9 Best Free CAPTCHA Sources in 2024

Since AI-driven apps become more popular, developers are looking for the best free CAPTCHA sources that allow users to check whether a user is a human. It allows minimizing spam and malicious activity.

Many people also want to find a CAPTCHA solver that allows them to fully automate various tasks, such as parsing data from a website. Nowadays, plenty of integrated solutions for Application Programming Interfaces (API) and services can detect and bypass CAPTCHA.

Top 9 Free CAPTCHA Sources

  1. Captchas.net - The best free CAPTCHA source
  2. Friendly Captcha - The user-friendly CAPTCHA alternative
  3. Securimage - PHP script for generating complex images and codes
  4. hCaptcha - Privacy protection, machine-learning features and rewards for websites
  5. JCAPTCHA - Java framework for CAPTCHA detection and integration
  6. Buster - An extension for main browsers
  7. Death by Captcha - High-precision CAPTCHA solver and bypass service
  8. SVG-captcha - MIT license
  9. Anti-Captcha - The cheapest CAPTCHA solver service

CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing Test. It can be of different shapes and sizes. In most cases, it looks like a set of random letters and numbers as well as segments of images that you can see when filling various online forms. On this list, you will find free scripts and CAPTCHA bypass services that you can use online or add to your website using PHP and JavaScript.

1. Captchas.net – Our Choice

Java, PHP, Python
  • Free CAPTCHA-service for any purpose
  • Backup server
  • For popular programming languages
  • Available in 3 languages
  • Phonetic spelling
  • Only dynamic pages

Verdict: This service allows you to use CAPTCHAs with text and audio that are compatible with HTML formats. A user will see a randomly generated CAPTCHA text. Then, they can enter this text into the special field. It will make your website accessible to humans and protect it from bots. Even if someone uses the best artificial intelligence software, it will be difficult for them to decode the text automatically.

captchas.net free captcha source

2. Friendly Captcha

  • Open-source code
  • Based on blockchain mechanisms
  • API is compatible with other CAPTCHA services
  • WordPress integration
  • Doesn’t store logs and cookie files
  • Up to 1000 requests per month for free

Verdict: If you want to protect your site from spam, take a closer look at Friendly Captcha. It’s easy to use and guarantees user privacy. This service is based on innovative technology that allows you to securely protect your websites and online services from spam and bots.

Friendly Captcha doesn’t track user activity or store their data. With it, you no longer need to solve many tasks manually. It will generate a unique cryptography puzzle for each visitor. As soon as people start filling out a form, a cryptogram will get solved automatically.

friendly free captcha source

3. Securimage

  • Fully customizable
  • Allows using a word list
  • Math CAPTCHA
  • Open source code
  • Several security features
  • The last time it was updated in 2018

Verdict: This PHP script with an open-source code can be used for generating complex CAPTCHA images and codes for protecting your online forms from spam and malicious users. With Securimage, you can protect the existing forms on your website from spambots.

It’s compatible with virtually any web server if you have PHP with an integrated GD library installed. This open source CAPTCHA solver can cope with every task, from generating images to verifying a user’s response. Thanks to a special technology, it can generate audio codes and play them in a browser with the help of screen readers for visually impaired users.

securimage free captcha source

4. hCaptcha

Java, PHP, Python
  • Privacy Pass for better data protection
  • Open decentralized protocol
  • High-quality data labeling
  • Simple API
  • Tokens for human reviews
  • API per request for registered users
hcaptcha logo

Verdict: hCaptcha was developed for solving the most difficult machine-learning task, namely, quick labeling of large datasets. It protects the confidentiality of user data, rewards sites and helps companies label their data, which makes it a perfect alternative to reCAPTCHA. hCaptcha uses the HUMAN Protocol that is based on the Ethereum blockchain.

hcaptcha free captcha source


  • Simple integration with web applications
  • Customizable sound, text, images
  • Open source code
  • Displayed CAPTCHA can be reloaded
  • Hasn’t been updated for a long time
jcaptcha logo

Verdict: This fully automated Java solution will prevent bots from accessing your site. While the JCaptcha project is no longer supported, it has a functioning library that allows you to create high-quality CAPTCHA in 3 formats. It has powerful functionality as well. JCaptcha API enables you to create your own CaptchaEngine and select the way your CAPTCHA will be generated and displayed.

jcaptcha free captcha source

6. Buster

  • Easy to install
  • Regularly updated
  • Supports images
  • You can request some features on GitHub
  • There is no guarantee that your tasks will be solved
buster logo

Verdict: This browser extension helps users solve the complex CAPTCHA and supports speech recognition for solving audio reCAPTCHA tasks. You can solve various issues by pressing the Buster button below the reCAPTCHA widget. This project was developed to make it easier to solve CAPTCHA and allow people to use solutions implemented in many automated systems.

buster free captcha source

7. Death By Captcha

Java, PHP, Python
  • Simple API for most programming languages
  • Hybrid recognition system
  • Supports API DeCaptcher and Antigate (Anti-Captcha)
  • 3 languages
  • 100% accuracy
  • Free only for researchers
death by captcha logo
Death By Captcha

Verdict: Death by Captcha is a reliable service that will help you bypass any CAPTCHA. Users pass their CAPTCHAs via the API where they are solved either manually or automatically with the help of the best OCR software for Mac or Windows systems. Then, the solved CAPTCHA is sent back, after which you can use it. The API of this open source CAPTCHA solver has an average reply time of 9 seconds and 90% accuracy.

death free captcha source

8. SVG-captcha

  • Open source code
  • The output image is smaller than a JPEG file
  • Wide customization opportunities
  • Doesn’t require C ++ addons
  • Requires some skills
svg-captcha logo

Verdict: If you have any issues with installing C ++ addons or if you don’t want to use Google reCAPTCHA, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has developed its own licensed SVG-captcha. It has extensive functionality. For instance, a portal in India that was developed for people who want to register for vaccination used the SVG-captcha library with the open-source code to prevent bots from accessing the site.

svg free captcha source

9. Anti-Captcha

PHP, Python, Java
  • For main programming languages
  • 99,99% accuracy
  • Available as a browser plugin
  • Solves JavaScript CAPTCHA with an API key
  • You need to pay at least $1 to use it
anti-captcha logo

Verdict: The Anti-Captcha service allows you to solve captchas with the help of human workers. Its API enables users to integrate authentication solutions with apps via HTTP POST and API Key. You can load CAPTCHA and get ID, request and receive CAPTCHA responses. By using this service, you help thousands of workers to earn money for their families.

anti-captcha free captcha source