6 Best Sketch Alternatives For Windows in 2022

Are you searching for a good Sketch alternative for Windows that can work well even on older versions of the operating system? Want to try a program with a sleek user interface, powerful features, and the ability to work with multiple formats, including PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF, and TIFF?

Then the products below will definitely interest you. They are relatively affordable and allow you to level up your skills.

Top 6 Sketch Alternatives For Windows

Website and mobile app development is a time-consuming and complex task that requires both powerful hardware and advanced design tools. Sketch is mostly suitable for enthusiasts, so many experienced users and companies are in search of more advanced and reasonably-priced software.

Top 3 Sketch Alternatives For Windows:

These 3 Sketch alternatives can help you easily edit vector graphics, create website layout, and different types of illustrations. With advanced functions available in these programs, you can make your workflow as effective as possible.

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1. Adobe XD

Adobe XD is a user interface design tool for Adobe Flash applications and web applications, developed and released by Adobe Inc. It's available for both Windows and iOS, though there are also versions for Android and Mac to assist with previewing the outcome of creative work directly on mobile devices without having to view the source code.

You can use Adobe XD to create beautiful, engaging and easy-to-use interfaces for both web and native applications, and enhance your work with amazing interactivity, rich feedback and stylized user experiences.

adobe xd interface
  • Uncluttered design and prototyping tool
  • New features added regularly
  • Integration with Adobe products
  • Convenient subscription options
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Adobe XD also allows designers to edit and modify files right from their Photoshop or Illustrator workstation, making it easier than ever to fine-tune layouts and images for websites, brochures or other creative works.

Adobe XD is the perfect companion for mobile app development as well, since it is an application platform that can easily connect apps designed for iPhone, Android and Windows Phones directly to the source code of Flash movies. Designers can save time and effort by integrating their work into their source code, and with the help of Adobe XD there is no limit to what they can create or experiment with.

2. Figma

Figma is a web-based design tool. What this means is that you do not have to install it on your computer locally or purchase costly licenses to allow team members to access design files remotely. Figma uses an open source web server (with MySQL and PHP) to allow you to create and edit any type of design.

Once you have the layout that you want, all that is required is a browser to display the Figma design. Figma has the ability to be used in conjunction with Adobe Photoshop as well as in combination with FireFox.

figma interface
  • Еasy to use
  • Vector design tools
  • Easy exports
  • Multiple fills
  • Some features still missing

One of the best features of Figma is its capability to export to your desktop application right sidebar. This capability allows you to use the same images that you have loaded in your Figma editor. You can even save different versions of the same image.

Figma also includes a function that enables you to view the same image on the screen as you did with Figma, using the same color palette. This feature takes the guess work out of color coordination.

3. InVision Studio

InVision Studio, you are given many features and functions that can help you create and design your own design system. The software comes with a library of over 1000 images that are easily customizable and you can use this library for any purpose.

There are options such as adjusting layers, adding text, creating a background, enhancing colors, cropping and thumbnailing. You can also add your own items in the software to give your project some depth and extra options for your design creation.

invision studio interface
  • Latest form elements
  • Has a blend mode
  • Аdvanced grid of constraints
  • Version history is available
  • High subscription price

One of the most unique features of InVision Studio is the fact that this software does not need any knowledge of InDesign or Illustrator. With just a couple clicks and simple controls, the program lets you express your creativity with just the click of a button. This innovative program comes with full tutorials to assist you with the entire design process and even teaches you how to convert PSD files to InDesign format.

4. Vectr

Vectr is an open source web based vector illustration program developed by Vectra Technologies, a firm known for its powerful, yet simple-to-use, vector illustration programs. Vectr enables artists and designers to edit and manipulate digital vector illustrations with utmost ease.

Like other similar programs, Vectr uses a powerful engine that allows artists to work on drawings and diagrams in a smooth and easy manner. The software is quite unique in the sense that it also offers users the facility of publishing the illustrations and maps directly from the program itself.

vectr interface
  • Image editing
  • Collaboration tools
  • Realistic fills and strokes
  • Requires an Internet connection to work

The Vectr interface is quite straightforward. The primary window of the software features a standard set of buttons that switch between editing and rendering modes. The tool palette has four distinct areas which include; tools such as the Chain Brush, Selective Color Palette, Radial Select tool, and Vectr Style Guide.

Apart from these tools, there are several other tools and options that allow Vectr users to make and edit their own illustrations and diagrams. In addition, the software allows the user to save all his or her work in different formats such as PDF, JPEG and others.

5. Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer, a free vector graphics editor developed by Serif in 2021 for iOS, Mac, and Linux. It is an alternative to Adobe Flash and Illustrator and is included with Apple's iShop application. Affinity Designer also comes with the Adobe Freehand program, which is used for advanced and complex illustrations.

affinity designer interface
  • Professional depth of features
  • 2D drawing
  • Excellent value
  • No plugins or scripting
  • There is no image-trace feature

Affinity Designer consists of three main components - the pixel style editor, the pixel brushes, and the matrix composition tool. The main screen of the software has a toolbar that contains a variety of tools, such as merge, round end, oval, square, polygon, and polygon blend.

The toolbar also contains several other buttons and commands. This program uses the Tile, Alpha, Bevel, Rounded, Bump, and Color tools, among others, to accomplish various tasks.

6. Inkscape

Inkscape is an open-source and free-Adobe Illustrator-based vector illustration tool used to generate sharp, crisp, and detailed vector illustrations. It supports both text and vector logos. It can export and import files in many formats, such as Photoshop, EPS or bitmap, and can perform editing of shapes, text, and logos.

In addition, users can perform both automated and manual adjustments of Inkscape's user interface, as well as manipulate multiple objects at once.

inkscape interface
  • Open source
  • Good placement and path tools
  • Brush stabilisation
  • Weak text formatting tools
  • Interface visuals need a boost

One of the most useful tools in Inkscape for both designers and artists is the built-in layer palette. This palette contains a collection of colors, which are useful for selecting and modifying brush styles, size, shape, line thicknesses, color, and more. Besides this, other tools in Inkscape include the following: clipping path tool, gradient tools, eraser tool, erase tool, and draw tools.