Search Remotely Platform Review 2024: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 10 days ago, Apps and Software

Search Remotely

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Verdict: Search Remotely Platform is a functional service that allows users to work online from any part of the world. With this platform, it is easy to search and apply for any job on various websites. Not only I’ve managed to find a job as a designer and picture/clip editor, but also enroll in online classes conducted by world-renowned educational establishments and companies.

Besides, Search Remotely Platform offers many advantages for employers making the procedure of hiring remote workers easy. Moreover, it is also possible to recruit remote workers from abroad.

  • Handy and easy-to-use interface
  • Over 1000 online classes
  • Employment specialists with a rich experience
  • Effective support for job seekers
  • Prices for certain services on request
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Search Remotely offers over 1000 online classes conducted at an online academy. Besides, the organization cooperates with world-renowned Universities to allow its user to achieve a degree for developing a career ladder in a remote job.

Search Remotely – Main Features

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The fact that the company’s team achieved GO GLOBAL AWARDS for Top Place in eCommerce proves its expertise and professionalism in the niche. Design & Creative Jobs, Copywriting, Customer Service, Blockchain Jobs, Engineering, Finance – no matter which industry you are interested in, the service will help you find the right remote job vacancy.

Search Remotely also works as an apprenticeship ambassador for the US Department of Labor. So, by choosing it, you can not only study at an online remote educational academy but also receive targeted community services. This program is mainly aimed at rural and inner-city populations and helps them learn about relevant remote job opportunities.

Online Courses from Expert Teachers

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A variety of online classes offered to users’ attention makes this platform appealing to avid learners who want to get the necessary knowledge to become a freelancer. Search Remotely offers over 1000 courses that you can browse using a handy search filter embedded into the webpage. After entering a single word like "designer", "photographer", or "image editing", the system will reveal the classes that may interest you.

I’ve chosen online graphic design courses and some photography courses, namely Start and Grow Your Photography Business with Kevin Kubota. 27 lectures & 9 hours of content round-the-clock are what I got.

Thanks to this class, I got to know how to present myself in the best light inducing employers to turn attention to my CV. Other handy knowledge I’ve acquired was pricing and packaging strategies to boost my sales, and the ways I can improve my sales technique without seeming intrusive.

This online learning platform boasts a variety of other interesting classes as Pricing and Sales for Photographers with Julia Kelleher that is one of the most appealing classes for me. Led by a famous and talented photographer Julia Keller who tells how to create a strategic sales system, this course lasted for 3 days. The ability to learn in my own time and schedule, opportunity to receive a certificate is another advantage.

High-quality Training and Community Service

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Search Remotely is a division of Shared Knowledge LLC. Since June 2022, it has been functioning as an Apprenticeship Ambassador for the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration.

The main idea behind such cooperation is to use Search Remotely as an educational platform where downtrodden categories of the population in Registered Apprenticeship can receive the needed support. This typically refers to women, youth, people of color, rural communities, justice-involved individuals, and people with impairments.

The main mission of the company is to inform people living in rural and inner-city areas about vacant positions. Experts will organize training sessions and workshops in order to help employees acquire the needed skills and knowledge for remote jobs. The first Apprenticeship Ambassador training program will be rolled out in the autumn of 2022.

Global Recruitment Experts

The specialists from the Search Remotely platform can assist an employer in recruiting real talents. With a network of more than 250,000 applicants, the service offers candidates in various industries, including Copywriting, Customer Service, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Sales, Design & Creative, Virtual Assistant, etc.

By browsing the community of remote workers, employers from around the world will manage to find a specialist in the required niche. The team carefully selects candidates by interviewing them and providing a recruiter with the best remote workers for any position. 

24/7 Remote Job Seeker Support

Search Remotely assisted me in searching for my dreamwork optimizing my overall job profile and finding a remote vacancy for me. Among several support options, I’ve opted for the Premium Remote Jobs Support plan for 30 days.

During a half-hour consultation, I described the type of work I would like to get. Afterward, I have been receiving an email with 10 potential vacancies for me every week. In the second week, one of the positions on the list appealed to me and I submitted my CV.

Another advantage is a weekly one-hour video session, during which the users of this service can get the answers to their questions and some assistance if required. My question was about a future interview. The answer was fast, detailed, and informative. Besides, the company’s specialists reviewed my applications and shared some useful tips, made corrections. As a result, I was glad to get a job in the photo and clip editing niche.

Useful Blog From Experts

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Their official website contains a handy blog that tells about location independence, remote workers, and digital nomads. Here you can read about summer activities for freelancers, remote worker background screening, innovative monitoring tools or the most functional apps for a remote job, etc.

Besides, you can share your impression of the given material by posting comments. Other benefits of this section are timely updates, a handy search option, and the ability to subscribe to the news.

Search Remotely Prices

Head to the official website to learn some price lists. For instance, Job Support has the following plans.

Premium Remote Jobs Support costs $99 per month and includes more than 40 remote jobs, a half-hour consultation, weekly one-hour video dialog, skills, core values, motivation evaluation applications reviews, and interview preparation.

The price of the Resume & Cover Letter Makeover plan is $120.00. For this cost, you get a 30-minute consultation, a well-structured resume, and a cover letter. It also provides personalized help and coaching. Besides, you will get an electronic book that explains all the aspects of a distant job.

Basic Remote Job Support costs $49.00/mo. Purchase this plan, and you will be offered more than 20 remote jobs, constant help, and support, as well as Ebook with handy instructions for remote workers. This subscription also covers skills, core values, motivation assessment, application reviews, and interview preparation.

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