BigSpy Free Adspy Tool Review 2024: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 11 days ago, Apps and Software


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Verdict: BigSpy is a godsend for marketers, advertisers, and search engine optimization specialists interested in ad spying. I like that the product provides tracking tools and access to detailed information about ads posted by other companies.

One of the main benefits of this service is that by searching and downloading advertising campaigns, you can get ideas for creating your own projects.

  • AI technologies
  • Ads from all over the world
  • Search by keywords
  • Different types of media
  • Multi-dimensional
  • No open API
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The key to the success of this service is its extensive functionality and trouble-free operation. You can use this tool to track, analyze, calculate and even download projects in one click.

They differ from competitors by using AI tools for the daily automatic selection of the most popular advertisements based on analytical data. Such innovative technologies significantly reduce advertising costs and increase profits.

Complete BigSpy Adspy Tool Review– Main Benefits

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BigSpy is a free adspy tool for finding the most effective ads on popular search engines and social networks. The resource has 650+ million advertisements and 300+ thousand users. It is used by marketing and digital marketing agencies across the globe.

With BigSpy, you will always know how many ads your competitors are posting and how effective they are. It will also provide valuable insights on how to launch your own campaigns and promote your services, as well as help you write engaging texts for your advertising projects.

Multifunctional Dashboard with Deep Customization

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The user-friendly interface of the BigSpy free adspy tool immediately caught my eye. The toolbar is well-designed, you can easily master it and search for the ad projects you need. I like that the interface is not intrusive and does not interfere with workflow.

The buttons are highlighted, and there is plenty of space between the fields. All work takes place in one window. No need to wait for a long time until a page is loaded. You can preview your content in a new window.

By filtering the search parameters by different indicators, you can get the most accurate results. There are many helpful tools for adding new items to your favorites with one click and viewing all the options you have selected. Using pop-up tips, you can learn what a tool is for and how to use it properly.

Different Modes for All Purposes

I like that BigSpy developers tried to make the product as user-friendly as possible and divided it into three categories depending on the industry. If your work is related to sales on ecommerce platforms, just select the relevant mode to see relevant platforms by default.

App development companies can benefit from browsing through such categories as strategy, puzzle, or simulation in Gaming app mode. Non-gaming app mode is perfect for users working with social networks, finances, entertainment, etc.

Inspirational Daily Updating Database

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BigSpy free adspy tool has the widest database for creating visual content for social media and unique texts. The team updates it every day with promotional content that inspires people around the world.

You can search for materials by country, section, and language. Thanks to such precise filtering, you can select only those ads that relate to your business and the region of your target audience. This way, you will see what helps competitors to reach success.

I found it very convenient that you can view ads as a list or expand them. The detailed preview will show you how the image, text, and other elements match each other in terms of colors, style, and tone of voice. You can load visual content in a couple of your clicks while maintaining its original quality. To facilitate your workflow, you can save ads for reference.

Tips on Creating Visual Content for Social Media to Increase Popularity

Self-tracking features offer you to track the performance of ads posted by you or your competitors. This means that you don’t need to endlessly track visits to your pages and sites, and monitor efficiency indicators and market conditions. You can use this tool lies to evaluate and analyze the performance of your advertising projects and competitors in your industry. BigSpy also allows you to track and download info about your current campaigns.

This comprehensive analysis gives you insight into customer psychometrics, industry trends, and ad performance based on consumer reactions to ad type. You can also compare text and video ads to see which is more effective for a particular product or service.

Advanced Search and Filtering Tools for Analytics

analythics bigspy free adspy tool review

I appreciated powerful analytic tools that help me fully understand what is happening in the market. The first and most basic benefit is that you can filter the most popular ads that have a specific required number of likes, reposts, comments, etc.

The developers continue to improve the product and have implemented special mechanisms to get to know your target audience better. BigSpy free adspy tool is great for analyzing the demographics of your target audience, which will surely improve the performance of your ads. You can choose one gender or both as well as select upper and lower age limits, regions, and languages.

As for content, you can search for video, images, carousels, and HTML. You can also track where your ad was placed. Search is also available on landing page URLs, ad data or descriptions, and so on. Also, try the cool feature that excludes keywords. You can select unwanted words, and the service will give you exactly what you are looking for.

BigSpy Free AdSpy Tool Prices

The good news is that BigSpy pricing policy is quite transparent. A Free Plan includes up to 5 searches on Facebook. The $9 plan allows up to 20 searches on Facebook and Instagram. This option is enough for testing the service and understanding how it functions.

If you want to make the most of the feature set, use a $99 plan subscription. You can use a trial version for 3 days and get online support for just $1.

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