DepositPhotos Review 2022: Pros & Cons

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS
Price: From $9.99/month

Verdict: DepositPhotos is a full-fledged photography stock and its main advantage is that their library of 150 million files contain unique images that were created by their own Lightfield Studio where you can pre-order photos/videos too.

DepositPhotos doesn't offer a huge amount of American photographers' photos (wedding, portraits, streets) as Getty Images, but at the same time, there are many professional and authentic photos from European photographers.

Prices are much cheaper than competitors have ( $8,25 per month for 10 images comparing $29 in Shutterstock).

  • Plenty of pictures, vectors and icons
  • Qualitative pictures
  • Friendly customer support
  • Unlimited number of pictures to download
  • Amazing discount offers
  • Advanced search engine
  • No free trial
depositphotos interface

DepositPhotos is an international stock photography website that sells images across dozens of categories under a royalty-free license. They work with photographers and illustrators to sell their work through subscription and single order credit plans.

If you are interested in learning how to sell photos online or where to get royalty-free images for your business, Deposit Photos is exactly what you need.

Complete DepositPhotos Review

depositphotos logo

DepositPhotos was founded by Ukrainian entrepreneur Dmitry Sergeev in 2009 in Kyiv. The company provides services to clients from all over the world, offering them support in 20 languages.

Pricing varies on the plan you choose. These plans include single credit purchases, automated monthly and annual billing plans, special one-time bulk purchase offers, and, free images.

Memo for Photographers

If you decide to earn extra money from your pictures and become a DepositPhotos contributor, the platform gives you this opportunity. To do this, you just need to follow the rules for each picture:

  • File format – JPEG;
  • File resolution must be at least 3.4 MP (2400 x 1600 pixels);
  • File size must not exceed 50 MB;
  • Files must be of the original size;
  • You must be the author of the file for sale;
  • If the file contains images of people, the model's permission must be attached to it;
  • The file must not contain images of emblems, logos, or recognizable trademarks;
  • You must not upload files that depict buildings, structures, or places protected by intellectual property rights;
  • You must not artificially increase, deform, or stretch the file to increase its size or resolution;
  • There is also a possibility possible to upload vector pictures.

It is worth noting that each picture must provide some artistic value. Otherwise, it may not pass the verification.

Convenient Image Searching Tools

depositphotos image searching tools

During the last few years, DepositPhotos has been upgrading the search engine. Now, it is more advanced and boasts the ability to search by keywords and filters. Another interesting addition is the picture recognition technology for reverse picture search.

The search results may be filtered on the basis of a category or contributor. Besides, it is possible to eliminate keywords, pick pictures according to size, precision, orientation, number of people and color. Speaking of the reverse picture search, it enables users to upload a picture and search for a similar licensed stock photo.

The DepositPhotos’ library is categorized into the most widespread and relevant styles and themes. Each picture comes with appropriate keywords. Search results may be sorted according to the best fit, the newest, most sold, licensing status and file type.

Simple Conditions for Passing the Exam

Content contributors must pass an exam before they can upload and sell their files. The candidate’s works (photos, vectors, or videos) are checked for quality standards and possible commercial potential before they are accepted for sale.

The contributor must be 18 years old at the time of passing the exam and must provide all necessary documents authorizing them to post and sell files and the elements present on them (model release, owner release, etc.).

Content contributors receive between 34% and 42% of royalties from each credit sale, or between $0.30 and $0.35 from subscription sales, depending on their level and status on DepositPhotos.

Variety of Formats

Photos can be downloaded as a JPEG file (maximum – 3.4 MB) or a RAW file (maximum – 50 MB). Vector pictures can be downloaded as bitmap JPEG images or as a vector EPS file (maximum – 10 MB). Videos with a maximum length of 60 seconds are available for download as a MOV file (maximum – 4GB).

Huge Selection of Vector Graphics

depositphotos vector graphics

The benefit I can’t help but mention is a huge selection of vector graphics that are suitable for different purposes. As far as I am concerned, many people are using them more often than stock pictures.

Vector graphics greatly replace standard stock pictures, especially if you require them for a particular purpose, like put them on the desktop, use them in collages, post on social networks, or just get inspired by an illustration. Besides, you can take advantage of an excellent sample of clip art.

Frequent Promotional Offers

1 credit on DepositPhotos corresponds to $1.

If you wish to buy cheap pictures for credits, I suggest that you get a bonus from them on a promotional basis: “For each picture purchased for credits, get a second one for free”. By the way, you can download bonus pictures from the stock whenever you want to.

Royalty-Free License

depositphotos royalty free photos

DepositPhotos is the perfect source to find all the best and even weird stock photos, royalty-free photos, videos, and vector pictures.

Royalty-free is a license that lets you use the file in accordance with the DepositPhotos license agreement without additional description and approval of the location, audience, method of use, and other things.

Informative Blog

In addition to its main function – selling photos online, the developers also took care of creating their own DepositPhotos blog. It covers everything related to visual content and presents articles about photography, illustrations, graphics, and sales on photo stock.

No Free Trial

DepositPhotos provides a large number of subscription options – starting from a monthly subscription to download 10 images for $9.99 and ending with an annual subscription plan for $1,600. Unfortunately, there is no opportunity to try DepositPhotos free.

DepositPhotos Mobile App Review

depositphotos mobile interface

Mobile applications are created for every purpose, and stock photography is no exception. The DepositPhotos app lets you search, save and download files directly from your smartphone or iPad.

Among the main features of the mobile app that will help you effectively search and download files, I will highlight a straightforward interface, a helpful download manager, and the ability to view collections of free stock photos.

Search filters by category, orientation and color will save time and make the file search more efficient by times. Enter keywords in the search bar and click “Find”. The advanced search icon will appear on the right side of the search bar. Click on it and select the search settings you need.

DepositPhotos Price

All pictures on Depositphotos can be purchased using credits or via a subscription. Video files can only be purchased with credits. Credits are the internal currency of the photobank and let you purchase and download a file at any time.

Take a look at the prices for the Photos&Vectors plan:

  • Subscription - offered for 1 month or immediately for 1 year – prices start from $69 per 75 picture or $0.27 per picture;
  • Flexible Plan - offered for 1 month or immediately for 1 year – 10 pictures for just $9.99 per month or $0.99 per picture;
  • On Demand - there is a standard and an extended license – prices from $49 per 10 pictures.

Take a look at the prices for the Videos plan:

  • SD - $13.80 per video;
  • HD - $47.80 per video;
  • Ultra HD - $145.80 per video.

Speaking of the DepositPhotos pricing, the platform offers a variety of subscription plans with daily and monthly quotas for downloading pictures of any size. The cost of purchasing a picture for credits starts from $0.75, and the subscription price starts from $10 per month.

DepositPhotos accepts credit card payments (like Visa, Mastercard, or American Express), PayPal, Skrill, Webmoney and Yandex.Money, as well as other regional payment systems.

On the DepositPhotos website, you are offered 2 separate plans. The first plan is Photos&Vectors, the second one is Videos.

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DepositPhotos belongs to one of the most well-known and trustworthy stock photo platforms. Plenty of users all around the globe value it for the qualitative services, reasonable pricing policy, long history of development, and a stellar reputation.

But in case you aren’t fully satisfied with what the platform provides, or you wish to consider other options, get acquainted with these decent DepositPhotos alternatives to get cheap royalty-free pictures online.

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