intuitive interface with the main features located on the left. Here you can choose the tools to complement your logo with captions, icons, and shapes. It is also possible to combine several templates from different categories to create something unique.

To facilitate your work, you can use a ruler, grids, and guidelines. With a zoom feature, it is possible to easily scale your logo to tweak the tiniest details. FreeLogoDesign has adopted some features you can find in popular graphic design software, such as rotation and the possibility to transfer or copy elements.

Color and Style Options

freelogodesign color features

You can select colors for separate elements such as a graphic object, background, text, etc. Due to a well-elaborated palette, you can change the hue, saturation, or even apply a gradient to a specific element.

Besides, you can jazz up your logo by playing with text styles, fonts, colors, effects, and different items. The bragging point of this logo maker is the ability to work with layers, meaning you can save both the edited and original image. If you want to make some adjustments, you can select the layer and perform all the necessary corrections without changing other elements.

Easy Export

Once you complete your project, you can download it to your hard drive or upload it on social media platforms. It is possible to adjust the format, size, and resolution of your logo. However, keep in mind that a free version has some limitations.

If you use a free version, you can save your logo in the PNG format and select a size of 200*200 pixels. In case you avail of a paid version, feel free to choose such formats as JPG, PDF, and SVG. You can opt for an option to receive your logo by email. All you need is just to follow the link to access your project.

Extended Functionality

If you want to grow your photography business, you need to produce a catchy and high-quality logo. In this case, a free version won’t work for you. If you use a paid version, you can take advantage of numerous perks, such as a personal account to store your projects, updates, and other useful features.

Once you create an account on a website, you can use all the functions of the service. Aside from using pre-designed templates, registered users can also create logos without watermarks.

Informative Blog

freelogodesign blog

FreeLogoDesign has an informative blog, with tips and tricks for creating a decent website. Use straightforward navigation to search articles about designs, marketing, or brand promotion.

If you are a beginning photographer, you can use this blog as a source of inspiration for creating and growing your brand and building up visual presence. Besides, you can make the most out of helpful tips regarding color combinations, designs, etc. The blog also includes useful tutorials on how to make a photography logo.


freelogodesign prices

FreeLogoDesign offers three packages. The first plan is free. Using it, you can build up a logo and download it on your computer. However, this option has numerous limitations.

The second plan costs $39.99. You can use the full functionality of the platform and create a professional-looking and high-res logo.

It is also possible to delegate the task of your logo creation to professionals. The FreeLogoDesign designers will do their best to meet all our needs and wishes and develop a completely unique logo. The cost of this service is $249.