8 Best YouTube Subscribers Trackers

8 Best YouTube Subscribers Trackers in 2023

With the help of a YouTube subscribers tracker, you can keep tabs on how popular your channel is, count the number of hits and subscriptions per period. Such services work in real-time, providing you with relevant analytics.

Once you get a report covering a week, a month or a longer period, you can take certain steps to boost your channel’s performance.

Top 8 YouTube Subscribers Trackers

  1. Social Blade - Provides global analytics
  2. Grin.co - Allows sharing the latest statistics
  3. SubscriberCount.Live - Generating accurate and free stats
  4. Subscriber Counter - Channel analytics
  5. Live Counts - Sends out push notifications
  6. FreeWebTools - Updates every 2 seconds
  7. YouTube Subscriber Counter - Reveals estimated revenue
  8. Influencer MarketingHub - Monitors the channel‘s performance

This overview contains information about YouTube subscribers trackers with their pros and cons clearly described. They all work rather efficiently and are absolutely intuitive to use. You can choose the most suitable option to constantly monitor your channel’s statistics.

1. Social Blade – Our Choice

Provides global analytics
  • Registration-free
  • Offers statistical data
  • Social ranking feature
  • Shows the number of new subscribers in %
  • None found

Verdict: Social Blade YouTube tracker perfectly copes with its task, providing you with timely info on the number of new subscribers on each channel. Another handy feature is the possibility to compare up to 3 channels to define the leader and think about possible ways to boost the popularity of the rest.

What’s more, you can learn about the most sought-after channels on YouTube. The service allows you to learn how many videos appear there every day and how many people watch them.

To begin monitoring sub counts live via Social Blade, you just have to enter the name of a channel and the result will be generated automatically. All in all, this tracker is equally helpful either you use YouTube or YouTube alternatives.

social blade youtube subscribers tracker logo

2. Grin.co

Allows sharing the latest statistics
  • Shows the exact number of subscribers
  • User-friendly
  • Counts followers on FB and Twitter
  • Only basic functions

Verdict: If you want to know how many subscribers your YouTube channel has, you can rely on Grin.co. The tool is developed by a Californian company and appeals to marketers from different parts of the globe, who want to map out their YouTube activity.

Grin.co is really helpful for providing users with firsthand statistics on the number of subscribers in a very comprehensible manner. You can share the outcome on Facebook and Twitter. It is possible to search the channel by entering its name. Alternatively, you can indicate the author’s name.

grin.co youtube subscribers tracker

3. SubscriberCount.Live

Generating accurate and free stats
  • Video views
  • Shows the last uploaded clip
  • Provides access to channel description
  • You need to register to get access to all available functions

Verdict: This is an autonomous live subscriber count app with frequent updates. It processes official data from YouTube to provide users with the most relevant info on their progress.

You can effortlessly embed your YouTube channel and monitor the number of subscribers counted by this service in real-time. Just type the name of your channel, copy its URL, or insert a user ID to receive accurate statistics.

subscribercount.live youtube tracker

4. Subscriber Counter

Channel analytics
  • Straightforward
  • Quick access with video thumbnails
  • Shows the total number of views
  • Works on Android devices
  • Just basic stats

Verdict: What makes this YT sub counter so popular among users is that you don’t need to log in or create an account to initiate the scanning and learn how many people watch the videos you share. Its key responsibility is to count the number of subscribers in real-time.

The whole process of dealing with this media sharing platform can become even more enjoyable thanks to YouTube downloaders for Android and iOS or free YouTube downloaders for Mac and Windows. Another strong point of Subscriber Counter is that developers have created a mobile-optimized app, so you can take advantage of all the features on the move.

subscriber counter youtube tracker

5. Live Counts

Sends out push notifications
  • Well-designed interface
  • Doesn’t require log in or registration
  • Ad-free
  • Views instrument fails to work properly

Verdict: Those looking for a user-friendly YouTube subscriber count tracker, should consider LiveCounts.

It monitors the number of subscribers in real-time, which may be perceived as a certain limitation, because this tool doesn’t provide detailed info on a YouTube channel, the entire number of uploaded videos, how many people watched them, etc. Besides, the available Views Tool doesn’t work as intended.

Talking about positive things, I want to mention a straightforward interface with all the features logically arranged. Moreover, the service allows altering the color of the display background.

live counts youtube subscribers tracker

6. FreeWebTools

Updates every 2 seconds
  • Convenient, unclutter UI
  • No registration required
  • You can mark “Favorite Channels”
  • Doesn’t show a percentage of subscriber growth

Verdict: This is probably the best YouTube subscribers tracker for beginners who have no desire to deal with multiple features and tools.

If you want to know how many people are visiting your channel at this particular moment, just enter the channel’s name, URL or user ID in the search field and that’s it. The service doesn’t require registration or log in.

The most praiseworthy feature is “Favorite Channels”. Thus, you can add the channels that you attend on a regular basis to a special tab and find them in a quick way when needed. Besides, you can learn additional info such as the number of comments, videos, and views.

freewebtools youtube subscribers tracker

7. YouTube Subscriber Counter

Reveals estimated revenue
  • Counts subs in real-time
  • Shows total YouTube views
  • Defines the general number of YouTube videos
  • Delivers weekly statistics
  • No version for iPhone

Verdict: If you want to grasp the idea of how such counters work without spending money, you can take advantage of this free YouTube sub account tracker.

It collects data from numerous APS’s in real-time and shows the actual statistics on the interactive dashboard. You can access the offered features via the official website or Android app. Unfortunately, there is no version for iOS devices.

If you want to group your favorite channels in one place, there is such an option. Just click on the heart icon to access them quicker later. In case you have a burning ambition to attract more viewers to your channel, you can use YouTube streaming software that allow sharing news, organize live chats, entertain the audience with live music performances, or organize games.

youtube subscriber counter tracker

8. Influencer MarketingHub

Monitors the channel’s performance
  • Intuitive operation
  • Free
  • Shows the total number of videos
  • Only for YouTube

Verdict: Offering a simple and user-friendly interface, this YT sub counter is a go-to tool for many people. To learn the current number of subscribers, you need to click in the center of the page and type in the name of the channel.

The main characteristic of this service is its simple performance. Everything here is designed and adjusted to make your monitoring experience fast and trouble-free.

marketinghub youtube tracker