Creative Tim Bootstrap Themes & Templates Review

By Kate Gross 24 days ago, Apps and Software

Creative Tim

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Verdict: Creative Tim is a reputable platform that offers fully-coded UI functionality for producing web designs. Bootstrap-based design assets can be essential for improving the development workflow. Here I found a plethora of handy tools that range from add-ons to advanced kits that offer all the functionality you can possibly want.

I appreciate that Creative Tim is trying to improve the provided user experience as much as possible. They offer clients from all over the world an immense toolset that will help produce more professional web projects.

  • Convenient admin templates
  • UI kits and mockup webpages
  • Offers a selection of free themes
  • Premade sections and assets
  • Fully-coded dashboards
  • Lacks an in-depth site builder
creative tim interface

Creative Tim products use modern frameworks as a foundation. The fact that the same framework is employed for both the coded and visual versions will allow your designers and developers to find common ground in no time.

Developing a complex web design project from zero can be a highly expensive venture but if you decide to take advantage of Creative Tim’s products, this isn’t something you’ll have to stress over, as you’ll be able to dedicate most of your time and money on other aspects of your business.

Creative Tim Review: Main Features

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The simplest way to jumpstart your project is to employ one of the platform’s premade example pages. The range of potential options covers everything from landing pages to eCommerce and blog templates that will ensure you’ll start the development process with a great foundation that can be prepared in a matter of minutes.

Creative Tim also lets you quickly construct web pages with the help of premade sections and assets. Regardless of whether you need a header or a footer of any kind, you’ll be able to find a suitable option here. Additionally, you can look for more inspiration for your own project by visiting their web design blog.

Bootstrap Themes to Kick-Start Your Website

creative tim bootstrap themes

The provided Bootstrap themes are represented by HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code packages that contain styling, interface assets, and page layouts that you can employ for your own project. Essentially, you receive premade site templates that you can adapt and incorporate for your photography website.

The themes are based on Bootstrap while expanding its functionality. If you’re already familiar with the framework, you’ll have no trouble understanding some sections of the code. Similar to Bootstrap itself, having a portion of the assets be premade will help you cut down the amount of time and funds you need to invest into your project, as you save costs on designers and developers responsible for creating front-end code.

The provided themes are particularly relevant for users who are on a tight budget and need to create a minimum viable product as soon as possible. They’re also terrific tools for creating a visually appealing solution without having to invest in expensive customized UI.

Modern Sample Pages and User Interface Kits

creative tim ui kits

Creative Tim offers sets of premade UI assets and screens that your designers can employ for quickly producing new applications and platforms. Such user interface kits do wonders for improving your time efficiency since you won’t have to wait until designers are done making new UI elements at each stage of the project.

Don’t make the mistake of stalling development and investing resources into designing assets that won’t be included in the release version. Instead, you can rely on the Creative Tim web design company to quickly produce UI mockups, search for optimal layouts, and then focus on only producing custom assets that you will actually end up using.

The platform’s user interface kits are available in all kinds of formats. Some are designed to be universal and include elements for desktop, smartphone, and tablet devices while other options are more specialized and are only made for one platform or a specific goal.

Each included UI kit is filled to the brim with elements, icons, layouts, and other handy assets that can be used for your designs. Regardless of whether you’re making an Android application mockup or an eCommerce platform for selling your photos, these user interface kits provide fantastic designs that require minimum time and effort to be implemented.

Huge Collection of Fully Coded Website Sections

creative tim sections

Creative Tim offers a selection of options that you can combine and customize to your liking until you’re completely satisfied with the result. All themes include more than 300 front-end components like buttons, inputs, navigation bars, navigation tabs, cards, alerts, and much more. Each asset is available in multiple colors and you can further customize them with the help of SASS files and classes.

Both you and your web development company can cut down a significant amount of time on prototyping and writing fully functional code since all the necessary elements are already implemented into the site. Creative Tim’s Bootstrap design systems are supplied with premade blocks that offer a seamless development process, which will help you transition from the template page to the released website in no time.

The platform also provides complete documentation on colors, cards, typography, and more complex assets. Creative Tim’s products let you experiment with utility classes and produce an endless number of potential component combinations.

Layered Components to Organize Your Website Structure

creative tim components

All components are comprised of individual layers that are conveniently arranged into folders. Each asset has several states: colors, styles, hover, and focus. Other than offering customization, Creative Tim also provides support and convenient PSD files.

Making changes to different elements requires minimum effort thanks to the implemented smart object system. Moreover, the platform provides a swatch component that contains all the tones and gradients from all the offered themes.

Creative Tim Prices

Creative Tim offers dozens of themes for you to pick from. The price for each theme ranges from $19 to $59. Additionally, this platform lets you take advantage of specialized bundles for various web development technologies like React, Angular, etc. The cheapest bundle costs $99 and the prices go up from there.

Alternatively, you can get a Creative Tim lifetime subscription for $349. If you do so, you’ll have access to all the paid frontend and backend products, all themes and templates that will be released in the future as well as priority technical support. Such an option is ideal for developers who want to hone their skills and ultimately deliver the best user experience possible.