How to Fix: Netflix Error Code m7111 1331 5059

How to Fix: Netflix Error Code m7111 1331 5059

Netflix error code m7111 1331 5059 or m7111-1331-5059 means that you are using an unblocking or proxy service and Netflix sees it. Usually, it tells you to turn all such services off and try again. Netflix figured out that you are watching it via a VPN from “not allowed region” and due to its strict rules, your access is blocked.

You can fix Netflix Error Code M7111-1331-5059 in such ways:

As practice shows, the administration of the service fights against users watching Netflix via VPNs but not too actively. That’s why it’s quite easy to bypass the official blocks using qualitative VPN services for streaming platforms.

1. Disable the VPN on Your Computer

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Netflix error m7111-5059 can appear if you are using a VPN or proxy service in order to change your geolocation. VPNs are used by those who want to cheat with their locations and network traffic by tricking ISPs and target websites. Netflix doesn’t support VPNs as it provides the content to particular countries only because of copyright issues.

That’s why when Netflix detects an IP address from a banned country, it blocks this IP and a user sees this error code.

Thus, if you use VPN to watch Netflix, you have to turn it off straight away. After you do it, Netflix error m7111-5059 will disappear.

2. Replace Your Old VPN with a New One

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Netflix regularly upgrades its algorithms for detecting users with VPN and blocks their IP. That’s why you get Netflix error m7111-5059 on your computer, smartphone, or TV. However, since the owners of VPN and proxy services know about it too, all you have to do is to turn on another proxy server or VPN.

VPNs and streaming services are constantly fighting with each other and some services have decided not to allow people to watch Netflix from geo-restricted locations.

That’s why, you need to get a good VPN service for Netflix. The most popular ones are Express VPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark VPN. However, you will have to pay a decent amount of money for their stable operation.

3. Switch a VPN Server

switch vpn server for netflix

If you use one of three VPN services mentioned above but you still deal with Netflix Error Code m7111 1331 5059, try switching servers in the VPN you are using.

Open your VPN and try to get access to Netflix from the server you like more. If you have spotted an error of the Netflix website, just select another server. Fortunately, modern VPN services offer hundreds of IP addresses to choose from.

Some VPN services have tools that automatically change IP when Netflix gets blocked. However, you have to pay extra to use them. It’s not possible to make Netflix work permanently via VPNs.

4. Clear Browsing Data and Cookies

Netflix error code m7111 1331 5059 might also appear because of damaged or outdated browsing data on your device. Delete browsing data and cookies first and try opening Netflix again.

In Chrome: click Shift + Ctrl + Del (Shift + Command + Del), or Menu > Additional Tools > select "All the time" in “Clear history” window > "Cookies and other site data" > “Delete data”;

In Firefox: Menu > Settings > Privacy and security (on the left) > "Cookies and site data" section > "Delete data" > "Cookies and site data" and "Cache web content" > "Delete";

In Microsoft Edge: Menu > Parameters > Privacy & Services > “Select Items to Delete” in the “Delete Web Browsing Data” section > “Cookies and Other Site Data” > “Delete Now”.


  • Why does Netflix block VPN traffic?

Netflix doesn’t allow users from restricted regions to access the platform because the company wants to satisfy its content suppliers.

After constant pressure from copyright holders, Netflix decided to use geo-blocking by suppressing IP addresses connected with popular VPN providers. However, there are different methods of how to change Netflix region to overcome this difficulty.

  • Will it be illegal if I change my IP address for Netflix?

It won’t be illegal if you use a VPN to change your IP address to watch Netflix. However, you should remember that it’s technically against the streaming platform’s terms of service.

Netflix can block your IP address if you use a VPN service but it has no rights for blocking particular IP addresses.

  • Are there free VPNs for watching Netflix?

No. There are a lot of fast VPN servers with nice streaming features and helpful customer support. However, your VPN for Netflix must meet several serious criteria. Free VPN services are suitable for surfing the web but they don’t have such a volume of traffic and necessary tools for watching Netflix.

Even if you can watch Netflix using a free VPN in some way, it will work for some time and then the connection will break.

  • Can I find proxy services that work with Netflix?

No, you can’t. At least reliable ones. The most important thing to understand here is that proxy services work like VPNs. They change the IP and DNS addresses, but they don’t provide encryption, which is very important.

Proxy services don’t ensure privacy so advanced detection measures tools like those that Netflix runs can easily detect and block them.