Rescue Digital Media Review: Get Back Your Lost Files

By Kate Gross 17 days ago, Apps and Software

Rescue Digital Media Service

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Verdict: If you feel desperate because your files have disappeared from your computer, Rescue Digital Media is what you need in this situation. The program can recover any type of media from PCs, digital cameras, USB flash drives, memory cards, mobile phones, tablets, etc.

This service is particularly suitable for photographers who need to restore erased or lost pictures from various devices. It works well for retrieving video files of various formats, including MP4, AVI MOV, etc.

  • Safe & simple to use
  • Designed for Windows & Mac OS
  • Supports all common formats
  • Retrieves data from encrypted, corrupt & formatted hard drives
  • RAW File Recovery available
  • Round-the-clock customer support
  • Many limitations in a free version
rescue digital media interface

Rescue Digital Media has a website optimized for various screen sizes. The company has already helped lots of clients and continues to provide top-rated data retrieval services for those who have faced data loss.

Rescue Digital Media – Main Features

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Rescue Digital Media appeared on the market in 2013 and since then the company has helped many users get back their valuable photos, videos, or music. By the way, the developers offer not only effective data recovery software but also other products designed to fix various issues that occur when you work with digital cameras, camcorders, etc.

Restore Deleted, Lost, Inaccessible Photos with Ease

rescue digital media restore photos

This photo recovery software is my go-to instrument when I need to get back accidentally removed or lost pictures from a camera, storage drives, mobile phones, or memory cards. It is great that the program works on both Windows and Mac devices. The support of FAT32, NTFS, and ExFAT file systems ensures smooth photo recovery from virtual and physical disks, and attached storage devices.

The software can retrieve files of all common formats including JPG, PNG, GIF, and others. Besides, it supports many camera RAW formats. I also like that it is possible to preview files in three modes (Classic List, File List, and Deleted List) before launching the recovery process. The first option presents items the way they appear on a hard drive, the second mode lists the files as per media type, and the third one displays the deleted items.

I also like that it is possible to add a new header to compatible file types. If the item I want to restore isn’t included in the list of supported formats, I can change the existing file type or add a new file header to it in a manual or automatic mode.

Repair Damaged Photos in No Time

The program can extract the embedded thumbnails from seriously corrupted images without affecting their quality. Besides, it can repair plenty of photos at once even if they have different formats.

Rescue Digital Media can easily fix the unreadable pictures error that most often occurs due to corruption of file’s header, missing SOS marker, invalid or unknown marker.

You can save restored images into the original folder or to any desired location. Note that there is a separate folder for thumbnails of the repaired pictures. Photographers are sure to appreciate the program’s compatibility with all memory card types as well as its ability to handle RAW files of Canon, Sony, Nikon, Olympus, and more.

Repair Damaged or Corrupt Video Files Instantly

rescue digital media files repairing

Various video corruptions and errors are not a problem for this program either. You can quickly repair videos recorded with digital cameras, smartphones, camcorders, iPhones, and other popular devices. I like that the repair procedure is fast and intuitive.

The “Sample File” feature is a real bonus for me. With it, I can regain access to seriously corrupted files in a flash. To make a video watchable again the program needs a file of any size that has the same format as the damaged file and stored on the same device. Once you upload the sample video, the system analyzes it gathering all the required info to correct the desired clip.

The best part is that if you have multiple corrupted videos, Rescue Digital Media can perform batch repairs regardless of file formats. The preview feature is great for scrutinizing a fixed video before saving it to your device.

Effectively Restores Videos from Different Storage Devices

This video repair software supports M4V, MP4, FLV, and many other formats. A user-friendly graphic interface makes the work with this program enjoyable and trouble-free.

Rescue Digital Media offers 100% risk-free data recovery and can help you with regaining access to erased, lost, accidentally removed, or even formatted videos.

Restore Lost and Inaccessible Music Files

The program can also restore the most popular audio file formats. If you need to retrieve deleted or unreadable audio files from a USB flash drive, external HDDs, or mobile phones, this Windows and Mac data recovery software is a perfect fit. With this program, recovering data from formatted, encrypted, or corrupt storage media is a cinch. Besides, the rescued files have the original name and date-timestamp.

Helpful Tips and Tricks

rescue digital media tips

The section with tips contains lots of helpful info on how to prevent data loss, how to retrieve deleted or lost images from digital cameras or memory cards, how to recover removed pictures from Picasa, and how to get back the erased photos from Mac mini, iMac, and MacPro.

Rescue Digital Media Prices

A free version of the program does not offer full functionality. It only allows scanning and previewing items that are possible to recover. The company doesn’t reveal prices on the website, so to learn the current cost of services, you should address customer support specialists.

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