Attention Grabbing Real Estate Headlines: Tips & Examples

By Tata Rossi 13 days ago, Inspiration

To attract as many potential buyers of your home as possible, you cannot do without attention grabbing real estate headlines, which begin communication with clients. In short, your headline should be short, concise, include calls to action, numbers, and of course meet the needs of your target audience – this is the basis for creating a catchy headline that will interest buyers.

Trends in the modern real estate market are about two descriptive adjectives to emphasize the merits of a house, as well as an indication of price and location. Speaking of title length, the optimal one would be less than 10 words and less than 50 characters.

Examples of Real Estate Headlines to Get You Going

Study the catchy real estate headlines samples below, and fill in the blanks with your details about the property, number of rooms, cost, and location:

  • Homes for Sale in ___________ Under ___________
  • Luxury Homes You Don’t Want to Miss!
  • Lowest Priced One of a Kind Home n __________
  • Gorgeous Residence Selling Below Bank Valuation
  • Waterfront Homes for Sale in ____________
  • Lowest Prices for Sale in __________________
  • 2023 Renovated Floor Plan for Working at Home
  • Just Came On the Market…Don’t Miss Out!
  • Enjoy This Resort Lifestyle with Water Views
  • A home and plenty of land for your horses ... all for $!
catchy real estate headlines sample

  • Designer Renovated Home in Outstanding Location
  • Corner Family Home on a Sunny Block
  • Smart, Energy-Efficient Designer Home
  • Demolish, Re-Build or Rent – This Bargain Could Be Yours.
  • Iconic Waterfront Home in High Demand Community
  • Magnificent Art Deco Style Family Home On Quiet Street
  • A Feel Good Family Home Amongst Leafy Serenity
  • For $, you can have land, lakes, barns, and a home.

real estate headlines sample

  • A Resort Style Lifestyle with Water Views
  • Family Perfection in a Dress Circle Setting
  • Large Family Home in __________ Location
  • Beautiful Residence Selling Below Bank Valuation
  • Outstanding Location, Luxurious Renovation
  • Gorgeous Older Style Stacked with Lifestyle Advantages
  • Convenient Location On a Massive Flat Block
  • Huge Family Home in Quiet Position
  • Peaceful and Tranquil Setting
  • Cozy Home with A Great Shed
  • Beautiful Townhouse for sale in Irving! Great Location! Lot of Updates!

cute real estate headlines sample

  • Resort Living with So Much Style
  • Prestigious Family Home in __________ Location
  • Character Home with Potential to Renovate
  • Peaceful Living with Uninterrupted Urban Views
  • Contemporary Chic with Parkside Poise
  • Charming Country Home on 5 Acres
  • Private and Secluded Farmhouse on 25 Acres
  • Welcome To This Lovely 4 Level Backsplit Featuring 3+1 Bedrooms And 3 Bathrooms, An Attached Garage With A 4 Car Driveway.

original real estate headlines sample

  • Rustic Cabin in the Woods with Mountain Views
  • Gorgeous Traditional Home with a Fireplace
  • Gorgeous Penthouse with a Private Elevator
  • Beautiful Townhome with a Courtyard
  • Beautiful Townhome with a Garage

Tips of Attention Grabbing Real Estate Headlines

Insightful headings close several important tasks at once, revealing the history of the house, and arousing interest and desire to own this house. What’s more, catchy real estate headlines are half the battle on your way to being at the top of the search results, which increases the impressions and popularity of your listing.

1. Appeal to Emotion

Describing the features and benefits of a home certainly attracts buyers, but the emotion that drives the imagination is far more effective. Emotional titles make the client begin to imagine himself and his life in this house.

To have a clearer idea of what is at stake, refer to the Facebook Ads Library and see for yourself. Here are some real estate headline examples that appeal to emotion.

appeal to emotion in grabbing real estate headlines

For example, “Downsizing Seniors Say Goodbye to Beloved Family Home”, which tells the real story of a family, can impress and touch everyone, but it’s not suitable for every home.

Sometimes salespeople jump into emotional descriptions right after the headline.

For example, “Picture your family swimming on a warm summer day in the backyard of your new home.” However, remember that for a potential buyer to get to the descriptions, the headline still needs to be catchy and interesting.

2. Tell a Story with Your Headline

If you prefer story-carrying real estate headlines, keep them concise, nice, and in essence. The best option is not to load the audience with languid details but to state only the gist of the story.

Your goal is to evoke positive emotions in your reader by including short, catchy phrases, appealing adjectives, and calls to action in your headline.

