The Virtual Hub Assistant Review 2024: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 10 days ago, Apps and Software

The Virtual Hub Assistant

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  • Platforms: Web
  • Pricing: From $750/month

Verdict: The Virtual Hub was created to ensure you’re not overwhelmed by all your business tasks, as it supplies you with not just one team member but rather an entire suite of dependable support. As a photographer who has a lot of photoshoots and lacks time to handle all organizational moments, I greatly appreciated what this company has to offer.

The Virtual Hub’s VAs are added to teams and every team has specific "Results Coaches" also referred to as RCs. The latter develop strategies for both the virtual assistants and the business owner while focusing on meeting all pre-determined goals. RCs guide virtual assistants and collaborate with other team members to ensure the assistants receive all the support they require.

  • Over 200 virtual assistants
  • Employs experts in all possible industries
  • Each VA brings a lot of experience to the table
  • Suitable for handling both personal and business-related tasks
  • Trained backups, team assistance
  • VA selection is based on both attitude and level of expertise
  • Doesn’t provide 24/7 support
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All employees of The Virtual Hub are united in a central web-based collective where virtual assistants share ideas, resources, knowledge, and tricks on how to improve the efficiency of handling tasks of different levels of complexity. This hub allows VAs to look for and find the support they require when they’re unable to get the answers they need from the designated RCs and team leaders.

As you’re perfecting your strategy and delegating tasks, the agency’s VAs and Leadership team will ensure all relevant procedures are executed and implemented perfectly. The Virtual Hub is the perfect partner for any growing business, as it even supplies you with a “Playbook” that will ensure you know how to properly scale your enterprise with minimum financial investment.

The Virtual Hub Assistant – Main Features

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The Virtual Hub assistant team provides a broad range of pro-level services. The aspect that makes this agency stand apart from the competition is the continuous training they offer its employees. As a result, regardless of what kind of requirements your project entails, you can explain them to the assigned VA and their RC to ensure they are properly trained and capable of handling all the necessary tasks.

The agency has established reliable and time-tested procedures and frameworks that were created to ensure all aspects of your business are more functional while being backed up by a host of leaders and RCs who are ready to assist you every step of the way.

Experienced VAs for Everyday Administrative Tasks

Are you running a business and have to constantly stay on top of countless daily tasks while trying to find a balance between productivity and working at a stress-free pace? The Virtual Hub is here to solve that dilemma for you by assigning a VA to your team. The agency takes care of everything from finding the optimal candidate for your enterprise to training and onboarding them while you dedicate most of your efforts to your main area of expertise and business growth.

The list of tasks taken up by such an assistant encompasses setting up a Skype account for your enterprise, handling flight schedules, bookings, and other travel arrangements, making restaurant reservations, dealing with customer feedback questionnaires and tracking their responses, designing online forms for your customers to complete, managing your Dropbox/Google Drive data, and much more.

Creative VA for Social Network Platform Management

the virtual hub social media virtual assistant

It isn’t a surprise to anyone that handling social media for photographers as well as other platforms is a time-consuming and complicated task. Creating the necessary social network profiles, producing engaging content, and tracking all relevant updates as well as your business’ performance is quite the challenge. If you're having difficulties managing all your social media accounts, reaching out to an SMM expert is often the only solution you have.

The duties of such an assistant encompass setting up social network profiles and branding them according to your business’ identity, devising a content calendar, scheduling and posting content when necessary, communicating with the audience and offering real-time feedback, determining what your target audience likes and what it’s searching for, researching Facebook Contest applications, monitoring the performance of your social media posts and advertisements, and much more.

Professional Virtual Assistant for Handling Content Management Projects

If you’re running a small business, it’s in your best interest to establish a properly managed content creation team that doesn’t require your constant supervision. The best way to tackle this challenge is to hire an employee who can efficiently take care of conceptualizing, researching, creating, and editing your content when needed. Such an employee can either come from content marketing companies or be a The Virtual Hub assistant.

A VA from Virtual Hub will help you handle such tasks as devising and monitoring your content calendar every month, attending relevant webinars, examining your older content while looking for ideas that can be repurposed, visiting old list-type blog posts and creating infographics, devising a FAQ section for your site, visiting competitor sites in search of ideas you can get inspired by, and studying whitepapers, newsletters, e-books, and other publications related to your niche that can help you create better content in the future.

Dependable VA Aimed at Reaching Your Digital Marketing Goals

the virtual hub digital marketing assistant

When hiring a VA, one of your main goals is to ensure that you're delegating marketing assignments correctly while providing the necessary systems and automation to let your virtual assistant demonstrate maximum productivity. Establishing a proper workflow will ensure the VA won't make silly mistakes or misrepresent your business online.

This agency is prepared to do the bulk of the work for you. Whether it comes to digital marketing campaign management, competition research, newsletter send-outs, lead cultivation, or any other similar task, you’ll be assigned the perfect VA to secure and facilitate consistent brand growth.

Reliable Virtual Assistant Who Will Help Manage Your Systems and Automated Processes

the virtual hub system assistant

If you have trouble organizing your business procedures and require some reorganization assistance, The Virtual Hub is ready to come to your aid for a reasonable rate. Oftentimes, the heavy stress that business owners have to endure can be traced back to the absence of properly implemented systems and processes. Thankfully, modern technology allows any enterprise to automate a lot of its procedures to save you a ton of time and nerves in the long run.

Virtual Hub’s VAs will help you build your web-based payment forms into XERO, Stripe, PayPal, and other platforms, manage site reconstruction projects, design pop-up windows for your site, add a Hello Bar to the top of the website, etc. Your virtual assistant can also create research systems designed for setting up automated webinars or automating different business procedures to ensure you have more time to focus on tasks that are directly tied to your area of expertise.

eCommerce System for Establishing Scalable Processes

During the initial stages of starting a business, most entrepreneurs focus on the more engaging aspects like scaling marketing and boosting sales. However, such an approach often leads to a suboptimal operations system that rips up all the income while other aspects of your business struggle to keep up.

The things that make a startup successful early on aren’t exactly sustainable in the long run, as you scale up your operations. At the latter stage, it’s your job to focus on providing slick ops, cost-efficient teams, and scalable procedures.

If you decide to take advantage of Virtual Hub’s eCommerce machine, you’ll significantly reduce the payroll, put together a team of experts that you require at the moment, and free up the time you need to focus on the bigger picture and growth management.


When putting together this The Virtual Hub Assistant review, I found out that this agency currently lets you pick between 3 pricing plans:

Admin support (minimum 4 hours/day). Suitable for general administration, English-speaking VA that is prepared by the agency – From $750 a month

Marketing support (minimum 4 hours/day). Suitable for general administration, English-speaking VA that is prepared by the agency, additional social network management, and digital implementation – From $900 a month

Systems support (minimum 4 hours/day). Great for general administration, English-speaking VA that is trained by the agency, social media management, and digital implementation. Extra CRM and Systems Integrations experts – From $1100 per month

Note: The agency also provides a free half-hour strategy call once you pick one of the service packages.