SVGator SVG Logo Animation Maker Review 2024: Pros & Cons


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Verdict: SVGator contains a powerful set of features to animate your logos or create large timelines of up to 5 minutes quickly. You will get stunning visuals to increase your brand awareness and attract new clients.

To make logos from scratch, you can use the assets available in the built-in file library or upload your own static SVG files. I also like the large set of lightweight tools for scaling, transforming, creating paths, changing colors, and more.

  • Intuitive interface
  • Extensive file library
  • Detailed tutorial for novice designers
  • Simplified tools for creating animated logos
  • Built-in API Editor
  • The free version allows you to use time-lapses up to 10 seconds
svgator interface

Most of the processes of creating animated and interactive logos are streamlined and simplified. The program has an intuitive interface. Moreover, the developers offer a lot of educational materials for novice designers. There are many written guides about SVGator SVG logo animation maker. Plus, you can learn the info by watching video tutorials.

SVGator SVG Logo Animation Maker: Main Features

svgator logo

SVGator features a package of handy tools and a user-friendly interface to create interactive and simple animated logos without any difficulties. Among other advantages of the program, users mention an API editor, tons of detailed tutorials, and responsive technical support.

Intuitive Interface with Simple Timeline

svgator intuitive interface with simple timeline

Many users choose SVGator for its intuitive workspace. All features are divided into blocks that are easy to navigate. Also, the program has a traditional layout of tools for customizing and creating animated logos. The timeline is pretty clear. You can set key points and apply the desired effects.

Simplified Animated Logo Creation Toolset

svgator simplified animated logo creation toolset

SVGator SVG logo animation maker includes a wide range of powerful features such as scaling, rotating, filtering, transforming, path building, color adjustment and more. besides, you can enhance your designs by adding clipping masks or using morphing, filtering, and path animation. An animation can be activated with a hover, scroll, or click.

There's also an ultra-precise pen tool to create your own animated logo. The program allows you to create proportional rectangles, circles, polygons or stars.

First, you should choose an animator. Then, you set keyframes on the timeline, animate your logo on the canvas, set functions and deceleration time. When you're done, define interactive export options to play on click, scroll, or hover. Animating various elements of e-commerce materials is an excellent variant to showcase your product.

Everything runs automatically so you don't have to deal with any codes. So, edit your animation live and see the changes immediately.

Asset Library for Creating Animated Logos from Scratch

svgator asset library

If you're a professional designer, you should pay attention to the Pro version of SVGator SVG logo animation maker. With it, you'll have access to a built-in personal file library with various backgrounds, icons, and transparent images. All files have an open license, so you can publish them in the future without experiencing copyright issues. It is important to note that you can edit the selected elements, change the size, color, etc.

Detailed Video Tutorials

svgator detailed video tutorials

SVGator is an outstanding free logo maker with a wide choice of tutorials. Even if you have never designed or animated any files and do not know how to work with the timeline, you can watch one of 20 simple video tutorials or read detailed text instructions to discern the process.

You will learn how to enable anchoring, manage projects, remove or duplicate keyframes, reverse and offset techniques, create logo from scratch, apply clipping masks, and even export finished SVG files to Worpress. All materials are available completely free.

Unlimited Static Export and Import

In addition to drawing logos and icons in the program, you can convert your work in an SVF converter, import static SVG files created in InDesign or Illustrator and turn them into a clear and catchy brand element in minutes. Before you export your finished design, you can view it in a separate preview workspace.


You can use SVGator for free to create small timelines of up to 10 seconds. In this case, you also get unlimited static exports, basic animators and 3 exports per month.

If you want to record timelines of up to 1 minute and use advanced animators, you will need to activate the Lite plan. It costs $11 per month.

If you're into the custom logo design, you can check out the Pro Plan. Its price is $19 per month. You get unlimited animation exports, a timeline of up to 5 minutes, interactive animations, access to an API player, and an asset library where you can find icons, backgrounds, and other visual elements.

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