11 Funny Photo Apps in 2024

By Tani Adams 4 days ago, Apps and Software

11 Funny Photo Apps in 2024

Can’t find really working funny photo apps to create humorous images? We’ve prepared the list of efficient apps that will make your images comical and original.

You don’t have to download “heavy” full-featured software, like Photoshop, Fotophire or Corel Paintshop. You can easily change faces, swap them, personalize dollars, change someone's body shape, create your meme or fake magazine covers using one of the funny editing apps below.

Top 11 Best Meme Apps

  1. InstaRage - For Instagram iOS
  2. InstaMeme - The best meme creator for social networks iOS
  3. Epica 2 Pro - Camera app for funny photos iOS
  4. Pic Artist Collage Plus - Picture frames for funny photos iOS
  5. The Amazing Mustache - For social networks iOS
  6. Faceover Lite - Photo face swap iOS
  7. Doodle booth - Photo stickers for Instagram iOS
  8. Animal Face - Selfie editor iOS | Android
  9. ImageChef - Editor for amazing photos iOS
  10. YouCam Fun - Live face filters for photos and videos iOS | Android
  11. Snapchat - Messenger for online communication iOS | Android

These tools will help you create funny photo effects in your photographs. Moreover, you may post your photos or video memes on social networks and share them with friends.

Some of these apps also allow creating funny galleries on your iPhone. Reveal your creative potential using these funny photo apps!

1. InstaRage

Our choice
  • 480+ meme stickers
  • User-friendly controls
  • Tools for adding text, filters, overlays
  • Works smoothly on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
  • Annoying in-app ads

Verdict: If you want to create something amusing out of your images, use this fun picture editor!. InstaRage is a cool tool to troll your friends with comical faces.

Use this meme app to create memes of your personal pics and don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself. The app offers an easy-to-use interface so you won’t face difficulties creating memes. If you have InstaRage, you may also share your funny pictures with friends and followers.

instarage funny photo app interface

2. InstaMeme!

The best meme creator for social networks
  • Fast and “share-friendly”
  • More than 450 stickers
  • Tools for adding text, filters, overlays, frames
  • Compatible with iOS devices
  • Discrepancy between pictures from description and reality
  • Profanity or rude humor

Verdict: This funny picture app boasts more than 5000 meme templates, stickers, emoticons/emoji and rage faces. It is an effective tool, which you can use to create powerful memes quickly and easily.

It allows you to conveniently create memes in a matter of seconds. The program offers more than 1000 templates allowing you to add dialogues or original phrases to your pics. Moreover, you may add your own photos to the memes and even transform them into stickers. If you are a lucky owner of the best printer for making stickers, you’ll be able to get physical variants of your creations in a quick way.

instameme funny photo app interface

3. Epica 2 Pro

Monster camera for funny photos
  • 15 filters
  • A full-featured camera with effects for iPhone
  • No ads or watermarks
  • Pack of 5 free poses
  • Advertising text when saving photos

Verdict: Epica 2 Pro is a great tool offering new poses, scenes and special effects. Using this funny picture app, you can make your pics original and add some humoristic touches to them.

The subject in the frame may turn into a magician, rabbit and other animals, a paladin, muscular people, barbarians, archers, necromancers, etc. It has different pose packs to choose from.

What is more, the program doesn’t put a watermark and annoying advertising won’t disturb you either.

The app provides convenient sharing options and users may easily post their creations on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, etc.

It also has filter functions, numerous portfolios, new poses, special effects and new scenes. In several mouse clicks, you will turn your photo into a funny meme putting a smile on the viewer’s faces.

epica2pro funny photo app interface

4. Pic Artist Collage Plus

Picture frames for beautiful photos
  • Pan, rotate or mirror each photo
  • Easy to change text color, size, font, background
  • Hundreds of custom stickers
  • Possibility to instantly share the results on social media
  • Distracting popups

Verdict: Pic-Artist Collage Plus will perfectly combine several pictures into a one and instantly share it on social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr.

This funny photo editor app offers numerous custom collages, photo frames, and background styles. Moreover, you may adjust the color and shape of the border or edit the picture using a built-in PRO editor.

The developers upgraded a new version with a marketing URL, boosted stability and fixed some minor issues.

pic artist collage plus funny photo app interface

5. The Amazing Mustache

Photo editor for social network
  • High-quality images to choose from
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
  • Registration-free
  • Completely free
  • Offers in-app purchases

Verdict: Judging by its name, this fun picture editor will add mustaches to your photos. The tool offers numerous mustaches so you can choose the one suitable for your idea.

Add mustaches to images of your mum, grandma, dog, or anyone you like. The program is very easy to use ‒ you may take the photo from within the app or load it from your gallery.

