8 Best Free GIF Makers with No Watermark in 2023

8 Best Free GIF Makers with No Watermark in 2023

If you need to create a GIF without a watermark, a free GIF maker no watermark will help and allow you to create GIFs from social network photos or YouTube videos.

Active social media users and bloggers frequently use GIFs on their websites to express their points of view in an original way. If you are a business owner, GIFs can serve as branding tools. Many users are looking for a GIF maker without watermark to create original content.

Top 8 Free Gif Makers with No Watermark

  1. Giphy Video - Easy and fast GIF creation
  2. Ezgif - Export to GIF in 2 steps
  3. Appy Pie - Impressive set of custom elements
  4. MakeAGIF Online - Large library of GIFs
  5. Convertio Online - Convert 37 video formats to a GIF
  6. GIFs - Turn YouTube and Facebook videos into GIFs
  7. GIF Toaster iOS | Android - GIF Maker for smartphones
  8. GIF Maker Android - Supports 50 frames/second

Read on and you will find out what the best free video converter to GIF is. I have created the list of the best video and image to GIF converters that might interest you. If you want to create a GIF without watermark, try using these options to make your works look original. They are perfect tools to visualize your ideas into GIF files without watermarks.

1. Giphy Video - Our Choice

Extremely easy and fast GIF creation
  • Allows exporting from YouTube or Vimeo
  • Visual add-ons
  • Available on all devices
  • None

Verdict: Giphy is one of the best GIF makers available today. This software allows you not only to upload videos but also to export them from third-party platforms like YouTube or Vimeo. All you have to do is to paste a link to a video into the corresponding field and that’s it.

Using this software, you can set the length of the GIF, select the number of frames, add captions, stickers, filters, etc. As you see, this software allows you to fully customize your GIF without watermark. When you are ready, your GIF will be uploaded to Giphy so that you and other people can use it.

If you add tags, it will allow you to find your GIF on the site easily. You can also copy-and-paste your link to embed your GIF into a social media post, web page, etc.

giphy video free gif maker no watermark

2. EzGIF

Export to GIF in 2 steps
  • Resize and crop tools
  • Transparent video conversion
  • Configurable frame rate
  • Allows converting large-sized videos
  • Only basic tools are available

Verdict: There are two ways to convert a video to GIF using this software. With EzGIF, you can select a local video file on your PC or paste a video URL to make a GIF.

This GIF maker without watermark comes with basic editing tools but don’t expect too much from it. If you want to get an advanced program, consider other alternatives.

However, if you want to customize your GIF by editing, cropping it and adding effects to it, EzGIF is quite a good idea. It will easily perform all those tasks, but first, you have to export your GIF and re-upload it. It might seem not very convenient since many options on this list allow editing GIFs during the conversion process. EzGIF runs smoothly under Windows and macOS.

ezgif free gif maker no watermark

3. Appy Pie

Impressive set of custom elements
  • Regularly updated collection of visual elements
  • Awesome drag and drop UI
  • Allows collaborating on many projects
  • Excellent customization options
  • A limited number of projects in a free version

Verdict: If you need to create a stunning GIF for a presentation or eye-catching post for your social media page, Appy Pie Gif Maker is a perfect fit. Besides, the program can turn a GIF file into NFT. The absence of irritating watermarks that can ruin the design is a real bonus. Not only that, you can take advantage of a regularly updated collection of both static and animated stickers, stunning illustrations, and many other different assets.

Besides, by using Appy Pie Gif Maker, you can add visuals to customize your artwork. A free version of the program allows working only on four projects. To get rid of any restrictions, purchase a subscription that costs €6.

appy pie free gif maker no watermark interface

4. MakeaGIF

Large library of GIFs
  • Doesn’t require registration or download
  • Different options for editing animations
  • Allows posting clips on social networks and blogs
  • Limited functionality

Verdict: MakeaGIF is one of the best free GIF makers with no watermark. What is more, it allows you to convert videos, YouTube clips, Webcam recordings and pictures to GIFs. If you want to make a GIF no watermark online, this tool is exactly what you need.

What also pleasant is that to make original GIFs, you don’t have to install any software or register on the site. Just drag and drop a video and that is it.

To create a GIF using this tool, you have to set its length, choose a starting point and click on “Create GIF.” As for advanced features, you can adjust the playing speed of your GIF files. When you have edited your file, you can save a GIF without watermark to an album, add text, download it or get a link to share it online.

makeagif free maker no watermark

5. Convertio Online

Convert 37 video formats to a GIF picture
  • Converted files remain cached
  • All changes are applied in the cloud
  • Supports all devices
  • Advanced settings
  • You can’t set the start and end
  • PNGs with transparent backgrounds don’t work properly

Verdict: This multifunctional video converter features GIF-making tools and numerous conversion options.

It was designed as an online video maker. This is why it might be inconvenient to work with as you will need to select the format of the uploaded video.

You can create GIFs in a few clicks. To do it, you need to drag a video file into the window or upload it from your Google Drive or Dropbox account. Then, you need to click on ‘Convert’.

Mind that this tool is not for you if you care about specifics. Although it is very easy to use, you can’t set the start and end of your GIF or specify the frame rate.

convertio online free gif maker no watermark

6. GIFs

Turn YouTube and Facebook videos into GIFs
  • Allows sharing GIFs on social networks
  • Great customization features
  • User-friendly
  • Only paid premium version provides full functionality

Verdict: To use this free GIF maker no watermark, you need to upload videos or attach a URL to a video. It stands out among other similar tools since it has great customization features. GIFs helps you find the best moments for conversion and set the speed of each frame. Using the brush tool, you can select a single object out from the video and use it in your animated GIF.

Finally, you can add animated text, stickers, filters and hand-drawn pics as overlays. With GIFs, you can create a fully customized video in a few clicks.

gifs free maker no watermark

7. GIF Toaster

GIF maker for smartphones
  • User-friendly
  • Creates collages
  • GIF files with unlimited resolution
  • Annoying ads

Verdict: If you want to turn one of your phone videos into a funny GIF and still don’t know what app to choose, start with this one. GIF Toaster will help you create great GIFs in several taps. Moreover, you can crop your images as you like.

However, if you expect to get some advanced features, this tool will disappoint you. For such purposes, it’s better to use its PRO version. If you need to create a simple GIF without watermark, a free version is more than enough.

The app enables you to convert GIFs on your gadget into videos, still photos, videos or live photos. After creating your GIF, you will see the information about the frame rate, length, file size and the total number of frames under the ‘Info’ tab.

gif toaster free maker no watermark

8. GIF Maker

Supports 50 frames/second
  • Combines multiple images into one GIF
  • Records video from camera and converts to GIF
  • Records screen and converts to GIF
  • Numerous functions
  • iOS version is not available

Verdict: This app was designed for Android. It will convert any video into a GIF in a few seconds. Like other GIF converters, it allows adding labels, meme, filters or stickers. It features a collection of more than 60 cool filters.

Using this application, you can create and edit a clear, simple, fast GIF without watermark.

GIF Maker is also one of the best free image converters. It lets you create and edit images, videos, screen recordings and animated GIFs. Besides, it supports such formats as PNG, JPEG, JPG, MP4, MPEG, FLV and 3GP. The UI is well-thought-out and easy-to-use.

gif maker with no watermark