Passport Photo Online Review

Platforms: Online
Price: $4.99 per photo

Verdict: With Passport Photo Online you will get a photo that is 100% compliant with the requirement for any type of document at an affordable price. The service has more than 200 templates for documents across the world. All you need is to specify the type of document, upload your photo, and you will get a picture with a white background and a proper size in a matter of seconds.

  • Fast process of creating passport photos online
  • Excellent app for your smartphone
  • You can order printing
  • Templates for all kinds of passport photos for all countries
  • Can cut out faces even from complex backgrounds
  • No photo color correction feature
  • No trial version
passport photo online interface

Previously, if you needed to take a picture for a document, you had to go to a local photo studio or spend a lot of time removing the background and cropping the picture to the desired format in an image editor.

With the advent of computer technologies, you can considerably save your time. All you need is to take a picture using your smartphone and instantly receive your photo with a white background and proper size.

Complete Passport Photo Online Review

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You probably know that different documents require different image formats. Even if you have an extra quarter inch in the picture, your document will be rejected. It is rather troublesome to take your photos and print them out several times.

Moreover, you can’t be 100% sure you did everything right. Passport Photo Online is a new type of photo booth software that will help you forget about these problems and guarantee that your photos are properly resized.

200+ Templates for Documents

passport photo online templates

The first thing that catches your eye on the passport photo site is a huge selection of templates for documents. You can choose not only templates for US documents, but visa, passport, driver's license, and diplomas for all countries. Select any template and then apply it to your photo. Unfortunately, you can only crop a photo for one template at a time.

Automatic Background Removal

passport photo online background removal

I’ve been skeptical about programs claiming they can remove the background automatically in a couple of seconds, but this is exactly the case with Passport Photo Online. I uploaded my pictures taken in a studio, on the street, and even in an apartment in low light conditions.

The program perfectly cut out my face and didn’t even spoil my hair (often, such programs simply cut off parts of my hair). You don’t even have to pose against a contrasting background. Everything works just magically!

Well-Designed Mobile App

passport photo online mobile app

Another essential aspect I can’t but mention in this Passport Photo Online review is its well-elaborated mobile application. This Passport PhotoAiD app is designed either for iOS or Android (Passport Photos App for iPhone or Passport photos maker Android App). You can upload your existing photo or take a new one with your smartphone camera.

When you press the shutter button, you instantly get a cropped shot with the background removed. Interestingly, but the app detects your location and immediately gives you the most popular document templates for your country. You can also order printouts shipping to your home.

FAQ: Passport Photo Online Review

  • Are there any requirements concerning the image quality of a photo for a document?

No, such requirements are not described anywhere, since you can take a picture for a document with almost any device such as DSLR cameras, webcams, smartphones, etc.

  • Can I print a passport photo at home?

Once Passport Photo Online finishes its work, you will receive a file with your picture and another file with a sequence of four photos properly lined up. Therefore, you can make a home photo studio and use one of the compact photo booth printers to print pictures for documents.

  • How can I crop my photo for a document?

There are two ways to do it. You can use a free photo editor and manually set the size of the picture, or approach a Passport Photo Online service, which will do everything automatically and 100% correctly.

  • Why is Passport Photo Online better than its free counterparts?

The strongest advantages of this service are fast work and accurate results. You need a lot of time and effort to master third-party programs. With Passport Photo Online, you will get results even faster than the free program launches.

Passport Photo Online Prices

This passport photo site doesn't offer free trials, analogs, and subscription plans. All you need is to make a one-time payment of $4.99 for each picture. The price doesn’t vary depending on the image format, background complexity, etc.

Unlike a web-based version, the Photo AiD app offers several price options:

  • Free. Photo cropping according to the document type and the composition of the image without background removal.
  • $1.99. Background removal, image cropping, and expert review of all document photo requirements.
  • $4.98. Apart from all of the above-mentioned benefits, the high-quality printed images will be shipped to your home within 72 hours.

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