Moreover, this fun picture editor boasts a modernized UI that is very simple to use. Thanks to bug fixes and numerous improvements, the application works smoothly.

the amazing mustache funny photo app interface

6. Faceover Lite

Photo face swap for funny photos
  • Works smoothly on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
  • Completely free funny picture app
  • No option to cut out the background around the subject

Verdict: It is a funny face app for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Thanks to Faceover Lite, you may edit, save and share any photograph from your gallery. Moreover, the tool allows copying, pasting, swapping, flipping and rotating images so you will create great effects in a matter of seconds.

The application is very user-friendly, so anyone may experiment with humorous effects.

You may swap faces, copy celebrity’s eyes and paste them into your portrait. Don’t limit your creativity and use copy/paste effects to the fullest! In addition, this program offers features for serious photo editing.

faceover lite funny photo app interface

7. Doodle Booth

Photo stickers for Instagram
  • Works smoothly on iPod Touch
  • Supports present-day devices
  • Completely free for users
  • Saving is paid

Verdict: Doodle Booth is a fun picture editor enabling you to improve your photos with original frames and captions. The tool impresses with its graphics and a multitude of content that is available for use. Thanks to the variety of drawing instruments such as brushes, pencils, pens, erasers, and a color palette, you can create amazing pictures. You can further jazz them up with doodles, sketches, or illustrations with different styles and effects. Moreover, the program offers several importing options.

In fact, Doodle Booth is a free cartoon picture app but you will have to pay 99c for upgrades. Thus you will get access to various sites where you can save and share your photos created with Doodle Booth. It is a perfect tool to play with your images!

doodle both funny photo app interface

8. Animal Face

Selfie editor snap stickers
  • Convenient selfie editing
  • Use a photo from the gallery or camera
  • Zoom in and out, rotate, adjust
  • Save the results effortlessly
  • Annoying in-app ads

Verdict: What animal do you associate yourself with? Try on different animal faces with this funny picture app. Apply Animal Face to pics from your library and see how it works!

All you have to do is to look through available animal stickers and choose those you like. Then, the app will do everything automatically. By dint of photo morphing and editing, Animal Face will transform your portrait into something really eye-catching.

This selfie app also provides a handpicked selection of real animal stickers, custom hand-drawn frames in different styles, and nice filters. In such a way, users get unlimited possibilities for creativity.

animal face funny photo app interface

9. ImageChef

Funny photos in click
  • User-friendly
  • Numerous customizable templates
  • Share directly on social media sites
  • Unappealing templates
  • Dissatisfying results
  • Lacks filters (available ones are quite simple)

Verdict: ImageChef allows you to create humorous collages, add text, and stickers to your images. What is more, it is a perfect tool to share your creations on social networks and chat apps.

The application immediately turns your text into a message written in the sand on the beach, printed on a billboard, on a gold necklace, etc.

It offers more than 50 text templates and they are weekly updated. You just have to drag and drop your photo into a series in scenes such as a wanted poster, billboard, photo frame, and etc. Thanks to the Chef Filters function, you may see how the photo will look before you take it.

image chef funny photo app interface

10. YouCam Fun

Live face filters for photos and videos
  • Numerous stickers and effects
  • Effects with hairstyles, animal faces, costumes
  • Video with fun effects
  • Crashes

Verdict: This application offers numerous stickers, filters, photo effects in real time. With this funny picture app, you will easily add text to photos and videos, transform and cut faces, and replace backgrounds.

YouCam Fun features Perfect Corp.’s patented augmented reality technology and artificial intelligence algorithms that ensure instant facial recognition, 3D renderings, and deep learning to produce highly accurate face morphing filters.

The tool applies AR facial filters in real time, with AI processing behind the scenes, to produce impressive selfies and videos.

youcam funny photo app interface

11. Snapchat

Messenger for online communication
  • Filters, lenses, Bitmoji and diverse effects
  • Every-day update of selfie lenses and filters
  • Possibility to create your own photo and video filters
  • Experiment with the lenses created by the community
  • Requires registration
  • Runs down the battery quickly

Verdict: The thing that distinguishes this funny picture app from others is its ability to instantly but temporarily share the media. Users may post their pics created in Snapchat but there is one hitch ‒ all images or ‘snaps’ shared on the net last for ten seconds maximum.

There is a convenient Geofilter feature that allows you to update your friends, who will see your creation. Snapchat automatically generates filters when it locates your GPS whereabouts. Moreover, the app offers different filters for different places and sometimes ‒ for special events.

If you are looking for features like photo and video sharing, geotagging, and even conference calls, this funny photo editor app is a great option.

snapchat funny photo app interface