Depositphotos Review 2024: Pros & Cons

By Ann Young 4 days ago, Software Reviews


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  • Platform: Web
  • Pricing: from 9.99$

Verdict: Depositphotos represents an online service to find stock photos, video clips, and vector illustrations. It allows users to work on all types of projects with the help of reasonably-priced, easily-accessible stock content. Regardless of what industry or niche you’re involved in, you’ll find relevant images and videos here.

To my mind, Depositphotos is exactly what you need if you are interested in learning how to sell photos online or where to get royalty-free images for your business.

  • Over 224 million photos
  • Doesn’t impose any daily download restrictions
  • Reverse image search
  • Terrific client support (phone, live chat, and email)
  • Separate library of free files
  • Doesn’t offer custom packages (only accessible to large companies)
  • Restricted flexibility of on-demand options
depositphotos website

Depositphotos is a platform that sells millions of photos, illustrations, and clips divided into various categories on a royalty-free basis. It cooperates with photographers and digital artists who sell their creations via subscription or single-order credit packages.

By joining this platform, you can earn between $0.25 and $33.82 per image and between $3.83 and $64.22 per video. I consider this stock website to be not only a good choice for professionals but beginner photographers who have only recently started their careers as well.

Depositphotos - Main Features

depositphotos logo

Depositphotos bgremover is a terrific website of images, vectors, illustrations, videos, sound effects, and other assets.

In addition to offering an enormous selection of visual content, this platform provides a useful blog that you can use to get inspired for new photoshoots and find information about topics that interest you.

Huge Selection of Vector Graphics

depositphotos vector graphics

Representing a fantastic source of stock images, Depositphotos is also among the industry’s leading vector sites. As far as I am concerned, many people are using them more often than the actual stock pictures.

Vector graphics often replace standard stock pictures, especially if you have a particular purpose in mind, like putting them on the desktop, making collages, posting them on social networks, or just using them as inspiration. Additionally, you can take advantage of excellent clip art samples.

Powerful Search Engine

depositphotos search engine

One of the things that I appreciate the most about this place to sell photos online is its advanced search engine. It enables you to look for images by type while also using specialized filters like orientation, the number of people, or even location.

Additionally, this platform offers rundowns of currently trending search requests, helping you say in tune with the rest of the world and ensuring that you’re always producing relevant content.

Top Places to Sell Photos Online List

depositphotos api program

Depositphotos deserves your attention not only because of its state-of-the-art search engine but its advanced AI-powered API as well since it can be conveniently built into your own platform.

By taking advantage of the offered API, you’ll be able to enjoy:

  1. An enormous library of new stock pictures and videos for all your creative and business projects.
  2. Unrestricted ability to download any content you want from a high-quality selection of 1,292,007 free images, vectors, and illustrations for a monthly or annual fee.
  3. Flexible prices, custom business models, and a personalized approach tailored to satisfy your specific needs.
  4. Well-presented technical documentation that is easily comprehensible to IT experts.
  5. A dedicated API Manager will be ready to assist you at any moment you need.

Integrated Tools for Creating and Editing Content

depositphotos integrated tools

Other than the API, Depositphotos lets you benefit from the following built-in tools:

The tool that deserves your attention the most is the Logo Maker, which is used for creating logos using AI technology. Complete a brief quiz and the tool will create multiple relevant logos for you to pick from.

Another cool feature is the Background Remover. It simply requires you to choose the desired image or clip while the AI takes care of everything else. For recorded footage, you have to employ the video background remover.

fixthephoto portrait photo editing service fixthephoto company portrait photo editing service

Want to Enhance Your Images?

If you’d like to enhance the quality of your portrait photos before you submit them to Depositphotos, consider reaching out to FixThePhoto retouchers.

This review wouldn’t be complete without me mentioning the VistaCreate Editor. This feature allows you to quickly and effortlessly produce visual content tailored for specific social media platforms.

I’d also like to highlight the Image Upscaler, which is used for upscaling the resolution of an image while once again relying on AI technology.

Reverse Image Search

depositphotos reverse image search

The Reverse Image Search tool is among the most useful inclusions on the platform. It allows you to upload a photo as a file or provide the necessary link and Depositphotos will show you similar images.

This tool can be used with images in the following formats JPEG, PNG, WEBP, BMP, and TIFF. Keep in mind that files can’t take up more space than 10MB.

Contribution Program

depositphotos contribution program

Depositphotos allows you to receive stable, continuously growing income thanks to its contribution program. You merely have to focus on doing what you do best while sharing your work with the world and getting paid for it.

To take part in this program, you only need to do a couple of things:

  1. Create a contributor account
  2. Go through a short test that involves sending a couple of your best images
  3. Once you pass the test, you’ll have the ability to upload your photos to the platform and earn income every time someone buys them

Informative Blog

In addition to supporting the platform’s main function – selling online, the developers also took care of creating their own Deposithotos blog. It covers everything related to visual content and presents articles about photography, illustrations, graphic design, and sales on stock websites.


If you want to sell your works online, the platform offers a variety of subscription plans with monthly and yearly quotas for downloading pictures of any size. The cost of purchasing a picture starts from $1, and the subscription price starts from $9.99 per month.

Photos & Vectors Plan’s Subscription - offered for 1 month or an entire year – prices start from $9.99 per 75 pictures or $1 per picture;

On-Demand - there is a standard and an extended license – prices begin at $42 per 3 pictures.

Videos Plan Subscription: you can get the Video plan for $89 a month or $17.80 per video. The prices also depend on the resolution of the video:

  • 240p - $19 per clip;
  • 480p - $34 per clip;
  • 720p - $54 per clip;
  • 1080p - $59 per clip;
  • 4k - $149 per clip.

It’s also possible to access all tracks by paying $12.99 for a monthly subscription or $129 annually.


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