20 Best Photoshop Artists All Over the World

20 Best Photoshop Artists All Over the World

If you need some inspiration, look through these Photoshop artists’ Behance pages. They can inspire and blow your mind at the same time. The line between imagination and reality is definitely removed.

Top 20 Photoshop Artists That Inspire

Today’s article is dedicated to the life and career of 20 famous Photoshop artists, who have gained global popularity thanks to their unbelievable diligence and non-conventional approach to regular Photoshop manipulations.

1. Vanessa Rivera Behance

Vanessa Rivera comes from Los Angeles. She studied Fine Arts at the University of Southern Carolina. Vanessa is known for her mesmerizing mixtures of expressionism, digital and figurative painting.

vanessa rivera photoshop artist artwork

You can easily recognize her works by a unique signature triangle, which signifies the interrelation of all her styles. She explains that her works reveal her vision of human experience with a great focus on the pristine spiritual nature of humanity.

artwork by vanessa rivera photoshop artist

Vanessa Rivera made a name for herself cooperating with such famous companies as Adidas, Dame Dash Studios and Branded Arts. Her projects frequently appear at different exhibitions in LA – the Fisher Museum, Gallery 38, Buckwild Gallery and many more.

2. Erik Johansson Behance

Erik Johansson was born in Sweden but now he resides in Prague, Czech Republic. He is rated as one of the best photographers and his achievements in visual arts are no less impressive.

erik johansson photoshop artist artwork

Once looking at his works, you will understand that Erik is fond of surrealism, which is presented by a combination of multiple shots. He is one of those Photoshop artists, who successfully cope both with personal and commissioned projects, boasting a very long clientage list.

artwork by erik johansson photoshop artist

There are no computer-generated objects in his works and he usually spends about 1-2 months to create a new art piece. The work is rather frazzling, but the result is worth all the effort.

3. Aeforia Behance

Alexy Prefontaine, commonly known as Aeforia, is professionally engaged in photography, digital art and graphic design. His first works appeared in 2014.

aeforia photoshop artist artwork

The first attempts were a bit clumsy, but he continued developing his skills and soon switched to more professional instruments, namely Adobe Photoshop.

artwork by aeforia photoshop artist

Now he is an internationally famous Adobe artist, who says that he is deeply in love with nature, space and unique perspectives. He tries to notice different facets of the surrounding world and shows them in a creative way. Aeforia hopes that people grasp his message.

4. Anwar Mostafa Behance

Anwar Mostafa is a celebrated artist and visualizer of Egyptian origin. He fully relies on Photoshop and Illustrator while bringing to life a new idea.

anwar mostafa photoshop artist artwork

He boasts profound knowledge of digital painting and art, photo manipulation and mixed media.

artwork by anwar mostafa photoshop artist

Anwar has also founded “Evolve Art Collective”. Similar to other famous computer artists, he has active Instagram and Behance accounts, where he shares all his new works, most of which are done in the similar red-and violet color gamut.

5. Dylan Bolívar Behance

Dylan Bolívar comes from Barranquilla, Colombia. He is a famous Photoshop artist, who has blurred the line between photography and painting, producing jaw-dropping “photo pictures”.

dylan bolivar photoshop artist artwork

It is hard to define his style, as it is actually a mixture of several artistic approaches.

artwork by dylan bolivar photoshop artist

In addition to this occupation, he also works as a lecturer, organizing various art classes, workshops, etc.

6. Stuart Lippincott Behance

Stuart Lippincott lives in Bentonville, Arkansas, but his fame goes far beyond this city. Stuart is a digital designer interested in creating fantasy worlds limited only by his imagination.

stuart lippincott photoshop artist artwork

He is widely known under the moniker of “stuz0r”, so type this name in the search bar to look at his 3-year-long project, which he has been creating in Cinema 4D. There are also lots of his works available on Behance, Instagram and Tumblr.

artwork by stuart lippincott photoshop artist

He has many clients all over the globe and the list includes such famous brands as NHL, Google, Adobe, Walmart and many more.

7. engwind (Øyvind Engevik) Behance

This guy is only 22 years old, but he has already entered the list of famous Photoshop artists with hundreds of followers in different parts of the globe.

engwind photoshop artist artwork

His go-to tools are Photoshop and 3Ds Max, while UnReal Engine helps bring the content to perfection.

artwork by engwind photoshop artist

He studied 3D Design and Animation at Noroff, Bergen, and currently he works for MYREZE.

8. Patrick Ellasos Behance

Patrick Ellasos has Philippine roots and a global fan audience. He is a multimedia designer for NBA, who has been in the field for 5 years.

patrick ellasos photoshop artist artwork

The scope of his interest comprises graphic design, photo manipulations, illustrations, and photography. Like many famous artists, he fancies Adobe programs, mainly, Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator and uses them for his work.

artwork by patrick ellasos photoshop artist

He got a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts at the University of the East and keeps expanding his knowledge in arts and design in general. He is really fond of what he is doing and he never misses a chance to draw new sketches and illustrations. You can track all his projects on Instagram and Tumblr.

9. Nevan Doyle Behance

Nevan Doyle has developed a unique graphic design style, which he called psychedelic glitch art. It has turned out to be very successful and trend-setting in 2019.

nevan doyle photoshop artist artwork

Bright colors, free-flowing abstraction, 3D effects and kinetic movement are how you can characterize it.

artwork by nevan doyle photoshop artist

His recent work is the promotional materials for HBO’s “Euphoria”. He has also known for creating album and tour design for Jai Wolf’s “The Cure to Loneliness”. Such successful cooperation put him on the map and attracted even more followers to this Behance page.

