Plexial Website Development & App Agency Review 2023

By Kate Gross 5 days ago, Apps and Software


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Verdict: Plexial is a critically acclaimed IT and graphic design agency. They offer web development, design, WordPress, and e-commerce services as well as poster and banner creation.

The biggest advantage that I want to mention in this Plexial review is the agency’s WordPress utilities, templates, and plug-ins that can be used for growing and advertising your photography brand. The services offered by Plexial are suited for both photographers and independent entrepreneurs that use sites and blogs as their primary platforms for promoting their products and services.

  • Creative approach to work
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  • Unlimited revisions
  • Fantastic client support
  • State-of-the-art technologies and solutions
  • Website doesn’t have a price list
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Plexial receives a lot of praise for its lineup of unique services that aim to satisfy the needs of its customers in branding and photography marketing industries. The agency’s team of experienced professionals can produce stunning graphics, animations, icons, and other types of visual content.

Their website features a diverse portfolio that includes a variety of examples from their design, web development, and e-commerce orders.

Plexial Main Features

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This digital marketing company has gathered a fantastic team of qualified employees who know how to handle all sorts of website development and graphic design projects. They devise a personalized approach for every client and always stay on top of the latest trends.

Creative Posters & Banners Design Services

plexial poster design services

The company relies exclusively on the best graphic design software to add mind-blowing effects, eye-catching fonts, and create a corporate identity for your business.

Design can be used to attract the attention of your target audience, retain it, and make them stay as long as possible. If you want to impress someone, Plexial emphasizes graphics, unusual color combinations, etc. If you want to focus the attention on the text, then all designer decisions will nudge the user to its perception.

The main principle that Plexial adheres to when creating poster and banner designs is developing and using a single style that will resonate perfectly with the target audience. It’s also vital that the agency’s experts constantly communicate with the clients while accounting for all their requests during every stage of the project.

High-Quality Web Development and Design

plexial web development services

This agency will analyze your requirements, target audience, and competition to create a website that can be easily accessed on personal computers, laptops, and mobile devices. By relying on WordPress and unique WordPress photography themes, the agency can create an e-commerce store, photographer/videographer portfolio, news website, or personal blog.

Thanks to the use of professional plugins, your single- or multi-page website will load instantly. Since the company is client-oriented, they listen to all your suggestions and make appropriate adjustments even after finishing the project.

Plexial’s designers pick hues, textures, and shapes that match your brand's identity by relying on special web design software. Other than being handling UI/UX, colors, pictures, and fonts, they also track how efficient your site is. Their designers ensure the UI is as minimalistic as possible to make the user experience smooth and convenient. This trait is incredibly important due to e-commerce being this agency’s specialty.

Unique App Development and Design

plexial app development services

Plexial excels at developing applications for iOS and Android devices as well as cross-platform ones. The agency produces user-friendly and convenient apps that can help you establish a long-term relationship with your clients. Game development is a rather time-consuming process that demands a professional and creative approach, but with Plexial it becomes rather straightforward.

Other than development, the agency can also come up with fascinating designs, giving you even more opportunities to attract as many users as possible. Their original gaming mechanic works towards “keeping” users and gradually increasing profitability.

E-commerce for Any Enterprise

The agency covered in this review offers a broad range of e-commerce solutions for various industries. They rely on the latest trends and technological achievements to help you achieve your business goals while automating processes like cost reduction, lead generation, client communication, order processing, and data analysis.

The company can also optimize your e-commerce image and determine the target audience. Targeted advertising allows reaching out to users that might be interested in your products and services.

Impressive Portfolio

plexial portfolio

The agency boasts a substantial portfolio of successful projects that received the gratitude of clients from around the world. Plexial completed orders for enterprises from over a dozen industries and is always willing to work with new ones. Regardless of what creative idea or project you have in mind, their professionals will help you implement it.

Easy to Reach

You can get in touch with Plexial by filling out their website form, calling them, or sending an email. Additionally, you can reach them by requesting urgent delivery. The agency’s team will consistently communicate with you during all stages of the project to let you know when certain milestones have been reached.


When placing an order, you won’t have a price list on the website to refer to. The exact cost is determined by the difficulty of the project, your requirements and needs, the amount of required content, and so on.

Additionally, the cost of the order is dependent on how much time Plexial spends working on it. After placing an order, you'll be shortly contacted by a manager who will discuss your project with you before sending you to the appropriate team members. You’ll receive a response almost instantly and won’t have to pay for it.


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