Zik Analytics Ebay Seller Tools Review 2023

Zik Analytics

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Verdict: Zik Analytics is a tool for eBay and AliExpress sellers that can help improve your sales, find better suppliers, analyze your competitors, and find the best keywords for promoting your product pages on Google.

I like that Zik Analytics divided its functions into multiple services, thanks to which those who only need analytics related to their products and competitors, won’t have to overpay for premium functions that allow you to find suppliers, fast-growing products, filter databases, and much more.

  • Complete analysis of your competitors’ storefronts
  • Quick search of popular products in your region
  • Search for suppliers
  • Accurate keywords for boosting sales
  • Search for new trending products with minimum competition
  • Trial version costs $1
zik analytics interface

Other than basic profile analysis, Zeek Analytics helps you quickly find trending products and suppliers all around the world, create report databases, or simply sort your products to make managing them a lot more convenient. With the help of Turbo Scanner, you can filter and sort products on sales level, competition level, overall sales volume, or compile success lists.

Zik Analytics: Main Features

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Zik Analytics includes an array of useful tools that will help you find quality products and suppliers and allow you to perform accurate market or competition analysis that can directly affect your eBay promotion and increase your sales. The tools are fully automated so even a complete beginner can easily handle all their built-in capabilities. The utility also offers a useful integrated tutorial.

Search for Popular Products in Your Region in One Click

search for popular products in your region in one click

Just like in Seller Snap, Zik’s built-in product search function is based on detailed analysis, as the tool checks your region and relevant Google searches, after which it analyzes the sales potential of the products and filters products based on their prices and reviews to improve your positioning.

For instance, if you’re currently residing in Washington, the utility will perform the required analysis and detect that both locals and tourists have a certain tendency to purchase antique products, particularly those that can be used as house decorations. Next, you’ll be offered to view some of the most relevant options like figurines or furniture with a unique style, etc.

Additionally, you can use Pro tools to gain access to a list of the top 500 best-selling eBay products in the last 48 hours, which can be extremely helpful if you have a season-based business model.

Complete Competition Analytics

complete competition analytics

One of the best built-in capabilities that give you an edge when starting your business in any given niche is the offered comprehensive competition analysis. You can check which products by your competitors are selling the most in your region, determine their target audiences, learn about their suppliers, and calculate the exact profits they’ve made from this or that product.

By pairing this tool with the first feature, you can sort out the products that sell poorly in your region and optimize procurement. Combine that knowledge with SEO for photographers business, and you’ll be in full control over your marketing strategy.

Best Keyword Phrases for Boosting Sales

zik analytics best titles and product keys

In the age of marketing strategies, product promotion should be one of the cornerstones of your business. Besides, while having your own website gives you a lot of marketing freedom, an eBay seller only has to properly choose the keywords for their products.

This is another area that Zik Analytics achieved success in, as it developed a keyword detection feature that you can use for creating product descriptions. All you have to do is type in a keyword, for instance, "lawnmower", after which the utility will handpick the most promising phrases that are commonly used for Google search inquiries, which will sequentially lead to an improvement of your eBay page’s search ranking.

You'll find 2 columns next to each search phrase. The first column shows the number of monthly inquiries while the second one lets you know how many times someone clicked on a link that included each phrase. Such a layout allows you to perform your own analysis and select the keywords that you think will bring the best results for your specific products.

Easy Search and Cooperation with Product Suppliers

zik analytics quick search for suppliers

One of the key features that sets Zik Analytics apart from similar services is the built-in supplier search for all types of products. The database search results will show you the location of the product, whether the supplier supports automation, and whether you need the supplier’s subscription to quickly and easily search for suitable products.

The wholesale supplier database is integrated with some of the largest private suppliers, which is why you can easily reach agreements with wholesalers.

Semiautomated Search of New Products without Competition

Thanks to the analytics software developed by Zik, you can conveniently find low-competition products. Currently, the AI uses a database that contains over 5,000,000 unique products from Amazon and Walmart, which makes the task of finding products and integrating them into eBay a breeze. There’s also a database that is aimed at the AliExpress market, which contains over 53 million products and allows you to find products that are becoming popular before your competition starts selling them.

Useful Free Blog for Beginner Sellers

If you’re just starting to work with eBay, you’ll find the provided built-in blog to be incredibly useful, as it includes loads of tutorials on how to grow your store, provides suggestions on which plugins you should use to simplify search, analysis, sorting, and compilation of excel databases, and offers photography marketing tips that will help you boost your sales and establish a base of regular customers.

Zik Analytics Prices

If you want to analyze eBay and AliExpress, then the Zik Analytics price for you will amount to $29.99, since that is the current cost of the basic plan. If you want to find suppliers, determine quickly-growing products, or instantly filter databases, then you’ll have to pay for the PRO functions, the price for which currently stands at $59.99 a month.

The developers also provide an interesting offer that allows you to access the features of all plans including eBay Market Research, Ali Express Market Research, ZIK Pro Tools, Wholesale Supplier Database, and ZIK Funnel for just one dollar, which is something you won’t find in any Zik Analytics alternatives.

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