andсards Platform For Coworking Spaces Review 2022

By Kate Gross 9 days ago, Apps and Software

andсards Platform

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  • Platforms: online
  • Pricing: $179/month

Verdict: andcards was designed to help co-working operators create an ideal work environment for their clients, with the possibility to automate most of the processes, including booking conference rooms and tables, paying loans, finding and applying for benefits, services and events.

Unlike alternative options, andcards coworking space management system was built from members’ perspective and provides intuitive control and high engagement.

  • All-in-one solution for flex workspaces
  • Easy to use both for managers and members
  • Automated billing system
  • Credit system
  • External sales opportunity
  • Branded members’ apps
  • High-level member engagement
  • App integration
  • Individual price for enterprises
andсards platform interface

andcards provides a built-in ticketing system and integrates with Zendesk and Intercom to streamline issue reporting, support, and member communication. The service connects to other tools such as access control, business intelligence, CRM, payments, accounting, and booking apps.

andсards Platform: Main Features

andсards platform logo

andcards will be a great tool for managing coworking spaces with flexible workspaces and with a convenient payment system.

Automated Conference Room Booking and Easy Payment

andсards platform automated conference room

With a convenient booking desk, all members and individuals can instantly search for available conference rooms and hot tables on your profile and book seats. The andcards conference room booking system, in turn, provides you and your tenants with a convenient, fast and secure payment process, including credits, bank cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and others.

You can also set up different membership plans and automatically or manually send loans to companies and individuals. They can use their credits to book rooms and tables, purchase services and add-ons, and participate in activities at your co-working space. What's more, you can combine booking fees, activities, and services into a single bill and automatically debit members' accounts.

Full Control over the Participants and the Hall

andсards platform room control and customization

You, in turn, as an owner of a coworking space, can automatically synchronize the availability of rooms and tables, as well as schedule and release rooms in case of no-show or no confirmation for booking. You can control lots of settings on your conference room, set up a profile, capacity (the maximum number of people that can enter), grant and restrict access to specific individuals, and even set up visibility rules and cancellation policies for your conference rooms and offices.

To make the process even more convenient, it is possible to synchronize the halls with your working calendar and even enable push notifications for yourself and all participants. Unlike similar software, andcards platform for coworking allows opening access to a public meeting room for booking to everyone who is logged into the app, even those who are not members.

Integration with Third-Party Apps and Cloud Services

andсards platform integration apps

Despite the already simplified workflow, andcards provides the possibility to integrate third-party services such as Intercom, Zendesk, Google Analytics for tracking, Google Calendar for bookings, Stripe for payments, Intercom for communication, ezeep for printing, Zapier, etc. Using them, you, as an owner, can access consolidated member information from Intercom and Zendesk. In addition, they can send automated and targeted messages for marketing, onboarding, selling and updating services, and customer retention across multiple channels.

Moreover, andcards supports integration with cloud services and access control applications, including Kisi, SALTO KS, etc. Members and tenants can unlock workplace or office doors using mobile phones without the need to use physical keys.

Responsive Mobile App

One of the key features of andcards platform for coworking spaces is its adaptive mobile application with a full set of tools. Now you, as a client or an owner of a conference room, don’t have to use a PC; you can view the conference on the go, without wasting your personal time on training or familiarizing yourself with the material.

Professional 24/7 Support Service

24/7 technical support can help you adapt and solve any problems without paying a single cent, as each package includes an unlimited number of hours of support. In addition, you can communicate with a personal account manager who helps with the training and integration of any applications and services that make your work easier.

andсards Platform Prices

andcards is a great choice for small businesses or growing co-working spaces that need a turnkey showcase solution at a low price ($161/month if you choose an annual subscription). The package includes 100 active users, booking and billing systems, full member, event and visitor management, unlimited chats and rooms, and complete technical support.

You can also integrate third-party APIs applications into andcards and synchronize applications for analytics. If you or your clients use a mobile device for work, you can pay an extra $99 for a branded, adaptive application with simplified management.

If you have a large company or expect to connect more than 100 active users, you can sign up for an individual plan, which includes the possibility to connect up to 1000 people. Besides, this plan includes automatic access to the mobile application, unlimited opportunities and tools.

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