Printify Service Review 2022: Features & Pricing

By Kate Gross 9 days ago, Apps and Software

Printify service

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Verdict: If your goal is to release your customized products to the online market as fast as possible, then Printify is the most efficient choice for achieving your goal. With this tool at your disposal, the only aspects you'll have to think about are the product designs and sales. Once a sale is made, this platform will take care of everything in your stead.

Printify is pleasantly user-friendly and customizable compared to most other print-on-demand solutions available online. You can employ the convenient mockup generator to create the assets you need for your business’ product catalog. Additionally, the platform offers a large number of integrations that will help you boost your sales and establish as fast of a workflow as possible.

  • More than 300 different items for printing
  • Over 90 printing service provider locations
  • Mockup generator
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Can be integrated with Shopify, Etsy, eBay, and other platforms
  • Processing time shown by the supplier isn’t always trustworthy
  • Some suppliers are unavailable
printify service interface

Printify stands out from most of its competitors thanks to the advanced technology that powers this platform. The moment you decide to take advantage of its services, you’re immediately connected to the world’s most popular print providers including ArtGun, Fifth Sun, Prodigi, MWW, and many others.

The list of possible print locations encompasses the United States, UK, Germany, Australia, China, and several other countries. When designing and creating your product, you can pick the optimal provider for your needs while browsing through potential options based on location, pricing, and other parameters.

Printify Service — Main Features

printify service logo

Chosen by over 500k clients, Printify allows you to conveniently design and sell customized products that are embellished with your designs. This tool takes care of both production and shipping while you’re only responsible for providing the branding and making the sale. The Printify product catalog lets you choose from over 300 different customizable products that can be sold online including shirts, hoodies, smartphone cases, cups, tote bags, backpacks, pillows, canvases, blankets, towels, shower curtains, etc.

Simple Steps to Create Print on Demand Products

printify service catalog

One of my favorite things about this service that has to be emphasized in this Printify review is the automated sourcing and production process of print-on-demand items. Your work mostly comes down to selection, as you have to choose the optimal product for your brand based on the location of the print service provider, order completion time, and price.

As mentioned before, they give you a huge catalog of more than 500 items to choose from. Regardless of whether you want to design a t-shirt, mug, or some kind of home décor item – this platform has you covered.

After you’re finished with this step, employ the free Mockup Generator to add the design to the desired item. This tool can serve as a fantastic alternative to even the most advanced T-shirt design software.

The next step involves ordering samples from the selected service providers to ensure the final product meets your expectations and desired quality standards. You might be tempted to skip this step but only by trying out multiple products can you be certain you’re offering your clients the highest product quality possible and can guarantee a high customer satisfaction rate.

After finishing the design, you can examine the item, add a description, and set the price. Once you're done, both the description and the price are automatically copied to your eCommerce store without requiring you to type in that information manually. Printify also automatically calculates how much money you’ll get from each sale.

The most appealing part of this service is that it takes full control over the order fulfillment process while you focus on raking in as many sales as possible. The platform handles the billing, manufacturer requests, and shipping while you can forget about all that hassle. If you want to keep track of the progress of all your orders, you can do so using your Printify account.

500+ Products to Choose From

Once I got to the product catalog menu, I noticed filters on the left side. The items can be conveniently filtered to help you quickly find options like t-shirts, v-necks, sweatshirts, laptop cases, stickers, and so on.

The range of possible options is quite impressive. When I picked the bag category, I was presented with the option to design a shopping bag, AOP bag, school bag, and shoulder bag. The tool also doesn't force you to settle for regular cotton photography shirts. Print providers offer varied item designs made of various materials, colors, and so on.

Integration with Leading eCommerce Platforms

Once you’re satisfied with the customized item, you can post it on the eCommerce store of your choice. Printify offers convenient integration with the most popular eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Etsy, Wix, and others to help you instantly reach audiences of millions of potential customers.

The item will be automatically published on your store after you complete the design, which is why it makes more sense to view this tool as an add-on to an existing online shop rather than a standalone entity. It's also worth noting that you can make final pricing and size adjustments just before posting the product.

Top eCommerce Platforms List

printify service print providers

I like that you receive detailed info regarding the suppliers before you commit to an option and can order sample items to check their quality. You can examine the full list of relevant suppliers once you choose what kind of product you want to create.

In my case, I’ve searched for suppliers who offer regular white shirts. Printify helped me choose between them by offering key information regarding minimum price, expected production time, and areas covered by each specific supplier.

Your goal is to pick the optimal provider that will both satisfy all of your needs and offer the product quality necessary to ensure your clients are happy with their purchase. While you can choose from providers that offer their services all around the world, you have a higher chance of finding an option that will meet all your expectations in the USA and the United Kingdom.

Mockup Generator for Creating Designs

printify service design process

I like how easy it is to import your design, experiment with various color solutions, and preview your products in high quality. It’s a rather straightforward design tool so you will probably have to do the bulk of the graphic design work in Photoshop or other similar software and only use Printify for the final touches like editing, expanding, and adding views to different product areas.

Simple Shipping Parameter Management

Based on the print service provider and shipping destination, this platform lets you choose between weight-based, flat rate, and express shipping options. The delivery time is determined by the provider and destination and typically ranges from 4 to 10 business days while international shipments are typically delivered within 10 to 30 days.

If you choose the flat rate option, the platform’s shipping calculator will guarantee the proper shipping fee is charged for each order.

As for the shipping location, Printify delegates that task to independent stores. Since such work is performed by small companies, the specific shipping location is determined by your chosen supplier.

The platform collaborates with suppliers from California, Georgia, Colorado, Florida, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Michigan, and North Carolina. It also has 3 locations in the United Kingdom and 1 in China. Ideally, you should pick a supplier that is as near to your clients as possible. After all, going with a Chinese provider when you have a business in Colorado won’t do anyone any good.

Discounts on Bulk Orders

You can design and order customized products for your company or event in bulk and cut down the shipping cost by up to 30%. This option is perfectly suited for retail shops, corporations, non-profit organizations, and event planners.

Bulk orders are offered for specific products as long as you buy 60 or more similar items from one print provider. In some cases, you can order different products to get a discount as long as the provider remains the same.

Printify Service Prices

Printify is initially available for free but you can also take advantage of the premium and enterprise plans. The Premium package will cost you $29 per month ($24.99 if you make payments annually) while the cost of the Enterprise plan is determined based on the specific needs of your business.

The free plan includes 5 stores while the Premium package bumps that number up to 10. Each plan also offers an unlimited number of product designs.

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