ThemeSelection Admin Templates Review 2024: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 23 days ago, Apps and Software

ThemeSelection Admin Templates

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Verdict: ThemeSelection Admin Templates is an excellent tool designed to make life easier for a developer while creating the user interface of an app’s backend. I appreciated the responsiveness and competence with which these top-notch Admin Templates dashboards were developed, as well as the latest technology in the development of UI Kits. If you are looking for tools to help you develop a user-friendly and high-quality web application, then ThemeSelection is what you need.

  • Attractive and minimalistic style
  • Preview of all elements available
  • Highest quality templates with SEO optimization
  • Constant updating
  • Competent client support
  • Handy payment plans
  • The support service does not deal with template customization issues
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Being a set of web pages based on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and its libraries, ThemeSelection Admin Templates is a great tool for UI building of a web app backend. Integrating these pre-designed pages with web apps allows you to implement many backend operations – from user and content control to order tracking and booking, and so on.

These templates are built with ease of use and high functionality in mind to make it easier for site administrators to work. Among analogs available in today’s market, ThemeSelection is rightfully considered the best product. What’s more, it comes with starter kits to facilitate subsequent project development.

ThemeSelection Admin Templates – Main Features

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Users note the ease of setup and integration with a backend framework that is convenient for each of them, be it Laravel, Flask, and many others. What’s more, you are not limited to a niche of usage, since the templates are universal for any web application subject – sports, education, economics, healthcare, and so on.

Plenty of users have already created their top-notch web products based on these templates. Among them, you can find CRM and ERP applications, online shopping apps, fitness apps, online banking, learning apps for kids, and so on. To learn more about the features of this resource, its cost, and its benefits, read my ThemeSelection Admin Templates review to the end.

Many Benefits of Using Admin Templates

Pre-designed dashboard templates greatly simplify the administration of your resource due to their top quality and SEO optimization. More specifically, they are good at driving an audience to your web application and getting it higher in search engine rankings. In addition to the above, the design of your product will no longer require so much time from you to develop it.

An equally important benefit is the saving of time and money for development. This is because the templates are highly customizable according to your vision and preferences. You can create absolutely any design of your product without wasting time and money learning sometimes complicated UI design software. At the same time, ThemeSelection Admin Templates are carefully thought out, which allows you to create designs like a pro and capture the attention of customers.

I liked that the panel templates come with detailed instructions and guidance for installation and use. The package also includes a starter kit that helps you get your project up and running faster and not manually remove what you don’t need.

Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Templates

themeselection admin templates bootstrap

Perhaps the most common framework for building smartphone-friendly apps is Bootstrap. With it, creators can optimize the user interface of their web application to any mobile phone screen size.

In it, you can find a rich selection of eye-catching and fully functional templates based on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They apply to various icons, typography, navigation elements, and more. The ThemeSelection team made sure to create top-notch and up-to-date Bootstrap admin templates and UI collections. You can also try the Bootstrap 5 admin template for free here.

React Admin Dashboard Templates

themeselection admin templates react

React is an amazing open-source JavaScript front-end library that allows developers to create interfaces based on UI elements. With such a tool, you can forget about all the pain associated with developing interactive user interfaces.

Next.js and MUI are the main components in creating React admin dashboard templates. Both provide a top-notch developer experience with tons of functions and tools every creator needs, from route pre-fetching and TypeScript support to smart bundling and hybrid static & server rendering. At the same time, MUI features a complete set of user interface tools and ready-made components.

ThemeSelection Admin Templates have masterfully combined the benefits of both resources with their own design vision. Enjoy pro-class responsive Material UI-based Pro & Free React admin Templates Dashboard along with thoughtful UI Kits. The free React admin template is also available to you here.

VueJS Admin Dashboard Templates

themeselection admin templates vuejs

Vuejs is another open-source progressive JavaScript framework available for free to help develop web UIs based on UI elements. This is a universal tool that combines developer-friendliness and high efficiency in creating interactive interfaces.

Vuetify is often used by the ThemeSelection team for their Vue admin templates as they have everything you need to develop your own fully functional user interface. They only use the latest and best designs to create all Vuejs admin template panels and UI kits. What’s more, you can also benefit from a free Vue admin template for maximum efficiency.

Laravel Admin Dashboard Templates

themeselection admin templates laravel

Laravel is the most well-known PHP-based web app framework aimed at creating reliable full-featured apps and their stunning and sophisticated designs. Users note the ease of writing clean code, and enterprise customers appreciate Laravel’s hassle-free scaling capabilities.

Developer-friendliness is at the heart of the Laravel philosophy, so every tool and feature is built with efficiency in mind. Among ThemeSelection Admin Templates, you will also find one free for Laravel, which will allow you to explore the structure of the code even more carefully. I do not doubt that this free Laravel admin panel template will meet all your requirements and expectations when building a new project.

Impressive Customer Support

Depending on the selected package, you will get 1 year of lifetime support and free updates. I really liked that each package and product comes with various instructions that you can consult online from anywhere in the world. Customer service is also available to you from anywhere in the world.

In addition to the super-quality support from the ThemeSelection team, you can also benefit from a GitHub repository that makes it easy to update and monitor issues.


To get started, you can try the free admin templates offered to evaluate the product. Such a test will allow you to examine the quality of the code and the folder structure. If you like the product, then purchase the premium version, which allows you to manage even more features and tools to create your top-notch web apps like a pro.

Any offer that you buy from ThemeSelection associated with the purchased license is available to you. Prices start at $49. In return, you get non-exclusive access to products for personal and client purposes. The license is valid for a lifetime, which means you will not face any restrictions after purchasing the product.

The choice of licenses is as follows – Single, Multiple, Extended, Unlimited, and Freebies. To find out the price for these licenses, you need to contact the company manager.

By purchasing a license, you will receive full source code with a starter kit that consists of SASS, JavaScript/TypeScript, HTML, multimedia, compiled assets, and build configuration files according to the technology and framework. In addition to the above, you will also have access to demos, applications, web pages, components, and plug-ins.

Paying for products is easy as ThemeSeleciton uses Stripe, PayPal, and RazorPay (Only for India), as well as Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, AliPay, JCM, Dinners Club, and other payment systems.

Note: The team cares about their customers and their reputation, so you get a 100% guarantee on their goods and services, as well as customer support. However, if you notice discrepancies between the product and the promised terms or encounter difficulties while installing or using it, you should contact support. The team, in turn, will either solve all your difficulties or issue a full refund within 2 weeks.


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