Hero Shot Photography Guide For Beginners

If you want to present your brand in the best light, hero shot photography will help you promote your products to consumers. This technique allows you to demonstrate your product and its role in a person's life.

Top 7 Hero Shot Photography Tips

Hero shots are perfect for a landing page since they allow your clients to learn more about your brand and form their first impression. If you want to boost sales, here are some tips on what qualities your hero should have.

1. Make Sure it’s Relevant to Your Brand

hero shot photography brand relevance

You need to choose the product photography ideas that are relevant to your service or product. This aspect is often overlooked. Brands that sell skin care products for acne breakouts often use stock images of young people with clear skin.

However, it’s better to choose a photo that shows the purpose of your product. Take a look at your photo and think about whether you want to buy a solution for acne by looking at this product hero shot.

2. Invoke Emotions

hero shot photography emotions

The photos you are using should attract customers, evoke the right emotions and push a person to buy your product. You can hardly find sites without images. Since people make purchases based on what they see and how they feel, the best way to increase conversions is to add a hero shot to the landing page.

Before posting a photo, you need to decide what emotions you want to evoke. An incorrectly selected image may result in low conversions. Make sure to analyze clients' needs and choose pictures that correspond to them.

hero shot photography emotions

For example, you own a real estate agency and know that it is difficult for people to find a reliable agent. You can post a photo of a real estate agent next to a happy client. The best shot is a photo of a real customer who is loyal to your brand. Such sincere pictures evoke more positive emotions.


When adding pictures of people to the site, analyze the body language. Since 93% of communication is non-verbal, you need to check whether customers will understand your message.

3. Showcase the Product’s Value

hero shot photography lifestyle

Hero shots photography will help you create a great website design and convey the value of your product. You can use lifestyle product photography to show the role of your product in customers' lives.

hero shot photography lifestyle

Demonstrate the benefits that your potential customers will get from using the product. Show how their life will change after using your services. If you sell sports equipment, use a photo of a fit person who does sports and looks healthy.

4. Keep It Authentic

hero shot photography authentic

If you use images from stock photography sites, choose high-quality photos. However, it’s better to avoid using stock photos at all, as they look trite and boring. The most effective way to grab the customers’ attention is to use various product photography tips and take photos by yourself.

They shouldn't be similar to hero shots on competitors' websites. Instead of using stock photos of people working, or interacting with each other, take photos of your own team. It will help increase consumers’ loyalty and trust.

5. Match Keywords to Your Photo

hero shot photography authentic keywords

Keep in mind that a product hero shot should match your keywords. You can use either organic or paid keywords to drive traffic. Use SEO software to select keywords that match your image.

hero shot photography authentic keywords

If a keyword refers to a mascara, then you should use a photo of a mascara. Keywords are crucial for promoting a product or service. They help your customers find your product easier.

6. Create a Consistent Design

hero shot photography consistent design

Use a consistent style to promote your services across all platforms. Your content should be aligned with your strategy and positioning. Choose images that match other site elements, such as images, illustrations, text, etc.

hero shot photography consistent design

Your main shot should be clearly visible. Besides, it should draw attention to secondary elements, like the headline and description.


Place headlines below images. Studies have proven that they get read 10% more than the headlines above images.

7. Outsource the Editing

fixthephoto product photography retouching fixthephoto product photography retouching

If your product photos are poorly edited, customers might not buy your product, and go to the competitors’ website. Since product photo processing might be challenging, you can contact our professional service. The team will quickly edit your hero shots according to all industry standards for an affordable price. 

Bonus Tools

hero shot photography bonus tools

If you want to create high-quality hero shots to attract potential clients, take a look at this collection of presets. With them, you can apply beautiful effects to your images. These presets will help you remove unwanted colors, fix harsh shadows, and adjust highlights. They also sharpen images and reduce the noise.