Xtreme Freelance Development Company Review 2024: Pros & Cons

Xtreme Freelance

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Verdict: Xtreme Freelance is a reputable web development company that helps with branding, design, marketing, and content creation. In my opinion, the main advantage of the service is its attentive approach to every order, which involves analyzing of client’s needs and requirements.

For instance, if you are a photographer, they will meticulously study your specialization and will come up with a unique pack of services to make you more popular. What really appeals to most clients is the company’s manner of developing an idea and bring it to life based on a set budget.

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  • Deep analysis of client’s needs
  • Work in accordance with your budget
  • Reliable hosting
  • Top-notch web design service
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Xtreme Freelance can develop a strategy from the ground up or help you improve your relevant project in order to make you surpass your rivals in a quick way. They work within a defined budget and employ various channels to extend your reach. The team favors a strategic approach, allowing you to keep as close to your audience as possible.

Xtreme Freelance Review: Main Features

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The company appeared in 2008 and since then has created lots of custom blogs and websites, as well as helped numerous businesses to get to a higher position by dint of well-thought-out strategies. Either you need a minimalistic logo, professional websites, print or social media resources, these guys know how to turn bold concepts into working plans.

Design and Branding Service to Make a Striking Impression

xtreme freelance branding

This web design company believes that you need an extraordinary website and logo to make clients notice you. They rely on various design tools and techniques to make any brand meaningful, memorable, and iconic. Xtreme Freelance shifts focus from products and services to people that make up a brand, thus humanizing your business, which doesn’t go unnoticed.

Xtreme Freelance web development company creates branding elements that have a particular trait in common. This is extremely important for photographers and other creatives who want to show their style and artistic values to clients via a personal website.

This agency leaves many competitors far behind, offering clients the possibility to use all dimensions of visual communication, including graphic design, videography, product design, architectural design, and more. So, you don’t need to jump from one service to another, but can get a full package in one place.

One of the key elements of any branding campaign is a catchy logo that completely conveys the philosophy of your brand. These guys are well aware of how to make a photography logo that can intrigue clients. If you address this company with a specific concept in mind, they will attentively listen to your requirements and offers several methods of how to transform your idea into a step-by-step strategy.

Purposeful Appealing Content Writing Service

A skillfully written story is bound to catch the attention of the target audience and even influence its demeanor. Knowledgeable Xtreme Freelance content writers can fill your website with information that simultaneously translates your business goals and meets customers’ demands.

Such a combo makes your brand more interesting to people, encouraging them to examine services/products and eventually buy them. After experts get a better idea of your customers’ buying habits, they will work out a winning method to satisfy their expectations.

All articles they write for your business solidify your online presence, build credibility, and generate valuable backlinks to your site. Content creators do their best to prepare engaging, relevant, and logical content that is in line with your company’s specialization. Every article contains accurate keywords, Intralinks, CTA elements, and other obligatory components.

In addition to cogent content, the team, namely its design group, can create ravishing graphics, banners and images to complement written pieces.

WordPress Development that Strengthens Your Business

xtreme freelance services

The company has a huge, dedicated development team that concentrates on WordPress website development. These experts use cutting-edge technologies and instruments to build a website that will stand the test of time. In fact, their developers belong to the global WordPress frontier segment.

Their WordPress developers have been engaged in the sphere for many years and ably combine well-tried practices with currently popular trends. Thus, they can cope with all sorts of tasks and always provide clients with top-tier WordPress development solutions. In this case, WordPress isn’t a simple CMS, but a digital powerhouse for the digital era.

Ordering these services from Xtreme Freelance web development company, you can derive benefit from the unlimited flexibility of WordPress that is revealed within the website development framework and as a CMS. Moreover, these professionals can level up your brand’s recognizability with the help of WordPress photography themes. In the end, you get an aesthetic-savvy website with rich functionality and lag-free operation.

Being involved in the sphere for a long period, Xtreme Freelance WordPress developers perfectly understand what it takes to create custom plug-ins from scratch, following client’s requirements. The best part is that they take care of the entire procedure (from inception to deployment, maintenance, and improvement), providing you with a ready-to-use product.

Marketing Services that Increase Your Rankings

Xtreme Freelance is a quickly evolving, full-service digital marketing agency that doesn’t use dishonest tricks to attract new clients. Instead, they completely rely on their profound knowledge and marketing skills, developing solutions that meet current demands.

Unlike their static competitors, these guys don’t concentrate on one industry only, but assist businesses from various segments. They have tools and resources to create a custom site, prepare marketing strategies, and more, in order to improve agency of any size.

Though there are many other services you can address for web development and site optimization, most of them can’t live up to their promises. Xtreme Freelance is a result-driven company that treats human business relationships very seriously, so every word is transformed into action. Another important peculiarity is their readiness to manage a project even if a budget is limited.

High-Preforming Hosting Service

xtreme freelance hosting

If you are interested in hosting, the company can also satisfy your needs. You can order website hosting for photographers if this is your occupation, or get other types of hosting services. Businesses already owning decent hosting, can ask for adjustments.

Keep in mind that Xtreme Freelance may not accept your order if you want them to deal with sub-par hosting configurations, miss-configured, limited resources and unresponsive support.

The company’s servers run on the latest configurations and experts leverage SSDs and lots of RAM for stable and agile performance. Besides, they pay special attention to security options and have a plan B for emergencies.

Promotion Services to Reach Your Audience

When the content is ready, the developers use different methods to make it easy to find and comprehend for your target audience. Adhering to the ROI-focused approach, they bring their ideas to life through organic search growth and inbound marketing.

No matter how much time and effort you devote to marketing strategy; it won’t bring the desired results without proper content. It isn’t a rare case when an agency invests in cool blogs filled with infographics, but fails to expand the clientele because of the neglected content part.

Xtreme Freelance prepares content promotion strategies that allow reaches several goals at once. First of all, content promotion results in search engine optimization. Besides, such a technique boosts brand recognition and visibility. Anyway, you will receive a highly efficient website that occupies a high position on search engines.

Company Blog to Know More Useful Tips

xtreme freelance blog

In addition to a large list of services, Xtreme Freelance also appeals to clients with an informative digital marketing blog. It contains relevant info about social media marketing, organic search services, and useful plug-ins.

In addition, the developers release a series of design freebies every week and share them on the blog. So, this is a wonderful place to look for free templates, graphics, fonts and other useful elements for your website.

Xtreme Freelance Price

Unfortunately, you can’t immediately learn the cost of your order, as there is no price list on the company’s website. This happens because the price depends on the package of services, specific requirements, and the complexity of work. To find out how much you need to pay for an order, get in touch with a representative and he/she will calculate the fee after consultation.

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