For example, headlines like “The Smiths’ Old Home is Finally on the Market after Four Years” are better off in favor of “Rare Gem: Charming Historic Home with Huge Backyard.” The same applies to “3 Bedroom 2 Bath Condo in Downtown Portland”, instead of which “Welcoming Buckman 3bed 2bath Condo in the Heart of Downtown PDX” will look much better.

real estate flyers

Pro Tip: A good headline, it’s certainly halfway to selling the real estate, but the visuals will enhance it even more. Real estate flyers are very popular when it comes to property sales and it’s easy to make your own.

I recommend installing Canva, Adobe Express, and similar, which come with powerful pre-made cards, social media posts, presentations, newsletters, real estate flyer templates, etc.

3. Include Professional Photos and Videos

The combination of powerful real estate advertising headlines with unsurpassed quality visuals is a guarantee of attracting a large number of home buyers. If you want to upgrade your listings and beat competitors who shoot their properties with mobile phone cameras and compact cameras, then don’t skimp on pro-level real estate photography.

If you are not yet ready to invest in a pro-grade photographer or physical staging, then virtual staging is right up your alley. It costs less and enhances your listings just as well.

Real estate videos can also make your listing look better, more complete, and more thoughtful. If possible, film every room, front or back yard, garden, terrace, or anything else in the house. This is very handy for those buyers who cannot come to see the house with their own eyes. The more complete and detailed your videos, the better.

virtual staging services by fixthephoto virtual staging services by fixthephoto

Get Professional Virtual Staging

FixThePhoto has a dedicated virtual staging team with over 15 years of industry-specific experience. They produce lifelike designs, are attentive to detail, and know how to respond to the client’s vision.

4. Do Not Follow the Crowd

Standing out from other tedious listings is another condition for successful real estate marketing headlines. Explore local ads and try to make your title as different as possible - change the formatting and add zest to boost it to the top positions.

attention grabbing real estate headlines

Pro Tip: To gain experience in various real estate marketing techniques and in particular to improve your headlines, I recommend reading a few books for real estate agents – Your First Year in Real Estate by Dirk Zeller, Real Estate Success in 5 Minutes a Day by Karen Briscoe or The Sell: Selling Anything to Anyone by Fredrik Eklund etc.

5. Include Catchy Real Estate Phrases

catchy phrases in attention grabbing real estate headlines

When it comes to specific words and phrases that form successful real estate flyer headlines, you should know that catchy options like “luxurious” and “captivating” attract the audience. Flattering adjectives can also include such options as “charming”, “stunning”, “gorgeous”, “spacious”, “fabulous”, and similar. At the same time, it’s better to refuse general words like “nice”, since they almost do not catch potential buyers.

Pro Tip: The adjective “rare” has a special effect on potential buyers, making them think they’ve found something really special. You can also mention something about the essence of the concept and the surrounding area and see how it pays off by increasing interest in your listing.

6. Use Numbers

Prefer numbers over words where appropriate. Numbers are easier for a human brain to concentrate on and absorb information better, which means you should use them to make your real estate ad headlines even more catchy.

numbers in grabbing real estate headlines

For example, “Elegant 4-Bed, 2.5-Bath Home” is a short and eye-catching headline that has all the key information about the home and the adjective “elegant” to describe the overall vibe of the home.

Pro Tip: Putting the price right in the title will keep the potential buyer’s attention by giving them an idea of whether it’s within their budget without having to click on a link. For example, “Indulge in Sophistication: Exquisite 3-Bed, 2.5-Bath Residence on Expansive Acre Lot in Surprise, AZ – $1.125M”

7. Include a Call to Action

call to action in attention grabbing real estate headlines

A compelling call to action is another important component of your attention grabbing real estate headlines. This immediately gives your audience a short instruction on how to contact you to ask their questions.

You can use catchy calls like “Buy now!” or leading-to-dialogue “Call me”.

These short but clear phrases generate interest in the audience and encourage them to contact you to find out everything they need. Here are some examples of successful calls to action – Which Interior Do You Like Most, Stop Paying Someone Else's Mortgage, Put Getting an Appraisal on Your To-Do List, Want to Speak to An Agent, and so on.

8. Make Your Headlines Share-Able

According to Hubspot, we owe half of all sales revenue in the 14 most common industries to social media, namely the fact that users share listings. That is why using social media to power up your real estate business is one of the most important conditions.

shareable attention grabbing real estate headlines

Try to cover all available social networks by making real estate Facebook posts, Instagram reels, real estate Tiktok trends, Twitter posts, and so on.

For users to want to share your ads and content, it must be interesting, catchy, and relevant. Try to mention a unique or compelling fact, such as a recognizable landmark.

If you are just learning how to create catchy real estate headlines, then I recommend passing them through services such as Coschedule, Sharethrough, and Capitalize My Title to analyze them and improve if necessary.