How to Fix: NordVPN Not Working with Netflix

How to Fix: NordVPN Not Working with Netflix

When NordVPN not working with Netflix, you see a streaming error message – the streaming service has detected the IP address of your VPN server and added it to its blacklist of blocked IP addresses, even if you have an account on Netflix.

Most likely, you are watching it from a different location but access to Netflix and its content is limited depending on the location. So, it is difficult to watch series from another region. I will explain how NordVPN Netflix blocked works and how you can get around it using NordVPN.

6 Ways to Solve the NordVPN not Working with Netflix Problem

Practical methods for the prevention of blocking are supplemented with the recommendations of the NordVPN developers. After each solution, you need to restart the NordVPN application to apply the new settings, and if possible, the system itself. These changes won’t the system – you can make them both separately and in combination.

NordVPN lets you access Netflix not only in the US but also in Canada, Japan, Germany, the UK, Italy and Australia. I suggest trying NordVPN free with a 30-day money-back guarantee before switching to a long-term plan.

1. Choose a Different Server

It is the least resistance path that can immediately work under the current circumstances. Servers with fewer users improve the speed and performance of the service and reduce the risk of detection. NordVPN has a smart algorithm that automatically suggests the least loaded or the best VPN server for you depending on your location or requirements (in this case, regional streaming).

  • server choosing nordvpn not working with Netflix


    1. Open the NordVPN application on the device.

    2. Connect to US #1473 server by entering its number in the search bar at the top. Remember to check your status – it must be Protected.

    3. Once connected, open the Netflix website via browser in Incognito Mode.

    NordVPN advises choosing a server close to your physical location. At the time of writing, for Netflix US, server #1473 was doing well. The other suitable servers are #4185, #5078, #5080, #5082, #5083, #5085, #5087, #5135, #5601. The NordVPN customer support team suggested using server #5077 and higher since these servers don’t fill up as quickly as others.

    Distance usually affects speed when it comes to VPN. However, to pick a specific region that is far away from you, such as Netflix UK, it is better to opt for a less busy server from the available ones.

    Often you will be redirected to the Netflix UA library, but this isn’t a cause for concern as it is the most advanced one. The worst situation is with the content of France, India and Spain.

    2. Clear the Cache of Your Browser

    cache clearing nordvpn not working with netflix

    Netflix can determine your location thanks to the information stored in your browser cache. To avoid this, clear your browser cache and cookies before connecting to the Netflix server. Since most of us view pages using Google Chrome, let’s look at this example. On a mobile device, you can clear the cache of the browser or individual applications in “storage”, depending on your device.


    1. Open Google Chrome and click on the 3 dots in the upper-right corner > More Tools > Clear Browsing Data.

    2. Check the Cookies and other site data, Cached images and files boxes and Clear Data since day one.

    3. Restart the device for a new session and reconnect to the NordVPN server.

    3. Stop WebRTC Leaks

    Sometimes browsers experience WebRTC leaks. WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is a technology used by web browsers for real-time communication, such as video and voice calls, without the need for additional plugins. While it enhances the web browsing experience, it can also lead to privacy concerns when using a VPN.

    WebRTC leaks occur when a user's real IP address is inadvertently exposed despite being connected to a VPN. This happens because WebRTC can bypass the VPN tunnel and communicate directly with web servers, potentially revealing the true IP address. But you can easily stop WebRTC leaks.


    Mozilla Firefox: enter about: config in the address bar where you enter the search text. Scroll down to media.peerconnection.enabled, double-click to set it to false.

    Google Chrome: install the WebRTC Network Limiter plugin as a browser extension and it will stop WebRTC leaks.

    4. Stop IPv6 Leaks

    If you are having problems with an IPv6 leak in your connection, you can disable it on your device through the properties of the connected adapter.


    Stop IPv6 Leaks for Windows

    leaks stopping nordvpn not working with netflix

    1. Right-click the network icon in the notification tray and pick Open Network & Internet settings.

    2. Open Network and Sharing Center or Change adapter options.

    adapter properties nordvpn not working with netflix

    3. Click once or twice on your network adapter and pick Properties.

    ipv6 leaks stopping nordvpn not working with netflix

    4. Clear the Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) checkbox in the list. Then click OK and Close.

    From the same menu, you can manually configure DNS servers via Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties. It is described in the section about DNS addresses setup.

    Stop IPv6 Leaks for MacOS

    1. In newer versions of OS X, you will need to run the command via the Terminal. Please note that any changes made to the network settings may cause this parameter to be disabled. As a result, you may need to run the command again.

    2. Open Finder > Applications > Utilities > double click on the Terminal app.

    3. Run the following command in the Terminal window. This will list all your network interfaces and their names:

    sudo networksetup - listallnetworkservices

    4. Determine the network interface used (usually Ethernet or Wi-Fi). Use the following command in the Terminal window to disable IPv6 on this interface. Note that you may need to use quotation marks to enclose the interface name:

    sudo networksetup -setv6off Ethernet
    sudo networksetup -setv6off Wi-Fi

    5. You will be asked to enter the OS X administrator password. After this, IPv6 will be disabled.

    5. Setup the NordVPN DNS Addresses

    Native NordVPN applications automatically use NordVPN DNS servers when connecting to a VPN. This is done to prevent DNS leaks during a VPN connection, ensuring the security of your DNS requests.

    You can manually configure the device to use DNS servers. This is useful when you connect to NordVPN from someone else’s application (for instance, third-party OpenVPN clients) or if you have any problems configuring DNS addresses in the NordVPN app.


