Koala Apps Review 2024: Benefits & Pricing

By Kate Gross 24 days ago, Apps and Software

Koala Apps

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  • Price: Free or from $7.99/mo

Verdict: Koala Apps creates handy apps for eCommerce sellers who work on the Shopify platform. Using the extension, I can track the performance of other stores to get information about their best-selling products and target audience. Due to this, everyone can quickly start a photography business with Shopify.

Using its products, you will get access to a variety of metrics, including traffic data, information about paid ad campaigns, etc. Thanks to it, you can analyze the strategies used by your rivals and scale up your business.

  • Perfect for analyzing competitors
  • Intuitive functionality
  • Saves a lot of time
  • Time-tested strategies for minimizing risk
  • 24/7 support
  • A Free version is limited
  • You can use a trial only for 3 days
koala apps interface

Koala Apps is a well-established company that creates solutions for sellers who want to increase their revenue by targeting their marketing campaigns with higher precision. It developed the Koala Inspector extension that has 72,000 downloads and an impressive customer ranking of 4.27.

The team that worked on this product regularly updates it to ensure that it will have all the tools that sellers might need for analyzing competitors and scaling up businesses.

Koala Apps – Main Features

logo koala apps

Koala Apps was created by top-level eCommerce professionals who wanted to build a tool for analyzing the market. These experts believed that eCommerce store owners could hugely benefit from getting information about campaigns used by their competitors.

Koala Inspector is an advanced market research tool that will help you increase the conversions in your eCommerce store and learn more about the strategies used by your competitors. It is fitted with such tools as the ad, theme, and campaign detector.

Shopify App Detector to Check Competitors’ Stores

koala apps detector

After opening the Koala Inspector extension, I just need to go to the “Structure” tab to find out which apps are used by my competitors. Thanks to it, I can discover new apps to boost their sales.

Using the provided insights, I can customize my E-commerce strategies to get a cutting edge over my competitors.

Efficient Approach to Identifying Shopify Themes

The key advantage of this service is that it is highly precise and can detect even the rarest Shopify themes. In addition, it has an intuitive interface, which makes it easy to access even for beginners. You don’t need to have any technical background to use it.

Just add a URL of a Shopify website that you want to analyze, and you will soon get all the information that you might need for improving your own campaigns.

koala apps theme detector

Using the Koala app, I got invaluable information about the strategies used by my rivals. I leveraged this knowledge to drive more traffic to my platform.

With the help of this app, I can quickly find well-designed themes that help me boost my conversion rate. I can easily customize them to my liking and update them with new information.

Track Key Competitors’ Stores

If you go to the “My Shops'' tab, you will be able to track other dropshipping stores. It will allow you to see what changes are implemented by your competitors. If you want to track up to 50 stores, you will need to pay for the Ultimate Plan.

koala apps my shops

Whether you prefer Etsy, WooCommerce, or another E-commerce platform, you won’t face any difficulties when tracking Shopify stores. Using the available tools, you can see which platform is used by a dropshipping company.

Fast & Lightweight

Using the Koala website, you can get the results in a few clicks. While you might need to wait a bit until it finds all the information you need, it will save you more time in the end.

Due to this, it can be considered one of the fastest Shopify checkers on the market. You can use it to find the most efficient Shopify apps and themes more quickly.

Run Successful Paid Ads Campaigns

With the help of this app, I can learn more about the marketing campaigns of other sellers and learn how to improve my ads to grab the attention of my target audience. I can get access to a variety of performance metrics and other information for making targeting more precise.

koala apps ads campaigns

You can analyze ads posted by your competitors on a variety of platforms, including social media for photographers and popular search engines.

With the Koala app, I can save a lot of time and money. There is no need to waste countless hours on research and testing, as I can use Koala Inspector to see which ads are more effective.

Useful Export CSV Function

Using the available tools, it becomes easier to create and save product lists with detailed information, including product names, prices, pictures, tags, and descriptions. When your product list is ready, you can save it to a CSV file and open it using spreadsheet programs.

koala apps export csv

Then, you will be able to import them into your database and use it for various tasks. This option will be especially useful for those who need to manage many products and update information in their listings.

Blog to Start a Successful Business

Koala Apps enables you to get free tips from experienced professionals and provides you with sources of inspiration. 

koala apps blog

For instance, here, you can find information about dropshipping on Facebook, product research services, reduced returns, and E-commerce image optimization tips. In addition, the blog contains information on the methods of making your ad campaigns more efficient. You can also learn how to use Shopify spy tools and sell your Shopify store. Make sure to subscribe to the blog to avoid missing important updates.

Koala Apps Prices

To access Koala Apps, you can select between different subscription plans.

A free version allows you to view product stats, best sellers, and the newest products. When using it, you can export 5 CSV credits. Besides, you will have 5 find retailers credits and will be able to track 5 ad campaigns.

The Professional plan costs $7.99/mo. It includes all free features and enables you to export 10 CSV credits. Besides, it covers 10 find retailers credits, 20 ad campaigns, and 3 shop tracking cases.

If you need to get access to a more extensive choice of options, you can select the Ultimate plan for $19.99/mo. It will allow you to use all free features, get access to unlimited export CSV, analyze retailers, site traffic, ad campaigns, and shop tracking (50).

Before using each of the plans, you can use a 3-day trial to see if it suits your needs.


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