Surfshark One Review & Pricing 2023

Surfshark One

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  • Platform: Windows, Mac, Android
  • Price: From $53.88/year

Verdict: I like Surfshark One due to the fact that it includes pro-level cybersecurity tools in one package. You will be able to use an antivirus, a powerful search engine, and handy tools for monitoring data breaches.

As you’ll know from this Surfshark One review, the tool doesn’t have as many handy features as the best antivirus software. For instance, you won’t be able to use a firewall, anti-spam protection, or parental controls. However, if you want to enjoy industry-level protection without paying for extra tools, it is a great option to consider.

  • Advanced tools
  • Protects from 100% of malware
  • Notifies about the exposure of user data
  • Browser extension has handy tools
  • Can be installed on an unlimited number of devices
  • Browser extension doesn’t block malicious sites
  • Doesn’t have some Android features
surfshark one interface

In terms of VPN functionality, Surfshark One offers top-level protection in real time. Using the CleanWeb, you can block distracting ads and protect yourself from trackers. This cheap VPN service also allows you to mask your identity when browsing the web as well as protect your activities from being monitored by third parties. With it, you can easily access restricted platforms and protect yourself from widespread threats.

Even if your computer setup is outdated, you can still install the Surfshark One antivirus. It will use about 22% of your CPU’s power on average during a scan. The max CPU usage could reach 53%, however, you won’t notice significant lags. Thanks to it, you can enjoy a stable performance of your computer.

Experts concluded that Surfshark blocked 99% of zero-day malware attacks last year. Besides, it detects 100% of the most common malware.

Surfshark One: Main Features

logo surfshark one

Surfshark One allows you to use a VPN, an antivirus, and a privacy-focused search engine. Besides, you will get notified about data breaches. You can use Surfshark VPN to access the web from a variety of operating systems, including Android, ChromeOS, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows. However, you will be able to install antivirus only on Windows, macOS, and Android.

The setup process is quite streamlined. On the left, you will see a menu toolbar. It includes such options as VPN, Alert, Antivirus, Search, and Settings. You need to install an antivirus to be able to use it, so we recommend you do it without any delays to enjoy top-level protection.

State-of-the-Art VPN Features

Most similar services enable users to establish up to 5 connections at the same time. Surfshark VPN stands out among other tools because it allows you to establish and unlimited number of simultaneous connections. Thanks to its multi-hop feature, you can route your traffic via multiple servers to protect your privacy even further.

The split tunneling feature enables users to access specific web-based platforms using a VPN while using a direct connection for games and other apps. Users can also benefit from AES 256-bit encryption, the lightweight WireGuard VPN protocol, and IPv6/DNS leak protection.

surfshark one vpn tools

You can enjoy a high speed and connect to the web using servers from different locations across the globe. It has 3,200 servers in 100+ countries. This large network enables users to download torrent files and stream geo-restricted videos with ease.

I was impressed by the fact that Surfshark One allows users to access content in restricted countries for VPN. It will help you hide your activities so that no ISP will know that you use a VPN. If your connection gets interrupted, you can maintain your privacy using the kill switch option.

Virus Scanning and Real-Time Malware Protection

To make the most out of the in-built antivirus, you can select between different scanning options. For instance, you can perform a quick, full, or scheduled scan. Besides, you can drag and drop files to scan them without wasting a lot of time. Your device will be protected in real time regardless of the OS you use. This service has versions for Android, Windows, and macOS.

Thanks to the virtual machine, I completed the full scan in less than 30 minutes. I was pleased that the antivirus managed to detect 9 out of 10 malicious malware products that we tested it for. In addition, I liked the fact that I was able to exclude some folders from scanning.

surfshark one antivirus tools

This Windows and Mac antivirus software will protect your device in real time. It will monitor its performance for possible threats and neutralize them swiftly. The program runs in the background, which enables you to keep working on your projects without getting distracted.

