Weird Images on Google Maps Which You Cannot Explain

By Tata Rossi 13 days ago, Photography Tips

If you have fun watching funny pics on the Internet from time to time, this post is a must-read for you. There are many weird images on Google Maps and we are going to take a look at the most puzzling ones.

Top 30 Weird Google Images on Google Maps

Read on to see odd photographs depicting a weird skier and racer, family showdowns, people with animal heads, secret scientology base, spooky pics of Baltimore, etc. These crazy things caught on Google Maps can’t be compared even with the most creative photo ideas.

1. Pigeon People in Japan

weird images on google maps pigeon people

Although people with pigeon heads look really strange, everyone can wear whatever they want if it is not forbidden by the law. Thus, a “pigeon man” has the right to exist and the residents of one Japanese town proved it.

2. Desperate Skier

weird images on google maps desperate skier

They say there is nothing more changeable than the weather. Sometimes you plan to go skiing, but there is no snow. What should you do if you have no time to wait for it?

No need to waste your time. You can go down from the green slopes of Mont Blanc, near the border of France and Italy. The shot looks like a Photoshop fail that you can find on the Web.

3. Royal Wedding Procession

weird images on google maps wedding procession

You are mistaken if you think that the royal family is out of reach for an ordinary citizen. Look at this shot! You can meet a royal carriage in the street. Agree that it looks like one of the Victorian era photos.

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4. Chasing the Car

weird images on google maps chasing the car

Look at this photo! It’s probably one of those weird Google Earth pictures that will always bring a smile to your face. The dog might be chasing a paparazzi who photographed it or just following its owner.

5. San Diego Sea Monster

weird images on google maps sea monster

Although this man is scary, nobody pays attention to him. Perhaps, the monster is a regular visitor of this street in San Diego and nobody is afraid of him. Maybe, people will start worrying if he doesn’t appear one day.

6. Goatlings on the Way

weird images on google maps goatlings

Residents of metropolises are sick and tired of traffic jams but what do you say about this one? How long shall this man wait till he can move faster? However, it might be just a shepherd on a special vehicle.

7. In Crowded but Not Mad

weird images on google maps in crowded

There are plenty of crazy things caught on Google Maps. This man found a perfect place to live in for autumn. It’s cold outside. Yet, he might be an artist or philosopher, like Diogenes, who just needs some time to think about eternity.

8. Very Careful Racer

weird images on google maps careful racer

When it comes to driving a vehicle, safety is the first priority. This man clearly understands it. The racer was captured near Rialto and Southwest Parkway. Let’s wish him a safe journey.

9. Living in the Moment

weird images on google maps living in the moment

Just a romantic date in Victoria, British Columbia. Unfortunately, the girl didn’t come. So, the boy in a horse mask enjoys a banana alone. As I have already said, freedom of expression is important.

10. Flip Flop Car

weird images on google maps flip flop car

Technologies are forging ahead and it’s difficult to keep up with them. Take a look at the car that was captured by Google Maps in California!

11. Invasion of the Seagulls

weird images on google maps seagulls invasion

These birds are definitely up to something! The seagulls organized a criminal group to make white rain on parked cars.

12. Family Showdown?

weird images on google maps family showdown

This scene looks like it is from a Shakespeare’s play! Let’s hope it’s just a weird expression of feelings, not something serious.

13. Scuba Guys Are Coming

weird images on google maps scuba guys

The Google Street View car captured these two guys walking along the street in scuba diving suits. Let’s be charitable since it might be a new Dolce & Gabbana collection. Who knows?

14. No Paparazzi

weird images on google maps no paparazzi

These frightening guys are not happy to be captured by Google Maps. Anyway, now they are on the list of weird Google Earth pictures.

15. Shakespeare in the Streets

weird images on google maps shakespeare in the streets

We can only guess what is going on in the picture. Perhaps, it’s a rehearsal of a play or flash mob. I can’t actually find any other reasonable explanation. And you?

16. Crazy Workers

weird images on google maps crazy workers

These guys probably know they are being captured by Google Maps. The workers are doing their best to look great in the frame. In portrait photography, it’s easy to be creative by striking some unusual poses.

17. Strange Observer

weird images on google maps strange observer

Look at this mysterious observer on a Parisian street. We know for sure that he won’t be fined for not wearing a mask in the pandemic. What is he up to? Perhaps he is looking for victims for his experiments.

18. Headington Shark

weird images on google maps headington shark

Looking at this shot, you might think that it was created in Photoshop, but it’s real. This installation has a deep meaning. It expresses the powerlessness of a person trying to push a hole in the roof with their head. The sculpture was unveiled on the 41st anniversary of the Nagasaki bombing.

19. Just Walking Horses

weird images on google maps walking horses

You might think that our list includes only strange pics, but it isn’t actually so. This time, you can enjoy a cute photo of wild horses walking around. It resembles a picture from a children’s book.

20. Sketch from the Life of a Cyclist

weird images on google maps cyclist

It’s difficult to understand what this man wanted to tell. The guy from Poznan, Poland tries to convey some message using his bike. And finally, he is under it. Truly confusing, isn’t it?

21. Mystery of the Century

weird images on google maps century mystery

It’s not a crime scene as you might think at first sight. There is no murderer dragging a bloody body to throw it into the water. These are two people and a dog. Everything is that simple.

22. Rainbow Plane

weird images on google maps rainbow plane

It’s just a plane flying in the Chicago area. We can only guess why it is rainbow-colored. Looks really positive, isn’t it? The satellite managed to capture a truly impressive photo.

23. Figure in the Ground

weird images on google maps figure in the ground

It is one of the most hotly discussed shots among weird Google Earth pictures. However, again, everything is really simple. Jimmy Boyle, a notorious sculptor, was sentenced to life in prison. When he was there, he created the sculpture of a child on the ground.

24. Oprah’s Portrait

weird images on google maps oprah’s portrait

If you look closely at this shot, you will see a face of a famous American TV presenter. The portrait of Oprah Winfrey was created on an Arizona farm by a devoted fan.

25. Inexplicable Pattern On the Ground

weird images on google maps pattern on the ground

It’s difficult to understand what this symmetrical figure means, but it looks odd and even spooky.

26. Trementina Base Surroundings

weird images on google maps trementina base

Internet sources tell that these are scientology bases and its surroundings. If you are not a member of this community, you won’t be able to explain what it means. We also don’t know how these circles were created.

27. Terrifying Baltimore

weird images on google maps terrifying Baltimore

Check out these mystical pics from New Baltimore! Nobody knows why, but when driving through the area, the camera failed to work properly. As a result, all the shots taken here look like horror real estate pictures. These black and purple houses seem to be floating in the frame.

28. Rabbit in the Mountains

weird images on google maps rabbit in the mountains

The giant pink bunny is located in Italy, namely on a hill in Piedmont. It was created for tourists. You can climb on it like it is a mountain.

29. A Face in the Canadian Badlands

weird images on google maps face

This photo is an illustration of how powerful nature is. The hills look like a human face. The composition resembles a face of a Native American. You can also see a line in the middle looking like an earpiece. So, this person must be a music fan.

30. The Black Hole

weird images on google maps black hole

Have you ever wondered how the black hole looks? Check it out! It is one of those weird things caught on Google Earth we can’t explain. Whatever it is, it makes us think about the universe.