Good Light! Magazine Review 2023

By Tata Rossi 8 days ago, Apps and Software

Good Light! Magazine

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Verdict: Good Light! Magazine is an e-magazine for aspiring and professional photographers who need to learn more about modern photography trends and the technical side of the craft. It caters to every photographer’s needs, regardless of their level of experience. Here, you will find a lot of useful articles about various lighting techniques.

Each photo is accompanied by detailed information on how it was taken, which makes this resource invaluable for beginner photographers.

  • Many photographer equipment reviews
  • Detailed photo editing tutorials
  • Useful downloads
  • Reliable lighting setups
  • Amazing images
  • Focuses on affordable equipment brands
goodlightmag website

In this GoodLightMag review, I will briefly describe the main topics covered by this magazine as well as its main advantages. Under every image published in this magazine, you will see a detailed description of the camera specification and tips on how the picture could have been improved.

The magazine often features motivating stories about photographers working across the globe. Thanks to it, aspiring photographers can learn how to build a successful photography career. Since every picture is published with the EXIF data, you can see what camera settings should be used for achieving such a result.

Besides helpful tips and tricks, here, you will find articles on portrait and beauty photography. You will learn how to set up lighting to take perfect portrait photos. You will also find out how to create the most effective lighting setups to ensure that your model’s face is well lit. The magazine often features photos taken by professional photographers.

Good Light! Magazine contains a lot of inspiring photos, professional recommendations and handy tutorials that will help you improve your photography skills.

Good Light! Magazine Main Features

The Good Light! photo magazine is a perfect solution for those who are looking for detailed photography tutorials and handy tips from professionals. In every issue, you will find many educational articles written by specialists.

If you want to found your own company, pay attention to the business topics that are covered in this magazine in detail. Each issue covers a range of topics so that you could select the ones that you are most interested in. You can also read inspirational articles and learn more about how the featured images were taken.

Besides, in Good Light! Magazine, you will find a lot of tips from commercially successful photographers and useful business ideas that will help you develop your company. You can also learn more about which gear you can use to boost your skills.

There are many articles covering the recent technological developments and stories of people who built successful photography businesses.

goodlightmag editing goodlightmag editing

Good Light! Magazine is often considered to be the best option for aspiring photographers who want to improve their skills and learn more about photography. With it, you can quickly find any information that you need and learn how to implement various photo editing tips.

On the pages of this magazine, you will see a lot of inspiring photos, recommendations and step-by-step guides that will help you become a professional photographer.

The magazine covers a variety of topics and genres. If you haven’t fully mastered your craft yet, you will be pleased to learn that every photo is accompanied by a detailed description of the camera settings that were used.

Every issue of the magazine contains several sections with complete lighting tutorials for various genres and expert reviews about professional photography gear, such as a DSLR camera, plugins, applications, books and websites. If you are new to photo editing, make sure to read Photoshop and Ps Elements tutorials to learn how to solve frequent issues. Besides, this magazine will tell you how to use budget gear and set up DIY photography lighting.

Good Light! Magazine Apps

goodlightmag apps

Another advantage of this magazine is that you can read it on your smartphone via a dedicated iOS or Android app. For instance, you can read it in One Column Mode that allows you to see all the images clearly without being distracted by the text.

Good Light! Magazine Subscription

goodlightmag covers

There are several subscription options available for those who want to read Good Light! Magazine. You can pay $4.99 for any issue you are interested in. A monthly subscription will cost you $3.99. The price of an annual subscription is $24.99.

The subscription is renewed automatically so when you don’t need to read the magazine anymore, you will need to cancel the subscription manually. Once you have confirmed your payment, payments will be charged to your iTunes account.

If you don’t want your subscription to be renewed automatically, you need to turn it off at least 24 hours before the end of a month or year. You can always adjust your subscription settings in your account after paying for the magazine. It’s impossible to cancel the current subscription during an active subscription period.


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