Freelance Web Design Developer Review 2022: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 23 days ago, Apps and Software

Freelance Web Design Developer

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Verdict: Freelance Web Design Developer founded by Tiago Lavis-Fernandes provides web design, eCommerce, digital marketing and search optimization services. Tiago creates multi-functional websites with a unique design using the WordPress platform. Besides, he provides digital marketing services for companies of all sizes.

What I like the most is that Tiago has a lot of experience when it comes to search optimization. He creates custom designs for leading companies. In this review, I will tell you how he can help a business improve its search engine ranking on Google and use effective eCommerce solutions for selling products online.

  • Creates custom, responsive designs
  • Effective methods of eCommerce
  • Business promotion on Google
  • High-quality search optimization services
  • Creates a multi-functional online service for any business
  • No information about the prices for the design of eCommerce websites
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Freelance Web Design Developer uses effective strategies for promoting clients’ businesses. By ordering his services, you will get high-quality website hosting, technical maintenance, optimization, protection, updates, and automatic backup. The monitoring and protection services allow you to protect your content from being affected by hackers, spammers and malware.

Freelance Web Design Developer – Main Features

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The Freelance Web Design Developer provides a range of services, including backup and 24/7 data recovery. Besides, users can order updates and optimization services, including WordPress, theme and plugin updates. It will help you make the page load time shorter after every update.

Affordable Web Design for Any Business

freelance web design developer affordable web designer

By ordering the services provided by Freelance Web Design Developer, you can get an attractive, responsive design for your site, 1 year of free ultra-fast hosting, a free email address, and a free SSL certificate. Tiago uses the best web design software and powerful digital marketing tools, including Google Analytics, WooCommerce, DIVI, SE Ranking, which will help you promote your business online.

To get a high-quality web design, you need to write a detailed description of your project. Tiago will contact you within 24 hours to discuss the details. After paying your deposit, you will get the first version of your website. Then, you will be able to suggest some edits.

When you approve the final version, the website will become available online. It will help you increase your sales. To learn more about the works created by the Freelance Web Design Developer, make sure to take a look at his portfolio where you will find detailed descriptions of his eCommerce websites and their layouts.

Custom Web Design of an eCommerce Store

freelance web design developer ecommerce website

Freelance Web Design Developer can create a web design for your eCommerce website that will help you develop your business and increase your profits. Tiago can build a perfect website with in-built eCommerce features while taking into account all your requirements.

Thanks to the newest design strategies and the best open source e-commerce platforms, including WordPress and WooCommerce, you will get an eCommerce store that meets all your needs. The web developer will create the UX design for your store that will make it easier to navigate.

Thanks to the convenient CMS, you can manage your store easily. It will be no less difficult than to adjust the settings of your Facebook account. These services are pretty affordable, which allows you to save money. Besides, you will get free and secure hosting. When creating a web design for your eCommerce store, Freelance Web Design Developer uses advanced content management systems that will make you stand out among your competitors and help you quickly launch marketing campaigns.

Since Tiago works with WordPress and WooCommerce, it allows him to create a unique WordPress photography theme. Besides, you will be able to select where to host your eCommerce site. With the help of custom optimization strategies, a detailed plan and the most effective keywords, the Freelance Web Design Developer will help improve the ranking of your website and get more clients. Every eCommerce website created by this web developer fully meets all the data security requirements. He creates websites by following GDPR and other international data protection laws.

Effective Search Optimization Services for Business Promotion

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Freelance Web Design Developer provides search engine optimization services that will help you develop your business. Since he uses only the best SEO software and the most advanced methods of search optimization, it will help you improve your search engine ranking in the long term.

You can easily improve your search engine ranking and traffic by ordering the Freelance Web Design Developer services. The web developer will start by searching for keywords and analyzing the ranking of your website according to each of them. Then, he will analyze the performance of your 5 top competitors to find out what makes your site stand out. After this, every month, the best content writer will create an informative article for your blog. It will help you capture the attention of your target audience.

Thanks to the integration of your site with Google Analytics, you will be able to see who visits it and what articles your visitors read. The integration with Google Search Console enables you to see what keywords your clients use to find your website and check your ranking position for each keyword.

In the end of every month, you will get a detailed search engine optimization report with old and new keywords. It will allow you to see whether the traffic increased and analyze the positions of your competitors. In the end, Tiago will create links to trusted sites and find relevant sites that are similar to yours.


If you want to order web design services, you can select one of three plans. The Megabyte Plan for £15/m includes monitoring, protection, backup and file restoration services. The Gigabyte Plan for £30/m includes all the features available in the Megabyte plan and allows you to use updates and optimization services. The Yottabyte Plan for £50/m includes all the features of the Megabyte & Gigabyte Plans and enables you to get monthly reports.

Freelance Web Design Developer provides three packages of Search Engine Optimization services. The Strong package costs £100/m and includes the analysis of 3 competitors, 1 500-word article, the analysis of the site’s traffic and a set of other services, including a full Search Engine Optimization audit and reports.

The Stronger package that costs £200/m includes all the features available in the Strong package and allows you to get the analysis of 4 competitors and one 100-word article. The Strongest package that costs £300/m includes all the features available in the two previous plans as well as social media management services, the analysis of 5 competitors, 2 100-word articles and backlink profile improvement services.

Unfortunately, you won’t find the information about eCommerce services on the website, but you can get a price quote after filling out an online form.

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