10. Gintarė Mačiulienė Behance

Gintare was initially interested in painting, and once she has finished her training, she understood that she can try her hand at photo retouching.

artwork by gintarė mačiulienė photoshop artist

She spent 4 years as a staff member ay Cyclopes and Fotelier and then switched to Photoshop freelance activity.

gintarė mačiulienė photoshop artist artwork

Gintare has retouched images for lots of ad campaigns and most of them won the most prestigious awards such as Clio, Golden Drum and many others. Her works have appeared in Lürzer’s Archive several times and she is also listed as one of 200 Best Photoshop Artists Worldwide in 2019/2024.

11. Aleksi Goferman Behance

Aleksi Goferman was born in Ukraine, but then he moved to Munich, German.

artwork by aleksi goferman photoshop artist

Browsing through his works, you can immediately understand that he is fond of creating logos, web and graphic design.

aleksi goferman photoshop artist artwork

Aleksi is a very talented designer, who is mainly interested in developing UI and UX. He is also an honored member of various art collectives, where like-minded digital illustrators artists share their ideas. You can see the best samples of his works in books and magazines (Advanced Photoshop, Digital Arts).

12. Anxo Vizcaíno Behance

Anxo Vizcaíno is a Photoshop freelance artist, who keeps impressing his fans with thought-provoking illustrations and animations.

anxo vizcaino photoshop artist artwork

He lives in Lugo, Spain, but his name is known in many other countries.

artwork by anxo vizcaino photoshop artist

Anxo says that he is inspired by nature, space, and the unknown, and he tries to embody these concepts in his creations. His recent works were done on the personal initiative, but he also takes part in commercial projects, branding, etc.

13. Grant Navin Behance

This Adobe artist comes from Australia. He is the one in charge of creating photography production of Andreas Bommert.

artwork by crant navin photoshop artist

Grant Navin also worked for Production Company Freeway Reps for almost 8 years.

crant navin photoshop artist artwork

His Behance page is full of captivating photos, that differ from the rest of the content with their peculiar style and professionally realized creative photo ideas. He shows ordinary things in an interesting, or even funny, way.

14. Mikaeli Behance

Mikaeli or Styl comes from Finland. He works on the borderline of analog and digital art, which results in noteworthy compositions.

mikaeli photoshop artist artwork

While examining his photos, you can notice traces of the 1980’s aesthetics.

artwork by mikaeli photoshop artist

He changed several workplaces, all of which are prestigious companies - Scribbler Design Ltd (London, United Kingdom), Bē Finland (Helsinki, Finland), Synergy Visuals (Los Angeles, CA, USA). He regularly uses Photoshop, Lightroom and Illustrator.

15. Stephen McMennamy Behance

Stephen McMennamy worked hard to join the ranks of top-rated Photoshop artists and managed to do it thanks to his inimitable style.

artwork by stephen mcmennamy photoshop artist

He unites diametrically opposed objects into one image and calls them “combophotos”.

stephen mcmennamy photoshop artist artwork

His pictures are intriguing and you typically have to spend several minutes to figure out what is what. Lots of people really like such art, which stays apart from ordinary images. He does his best to photograph each separate element and create a one-of-a-kind “combophoto”.

16. Anil Saxena Behance

Jason Eagle known as Anil Saxena, opted for publishing and entertainment markets and has been creating art pieces for those segments since 1998.

anil saxena photoshop artist artwork

He also enjoys working on computer games, and you have probably played some of them. Unlike the best Photoshop artists on Instagram, who share their works online, Jason’s most remarkable projects are featured in fantasy books and magazines from all over the globe.

artwork by anil saxena photoshop artist

In 2004 he published his first book of collected works under the title “Infernum”. Since then, he got seriously interested in producing similar printed materials, so you can find many more in book stores.

17. Jeff Whitlock Behance

Jeff Whitlock has a large client base with Coca-Cola, Nike, Mercy Health, Emmy Magazine and AMC being regular partners.

artwork by jeff whitlock photoshop artist

He specializes in creative photo retouching, commercial design, illustration and composite art, and has over 20 years of experience doing this.

jeff whitlock photoshop artist artwork

While starting a new project, he always concentrates on the client’s message and looks for the most illustrative methods to convey it.

18. Henry Flores Behance

Henry Flores is a graphic editor from Ecuador, who now works for Studio Tresneuronas.

henry flores photoshop artist artwork

His photographs have been published in numerous magazines with “People”, “Los Angeles Times” and “Life&Style” being only few of them.

artwork by henry flores photoshop artist

Henry’s works are also exhibited in galleries all over the world.

19. Hassan Ahmed Behance

This is a 20-year-old Adobe artist from Egypt. In 2016, he entered the Faculty Of Arts Alexandria University and now works as a freelancer.

artwork by hassan ahmed photoshop artist

His works regularly appear in Behance Egypt, Adobe Photoshop, Ads Of The World, and Art People Gallery.

hassan ahmed photoshop artist artwork

He calls himself a legend on his Instagram, and there are valid reasons to think so, as he is a really talented digital artist.

20. Kärt Einasto Behance

kärt einasto photoshop artist artwork

Kärt Einasto was born in the capital of Estonia but not long ago moved to a small town to work in a hustle-free environment on his advertising and design projects.

artwork by kärt einasto photoshop artist

He tried working as a tenured designer but soon realized that such routine bites off his creativity and founded his own studio.

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