Procurement Tactics Review 2024: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 17 days ago, Apps and Software

Procurement Tactics

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Verdict: Procurement Tactics offers a unique system of courses on how to achieve success in terms of procurement and negotiations. I like that the team values its work and is interested in continuous development.

One of the main advantages of the company is its experienced instructors, who have developed their unique negotiation strategies and successfully implement them in various areas from retail to technology.

  • About 20 years of experience
  • Unique training program
  • Comfortable learning program
  • A lot of information in the public domain
  • Drawing up an individual negotiation strategy
  • The website takes a long time to load
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Unlike its competitors, Procurement Tactics do not hesitate to show its results and it can boast of efficient cooperation with large corporations. According to the team, the key to their success was carefully selected training material, which showed excellent results after application in practice.

Procurement Tactics – Main Benefits

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The experience of the Procurement Tactics team is simply amazing – more than 20 years in the field of procurement & negotiations. Their portfolio boasts more than 7 years of successful work in the commercial department of one of the largest and most famous trading corporations, as well as more than 5 years in startup promotion and financial operations.

Their clients include big companies like Walmart, Shell, and IBM so you get the opportunity to learn from the best. I like that their approach is very simple and friendly so the training is not perceived as a classic course or mastermind, but rather you are imbued with the art of conducting transactions to understand how the business functions.

Top Experts with Many Years of Experience

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The first and greatest value of this company is in its speakers. They have many years of experience in various management positions. It was the personal practice that helped them achieve success, and now they are ready to share this formula with everyone.

Their experience speaks for itself – more than 500 suppliers, with each of whom they negotiated on a variety of topics, from purchase prices to financial and logistical conditions. They can teach you how to make €200 Mio + deals according to your rules with such famous suppliers like Unilever or Pepsico.

Together, they have experience negotiating with over 200+ managers, and commercial & sales CEOs, and people from more than 30 countries around the globe. This means that no matter what area you work in, the courses will be useful for you and increase your efficiency at times.

Universal Course Covering the Needs of Different Niches

Coaches at Procurement Tactics are real sparring partners helping managers create negotiation strategies. They have already created more than 300 such strategies, identified the main directions, and collected them in different courses. After completing these courses, you will learn how to conduct 1 on 1 negotiation, as well as implement the Procurement & Sourcing strategy for 8 years in a proper way.

They apply the Self-Paced Learning methodology to their teaching offering you 25 video lessons 16-24 hours long in total. The course package also includes assignments and templates, as well as personal coaching. You can study at any convenient time and return to the program as needed at any time within 1 year.

These courses are suitable for all managers, regardless of their experience in the field. Even if you have been negotiating for several years and have a lot of experience behind you, you will also be interested in this training. Upon completion of the learning, you will receive a certificate that confirms your qualifications.

Individual and Corporate Sales Training

If you or your company are not interested in a long course format, you can try sales training. Experts will give answers to the most frequently asked questions and talk about the team manipulation methods, as well as the nuances in the process of preparing for the event.

I like that the information they provide is not just typical psychological techniques, but real Do/Doesn’t instructions with which you can feel confident in the procurement process.

Advanced Workshop for Your Company

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In their workshops, a Procurement Tactics team will teach you how to set up the process of optimizing your purchasing strategy. Throughout the cooperation, specialists will help develop your own strategy with detailed instructions on how to use it most effectively. What’s more, they will carefully analyze the procurement plans that you have already developed on your own and improve them in terms of inflationary changes.

This workshop is not like a simple training with the transfer of information. Your team will have the opportunity to communicate in a pleasant friendly atmosphere with the pro-level coaches and learn firsthand the latest negotiation techniques.

Free Learning Materials in Blog

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The company also has a blog where you can find a lot of useful free content. The articles are divided into themes – negotiation preparation, strategies, tips & tricks, procurement news, etc.

Even though this information product is quite complex and requires an individual approach, the articles are written clearly so that even the use of terminology does not complicate the perception of information. The articles will be useful for both juniors and middle managers who want to develop and boost their skills.

Procurement Tactics Prices

The cost of the standard training program with a certificate starts from $997. Choosing it, you will receive an annual personal procurement plan, actionable negotiation strategies, and other benefits.

The premium-training program includes 12 hours of coaching and team training. It will cost you $4997.

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Thanks to many years of successful experience in top companies, Procurement Tactics coaches have set the bar high. They created a universal system of education that provides knowledge so that a graduate can work in any niche using the acquired knowledge. It is the maximum concentration of useful information, comfortable learning format, and the unique experience of the speakers that make Procurement Tactics the best in their field.