Photoshop CS3 Portable

Photoshop CS3 Portable - Is It Legal?

Photoshop CS3 Portable is highly popular software for image editing. Unfortunately, many users don’t know that it isn’t the official Adobe product. Moreover, Adobe has never released the software called Portable.

What exactly is Photoshop CS3 Portable? Is it safe to use? Why is it better to use the official Ps version? Find out the answers to all these questions and even more in this article.

What Is Photoshop CS3 Portable?

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Portable is not a special Ps version. This is an illegally distributed software available for download free of charge.

It is rather tempting to download a program without paying a single dollar. Moreover, you may think that Portable is a simplified Ps version since it doesn’t require installing from a USB flash drive.

While using Portable Photoshop CS 3 seems so easy and trouble-free, you may be bitterly disappointed by numerous crashes, lags and viruses that come with this software.

Photoshop CS3 Portable or License Version?

photoshop cs3 portable vs license version

Photoshop Portable CS3 is a pirated version of a well-known image editor. So, downloading this cracked product is prohibited by law. Software piracy is a criminal act and may result in negative aftermaths such as fines and even jail sentence.

Photoshop CS3 Portable Disadvantages:

  • Frequent Crashes. Hacked software can often crash without saving the edits you have been performing for hours. Also, using pirated programs may lead to frequent computer lags or even crashes. The choice between purchasing a Ps licensed version or repairing your computer is obvious.
  • Viruses. If you decided to download Photoshop CS3 Portable, there are chances it will contain viruses. Apart from severely affecting the computer’s operation, malware can even damage your system.
  • No technical support. Usually, cracked software is sluggish, has lags and works improperly. If you use Portable Photoshop CS3, most likely, you will face these problems, but have to fix them yourself.

Photoshop License Advantages:

  • Reliability. Hackers, who are distributing pirated free programs like Adobe Photoshop CS3 Portable, don’t care about possible negative consequences users may face. They change the source code of the program by removing the important functions. Conversely, the developers of official products are interested in producing robust and reliable software and meet users’ needs.
  • Regular updates. The majority of licensed software offers constant free updates. Without updates, you can’t use new capabilities of the program, improve it or fix errors. However, if you use Photoshop CS3 Portable, you will deprive yourself of the possibility to explore the full potential of the licensed version of this photo editor.
  • Support. The technical support is always ready to help if a user has any problems with the software. If you purchased Photoshop subscription, you just need to contact customer support to get professional assistance.

Which Version of Photoshop Should I Use?

There are not many Photoshop versions available free of charge. However, you can make the best use of beneficial Adobe plans that include Photoshop and other powerful products for image editing.

1. One App Plan

  • Platforms: Windows, Mac OSX
  • Price: $20.99/month
  • FixThePhoto's Rating

Adobe Photoshop is the best photo editing software for beginners and professionals, who work with vector graphics, advanced image editing tools, web design and 3D modeling.

Apart from Photoshop and 100GB of cloud storage, this plan includes such products as Adobe Portfolio, Adobe Fonts, Adobe Fresco and Adobe Spark with the newest functions and bugs fixed. If you don’t need more programs to organize your photo editing or graphic design workflow, this plan will be a great option to consider.

2. All App Plans

  • Platforms: Windows, Mac OSX
  • Price: $52.99/month
  • FixThePhoto's Rating

This plan comprises full-featured programs for PC and mobile devices, which will be useful for those, who work with graphic design, web design, photo and video editing. In addition to Photoshop, you can use more than 20 Adobe products such as InDesign, After Effects and more.

Also, you will get 100GB of cloud storage, Adobe Portfolio, Adobe Fonts, and Adobe Spark. Moreover, it is possible to increase your cloud storage to 10TB. With this plan, you can get access to all the newest updates and improvements.

Photoshop CS3 Portable Alternatives

If you don’t want to use Adobe Photoshop CS3 and aren't ready to pay for its legal version, consider using one of these programs. Despite being free, they aren't inferior to Photoshop in terms of functionality and capabilities.

1. FotoJet

  • No registration required
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Handy tools
  • A variety of templates and resources
  • Requires upgrading to the premium version to unlock all features

This is an all-in-one program for image editing, photo collage and graphic design. FotoJet is similar to PicMonkey it terms of a user interface with its sidebar which includes various menus.

This program has numerous effects such as sepia, vintage and B&W that can impress even the pickiest users. You can upload and edit your photos using PC or Facebook. However, to access this premium option, you need to upgrade to FotoJet Plus.

2. BeFunky

  • Comes with tutorials
  • Projects for inspiration
  • Built-in templates for creating banners, cards and flyers
  • User-friendly tools and features
  • Contains ads

If you are in search of a decent alternative to Photoshop CS3 Portable, BeFunky is an excellent option to choose since it comes with a Photo Editor, Graphic Designer, and Collage Maker. Being packed with a dynamic toolbar and diverse features, such a powerful and universal program is very popular among users.

Besides the ability to enhance exposure and saturation, BeFunky features the Resize and Crop tools. The program also boasts an array of stunning effects that can improve any type of picture. You can import your photos to BeFunky from your PC, cloud storage and even social media sites. The only downside of this program is annoying ads.


  • Ability to work with masks and text
  • Image conversion
  • First-class results
  • Lacks desktop version for Mac OS
  • Few tutorials

GIMP is a feature-rich program that can handle any kind of image editing. Photo editor, image converter, batch image renderer, powerful painting capabilities – you will be blown away by the features included in this software. Moreover, with GIMP, you can work with text, layers, masks and apply different beautiful effects to your pictures.


Would you like to take your photo editing game to creative heights? With these Photoshop freebies, you will definitely bring your photography to the whole next level.

Matte Action

free photoshop action matte free photoshop action matte

This Photoshop filter allows reducing shadows and achieving a soft and warm color effect with natural look preserved.

Star Overlay

free photoshop star overlay free photoshop star overlay

Enhance your pictures with beautiful starts and make them deeper and brighter. Apart from making your photos more saturated, this Ps overlay adds a special atmosphere to your works.

Circle Brush

free photoshop circle brushes

If you want to add a certain appeal to your photos by making them more vibrant and colorful, download these circle brushes. With the help of these tools, you can make a background in your pictures eye-pleasing.

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