    1. Follow the steps 1-3 described in the previous paragraph about stopping IPv6 leaks.

    2. Pick Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) (should be checked) > Properties > General > Use the following DNS server addresses.

    3. In the Preferred DNS Server and Altered DNS Server lines, manually enter the addresses of the NordVPN DNS servers – and

    Repeat all the steps for each physical network adapter that you are connecting from (Wi-Fi, Ethernet).

    6. Contact Customer Support

    If you have tried everything from this list, but the error message still appears, contact customer support via live chat or email (they are available around the clock and seven days a week).


    Go to the official website of the NordVPN provider. The chat button is available as a pop-up window from the question mark in the lower right corner. The chatbot can redirect you to a live manager based on the answers you choose. Here you can request server numbers and addresses that are valid for Netflix.


    • Netflix doesn’t work with VPN on Firestick, what to do?

    Being one of the best free VPNs for Firestick, NordVPN works only with second-generation and newer versions of Amazon Fire Stick. If you are having problems viewing Netflix through a VPN on Firestick, try downloading the free Firefox browser. You can watch Netflix on Firestick through a browser just like on your laptop.

    • How to connect a media player or a similar device via NordVPN?

    NordVPN is compatible with all major devices and lets you connect up to 6 of them simultaneously. However, if you wish to connect NordVPN to Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast or game consoles, you will have to install it via a router since these devices don’t have an integrated VPN feature.

    • How to register a Netflix account abroad?

    You can access Netflix and register an account via a VPN anywhere in the world, even if Netflix is currently unavailable in that region. You will need to purchase a Netflix gift card through a trusted well-known agent (Paypal, Netflix or Target).

    After purchasing a gift card, you will be able to register and pay for it with a code via the selected NordVPN. Then you can start streaming immediately. Keep in mind that you always need to watch Netflix via NordVPN to access this account.

    • How can I use a tablet for Netflix with NordVPN?

    Download and install the NordVPN app on your tablet from the official app store. Connect to a NordVPN server that supports Netflix access (for example, US servers are commonly used to access the US Netflix library).

    Once the NordVPN connection is established on your tablet for Netflix, you can open the app or access the Netflix website via your tablet's browser.

    Netflix vs VPN-Services

    You can rightfully get mad if you have paid for the services of a streaming content provider and subscribed to an expensive VPN service, but you see a black screen as a result. The irony is that combining these two doesn’t guarantee access to Netflix from another region or a channel from another country. Let’s figure out why it happens and how does Nord VPN work with Netflix.

    Why Does Netflix Block VPN Providers?

    Content owners (Warner Brothers, Sony, etc.) and filmmakers make money by requiring separate licensing agreements for each territory where Netflix is available, and by licensing their movies to certain distributors through a physical location. It means re-selling and that some movies and TV series available in the US won’t be available in Japan and vice versa.

    The streaming provider agrees to block access to content in countries where it doesn’t have a streaming license. Therefore, Netflix is responsible for ensuring that regional content is location-restricted and has a very robust regional block to protect its producers.

    How Does Netflix Do This?

    ip blocking nordvpn not working with netflix

    Netflix stores the IP addresses of its users. Then it uses this data to track the number of accounts connecting from the same IP address. It actively blacklists any IP address that may belong to a VPN or unblocker, assigning the Netflix error code m7111-5059.

    An IP address is similar to a telephone number with a dialed code. Every Internet connection in the world has its own unique IP address and shows which country/city it is coming from. If there are many connections, particularly at the same time, connected from the same IP address, even through a VPN, this will be detected and blocked forever.

    What Does the VPN Provider Do?

    VPNs make more money by sharing a small number of servers/IP addresses between a large number of clients. When you use a free VPN, you share your IP address with many others. This IP address will be detected faster and blacklisted by Netflix. When customers complain about losing access to Netflix via a VPN, its provider adds a new set of servers with non-discovered IP addresses.

    The Nord VPN and Netflix providers are constantly waging a war of caution. When Netflix notices that users are accessing the streaming servers without permission, it promptly blocks the IP addresses of the VPN servers. The best VPNs don’t skimp and provide access to more servers/addresses, which lets them distribute clients more sparsely. They aren’t detected because the number of people connected via the same address remains below Netflix’s limit.

    Why Choose NordVPN for Netflix?

    logo nordvpn not working with netflix

    It is difficult for VPN providers to constantly maintain access to Netflix – many didn’t survive the race and refused the offer, removing any mention of it, unlike NordVPN. This service responds quickly when it receives a notification that NordVPN does not work with Netflix server, setting up a new range of IP addresses for Netflix servers.

    Netflix is available in 190+ countries with the highest percentage of content and exclusives in the US. NordVPN serves 1913 servers in the USA, which is more than the entire server pool if we compare Surfshark vs NordVPN or with a US-oriented TunnelBear. For instance, the NordVPN service has thousands of IP addresses and continues to develop, guaranteeing a 30-day refund on demand without any risks in case of a possible failure.

    Plenty of VPN services don’t have sufficient connection speed for streaming, strong encryption, or servers of the right type in the right location to successfully bypass geo-blocks and protocols. Besides, NordVPN has added a SmartPlay-DNS feature designed to access censored content, improve throughput and reduce latency.

    It's not just the large pool of servers that makes NordVPN one of the best VPNs for Netflix. Also, it offers a vast array of server types optimized in different ways: dedicated IP servers, dual VPN servers, hidden servers, Onion Over servers, P2P servers.

    Concealed connection servers hide the fact that data is encrypted via a VPN. Netflix can’t distinguish encrypted data from normal data. So, fewer addresses of the NordVPN service will be blacklisted.