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Verdict: NEKLO provides application development services for various businesses. They offer effective web solutions and next-gen Magento products that drive business growth. Professionals work together on a project to bring your business ideas to life.

In addition to the variety of services provided, I was impressed by the advanced technological solutions that help any business become successful. If you are a photographer trying to advertise your services as efficiently as possible, don’t hesitate to address the company.

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NEKLO offers efficient custom software products designed to make the navigation and management of your business processes easier. The team studies all the features of your company and creates unique apps to meet your needs. Experts can develop an individual solution and build an optimal strategy to make your business prosperous. Such an approach always brings incredible results.

NEKLO's team consists of professional software developers, project managers, business analysts, and QA specialists. Experts from several spheres work together to cope with different aspects of your business project as efficiently as possible.

NEKLO Company: Main Features

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The popularity of the NEKLO web application development company is growing every day. This American service offers full-cycle software engineering to clients around the world. Their range of services includes mobile app development, Magento development and Magento extensions, custom application development, high-load e-commerce solutions, and website testing and support.

Web Application Development for Any Purposes

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Specialists rely on coding techniques, to develop visible and interactive elements for your site and improve your existing application. The team will make it modern and easier to navigate thanks to a customizable interface.

NEKLO adheres to consistent business logic, creates web architecture based on microservices, and develops tailored features for a server and a database. As a result, your website will contain more than just links and images, but it will be an excellent platform for business development. This service will be especially useful for photographers who want to add more interactive features to their websites.

This modern web development company creates unique PWA solutions that are equivalent in functionality and appearance to native mobile applications. Experts will work out all e-commerce aspects that will help you attract more clients.

When creating an interface design, the team takes into account the specifics of your brand. They provide a convenient and easy-to-use UI that looks great on any device. The developers add only the necessary elements without cluttering the interface with bells and whistles. As a result, you get state-of-the-art product showcases.

Custom Bespoke Software Development Service

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Thanks to tailored applications and software, you can manage and control all active processes of your business.

The applications you get, can integrate seamlessly with the units that you already have. Plus, the software works great with services or advanced technologies such as 360 ‑ degree AR/VR.

Another advantage I can’t but mention in my NEKLO review is that they guarantee all your data will be fully protected. The company's specialists pay special attention to this aspect and use advanced security systems.

Working with NEKLO, you can expect great results in a day, a week, and even a year. You don't have to spend more than you plan. Moreover, due to the simplicity of their products, you don’t need to train staff or hire additional specialists to implement the created project.

Mobile App Development to Build Your Competitive Edge

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This app development company crafts powerful iOS solutions for business promotion. Experts can create an excellent app with a pixel-perfect interface, clear logic, and simple controls.

NEKLO offers both native solutions and applications for various mobile platforms. The guys develop products, using Kotlin and Java scripts. To attract more clients, you can order the development of applications for Android devices.

If necessary, you can ask them to re-optimize an existing application for another platform. The company's specialists use tech assets and updated frameworks for these purposes.

End-to-End Magento Development Service

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NEKLO web application development company works hard to create eye-pleasing and easy-to-navigate websites. You can also get Magento development services, consulting, customization, support, and maintenance.

Ordering a Magento extension development service package, you can increase your e-store’s conversion rates and make your business grow. This eCommerce development company has vast experience in creating successful Magento websites with exceptional functionality and Magento extensions.

Specialists create websites based on PWA technology, so that clients can reach more potential buyers. Magento PWA solution works and looks like a native mobile application. It is compatible with any browser and is suitable for all platforms.

NEKLO offers more than Magento customization. The team can improve your existing site and add new features for enhanced functionality. The team works with businesses of different sizes and specializations. They can develop an effective e-commerce solution, launch a loyalty program, personalize customer experience, and more.

Magento Web Design Services to Make a Striking Impression

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The team takes into account your website visitors’ behavior and prototype to build common consumer patterns and flows. They come up with an eye-catching design for your website paired with powerful Magento functionality. Thus, you get more visitors that become clients.

NEKLO web application development company can help you make your online store look modern, adhering to the latest Magento 2 design standards. They will refresh the design, add the necessary features, and take care of security and smooth operation.

The NEKLO team offers cross-platform solutions, so people can get in touch with your company regardless of their devices. Recent studies show that more than 50% of users visit online stores from their mobile phones. This means that flexible eCommerce platform design can totally change your online presence.

NECLO solutions are easy to use and navigate. The team creates a website that contains all the information that a client wants to see, including payment options, shipping conditions, delivery date, etc.

DevOps Service that Helps Your Business

Order DevOps services if you need to improve your software, make it faster, and more efficient. The team uses automated CI/CD pipelines, integration technologies, and cloud environments to fix any imperfections.

Thanks to a DevOps pipeline, your software can be updated without your intervention or large expenses. Deploying your code directly into the live environment allows you to maintain the functionality of your software in the best possible way.

NEKLO web application development company provides continuous improvement with a powerful DevOps SaaS system. This means that your business platform will always be in line with the latest trends and technologies.

Your system will run without any fails thanks to regular code testing, so you can enjoy a stable eCommerce presence.

The company uses the CI/CD methodology to build its DevOps solutions. This approach allows them to track any errors through automated tests and instantly fix them.

Insightful Technology Advisory Services

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The company's managers carefully learn the specifics of your business, its current state, and goals to offer you effective technology consulting services.

The business analysis allows you to identify and correct the inconsistency of your business by dint of modern technologies. Specialists will find optimal solutions to improve financial and functional status. They will offer effective tools to keep your business ahead.

The UI/UX design services team develops the best concept for you and works on customer flow mapping. They test every element of a product to make sure they are successful. NEKLO specialists use only the best UI design software to create an intuitive interface that looks great on any device.

The company also tests your applications and websites regardless of the development cycle stage. You can also order a quality check as an independent QA project or as a part of your current development package.

Building a chatbot for your application or website is also possible. Thus, you can stay in touch with your clients 24/7 and make individual support faster and more convenient.

NEKLO Prices

NEKLO provides a wide range of services from application development to website design. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t have a fixed price list on its website. In general, the cost depends on your needs and the complexity of the work. To find out the price, you should get in touch with managers through the contact form.

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