Questgen Review 2023: Benefits & Pricing

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Verdict: Thanks to Questgen’s cutting-edge algorithms, I’ve managed to turn my photography theory into a quiz in no time. This service enables me to generate multiple-choice questions (MCQs), true/false questions, and higher-order questions with a single mouse click. Easiness of use is one of the strengths of the platform, which can become your handy assistant during the teachings or sessions.

  • Generates quizzes in just one click
  • Designed for edtech use
  • For generating compliance assessments
  • Exporting in PDF/text formats
  • No repetitive questions
  • Lacks mobile application
  • Free plan with multiple restrictions
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Questgen’s functionality is what you need to create effective and accurate assessments for educational establishments, online learning platforms, HR teams, textbook publishers, and edtech companies as well.

If you are seeking a highly effective tool for optimizing the evaluation process, look no further as Questgen boasts advanced algorithms, intuitive UI, and amazing track, which make this tool an indispensable assistant for everyone who is looking for a highly effective solution to optimize the assessment processes.

More than 15,000 users leveraged the platform saving 20,000+ hours thanks to the AI EdTech tool that automates the creation of quizzes and assessments.

Questgen – Main Features

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Questgen can generate questions from the context of up to 2,000 words. However, if the text for creating quizzes is longer, you’ll need to divide it into sections of 2,000 words each. The customer service of the platform is available in English, but you can receive help in other languages like Spanish, French, Hindi, etc.

Questgen stands out among the competitive services with its ability to generate quizzes based on Bloom’s Taxonomy, which is a framework applied to generations of K-12 teachers and college instructors in their teaching. It includes six categories: Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation.

Intuitive User Interface

The neat and well-organized layout of the platform’s UI is thoughtfully developed. It means that you won’t have trouble navigating the platform as it is simple and only contains the necessary features that do not overwhelm it.

After logging in, you’ll see the dashboard with all the available options and functions. This is a central location from where you can perform any of the tasks like question generation, customization, and settings.

This is one of the generative AI tools for business that boasts a logical and simple structure of the menus and navigation options. It means that you won’t have trouble without wearisome searching or guesswork.

Easy to Start

The first step was to enter the text, select the type of quiz question I wanted to create like MCQ, True/False, Fill-in-the-blank, or Higher Order QA, and choose Generate Questions. Then I can make the required corrections and export the ready-made quiz in either text format or PDF. I had no trouble sharing and sending the assessments to the desired person boosting collaboration and getting the feedback in the shortest possible time.

questgen generate question interface

The process of theory test creation was quick and efficient. Besides, the assessments do not contain repeating questions. By transforming my material into interactive quizzes, I’ve managed to make my content more interesting. With the help of the service, my audience has become wider and my message was successfully delivered.

AI-Powered Question Generation with High Accuracy

Thanks to AI algorithms, Questgen stands out among the competitors by creating relevant and accurate questions. This Artificial Intelligence software leverages natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning technology to extract info from the existing text and turn it into meaningful questions.

questgen questions example

Taking advantage of this capability, educators and content creators can speed up and optimize their workflow considerably. As Questgen uses AI, there is no need to grade tests manually, which accelerates the evaluation process. The result is an efficient use of time and resources.

Ability to Choose Question Generation Settings

questgen questions types

Without a doubt the customization abilities of Questgen are impressive, but question parameters and generation of questions in many languages require some fine-tuning. If enhanced, these aspects would increase the tool’s versatility, making it more suitable for various audience types.

Questgen allows generating such question types as multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blanks, true/false, FAQ, and higher-order thinking (open-ended). It is also possible to create Bloom’s Taxonomy and similar questions.

Great Support and Frequent Updates

If you have any questions or issues, you can check the FAQ section or turn to the company’s support team. Besides, Questgen is regularly updated and the developers try their best to stay abreast with the continuously evolving edtech landscape. Besides, they upgrade the service with advanced features and capabilities to deliver the best possible results.

StarzSoft Prices

Questgen AI has two packages, a Free (with limited functionality), and a Pro.

Basic is available for free (20 free runs, email support).

Pro costs $15/month or $150 billed yearly (unlimited runs for individual fair use, priority support, timely updates with new functions).


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