The only disadvantage is that the in-built antivirus doesn’t have some top-level protection features available in other similar software. The main disadvantage of this tool is that it comes without a firewall. Besides, it lacks such features as a password manager and parental control.

Advanced Webcam Protection Feature

surfshark one webcam protection

One of the newest options added by the developers of Surfshark One is webcam protection. At the moment, it’s available only under Windows and macOS. This option will protect your camera from being accessed by third parties. It will analyze the apps that use your camera and block suspicious ones.

Monitors the Internet for Your Personal Information

surfshark one alert tool

Using the Alert tool, you can scan the web for your data, including credit card info, ID, email, and other information. Before accessing it, you have to turn on multi-factor authentication to ensure further protection of your data.

You can configure the settings of this tool from your account. After enabling 2FA and clicking on the tool, you have to wait until it scans the web for breaches. You can add different emails to check whether any of them have been compromised. The program requires you to verify that you are the rightful owner of these emails, as it doesn’t allow you to search the web for emails that belong to other people.

To get detailed monthly reports, you can configure your settings. After this, you will get notifications when your data becomes available online.

Private Search Engine

surfshark one search tool

This program is known as the fastest VPN with a powerful search engine that doesn’t store information about your searches. You can be sure that your data won’t be collected and nobody will track your browsing data.

Another advantage is that you won’t see any ads. Surfshark doesn’t save the browsing history of its users, which is why you won’t get any search suggestions.

While Google and other similar services might provide you with more relevant search results, the search engine available in Surfshark is perfect for situations when you need to find sensitive information without compromising your privacy.

If you have even used DuckDuckGo, StartPage, or other similar search engines, you will easily figure out how to use Surfshark as well. However, while you can use DuckDuckGo for free without logging in, you have to log in to your Surfshark account to use its search engine.

Additional Tools for Protecting Your Information Online

surfshark one alternative id

The Alternative ID tool was created for those who want to protect their data from being accessed by third parties and identity theft. The program allows you to use randomly generated passwords when you log into suspicious platforms. Due to this, you can be sure that your personal data won’t be accessed by third parties.

You can also leverage other handy protection options. For instance, you can set up a fake email and forward your letters to the real one.

Incogni is another useful tool that you can utilize. If you decide to use it, this service will automatically contact data brokers and ask them to remove your personal data, such as your phone number, address, and email. After using it, you can be sure that your data won’t be available in public databases.

Useful Service for Protecting Your Android Device

surfshark one for android

To install Surfshark One on your tablet or smartphone, you just need to log in to your account. However, to save time, you can log in to the desktop version and scan the QR code.

When you see the One button, click on it to access the three main features of this application, namely, Alert, Antivirus, and Search.

If you use an Android app, you will see that its antivirus is a bit different. This Android antivirus app allows you to perform only one type of scan, so you won’t be able to select the full scan option. Your device will be scanned in a few minutes. Despite this, you can still schedule your scans and enjoy real-time protection. Besides, the Android version allows you to perform the Storage scan.

Serious Privacy Policies

Surfshark follows a zero-logs policy and doesn’t store any information about its users. Due to this, nobody will be able to track your activities. This service uses RAM-only servers and deletes your data after your browsing session.

The main advantage of this VPN for USA is that it gets regularly audited by trusted security organizations, which guarantees that your data will be safe when you use it.

Surfshark One Prices

Surfshark One costs $83.76 if you opt for a basic two-year plan ($3.22/month), $53.88 for a 1-year subscription ($4.49/month), and $17.95 for a monthly subscription.

Surfshark One+ is more expensive. It will cost you $22.95/month if you opt for a monthly subscription, $8.29/month if you pay for an annual subscription and $5.99/month if you pay for 2 years.

As the program offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can get your money back in case you aren’t fully satisfied with the results. You can compare it to other similar software to make an informed choice. Besides, you can wait for Surfshark Black Friday deals. It will allow you to purchase this tool for the best price.


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