PhotoDirector vs Affinity Photo

Searching for a quality collage maker with automatic color correction options? Check out PhotoDirector vs Affinity Photo comparative table and choose the most efficient software for your needs.

PhotoDirector is an effective digital retouching tool widely used by internet marketers, photographers and video makers. This software helps them create sharper and clearer images thus improving their websites or online branding.

Affinity Photo is not just one of the best performing editing suites on the digital market, but the simplest solution that combines professional tools.

Which is Better? Final Verdict:

After applying some basic editing techniques, you can also make use of advanced tools like merge, burn-in, overlay, blur, background, color overlay, deskewing, background blur, cloning, and also despeckle.

Affinity Photo is the winner >

Affinity Photo Features:

  • HDR merge
  • Panorama stitching
  • Focus stacking
  • Support for all file formats
  • PSD Editing support

What is PhotoDirector?

photodirector interface

The main advantage with this tool is that it can be easily downloaded from the Internet. With the help of the software, they are able to create sharper and better images using different techniques and tools. For example, to remove all the unwanted background images, you can use the retouch tools provided in this software which includes image masking, crop/rotate, resize, change the color and also real time cropping.

To change the colors of your images, you can use the color tools that come with this software. There are other interesting functions such as thicken border, crop, zoom and red eye reduction.

There are also image filters which you can use to enhance the quality of your images and make them more colorful and attractive. To add more interesting effects, you can also add text effects to your photos and videos or apply filters to your images.

What is Affinity Photo?

affinity photo interface

One of the main features is the fact that it is a fully functioning and backwards-compatible version of Photoshop. This means that you can continue working in both versions, whilst still saving and modifying your work in Affinity Photo.

Features also include a host of other software features, including a wide range of retouching tools, picture effects, backgrounds, text, and much more - everything you could possibly want or need in a graphics editing program. Another great aspect of this program is that it is a free download, so you don't have to spend any money on it.

One of the main features available with this software is the AutoShape Utility, which allows you to automatically shape your photos after they have been taken. There are a large number of pre-installed shapes, although you are also able to import additional shapes from your computer or the Internet.


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PhotoDirector & Affinity Photo Features:

  • Powerful interface
  • Many advanced effects
  • Layer support
  • Painterly AI styles
  • Presets
  • Layer-based editing for a non-destructive workflow
  • 360-degree image editing
  • Lighting filters
  • Live editing with instant previews
  • Easy workflow

PhotoDirector and Affinity Photo Price:

STARTING PRICE $3.17/month $49
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FixThePhoto Choice:

PhotoDirector supports layers for advanced color correction, includes many AI tools and dozens of ready-made professional presets.

Affinity Photo supports PSD files, offers photographers batch processing and instant preview.