IPVanish vs NordVPN

IPVanish vs NordVPN: What to Choose

The majority is familiar with IPVanish and NordVPN – two widely used VPN services. Still, which of them occupies a leading position according to recent rate is a question.

IPVanish is the best app for those who want to connect several devices at once without compromising the speed.

NordVPN offers affordable prices for services and is suitable for users who intend to get reliable access to world content.

What Is IPVanish?

ipvanish logo IPVanish can be called the best free VPN for Windows, which aims to give users anonymity. The traffic is routed to an IPVanish free server.
Then your traffic is sent to the net. When your data is back to the server, IPVanish sends it to you. In this way, you can be sure about your confidentiality. The only visible trace is that IPVanish has requested some information.
As this VPN server doesn’t save logs, no one can track your online activity.
  • ipvanish interface
  • ipvanish interface

    IPVanish: Strengths and Weaknesses

    icon Over 1000 servers in 60 countries. Although the service is mainly focused on Europe – 443 servers and North America – 561 servers, the rest of the world also has rich coverage.

    icon Reliable 256-bit encryption. This encryption is the most reliable and powerful today. Its popularity is growing because it is used in the latest algorithms, technologies, and protocols. You will need to take a lot of effort to hack such a key, and even then success is far from guaranteed.

    icon Affordable with no long lock-in time. You can choose between a one-time monthly subscription for $10 and a yearly subscription, where the monthly fee is $6.49. By using the service on a monthly basis, you don’t spend much, while buying an annual package – you can save slightly.

    icon Works with TOR. TOR or The Orion Network sends data about your traffic to multiple servers, thus protecting you from real-time tracking. Users, who look for strong security measures due to government supervision or censorship laws, usually resort to TOR. It offers a second level of security using the best servers to enhance privacy.

    icon Confidentiality. Although the service assures that under their policy there is no need in registration, this VPN for Mac provider received a lot of complaints due to the lack of backbone in standing up to authorities in the past.

    icon Poor design. Loyal users may call the application minimalistic, but, in fact, it has an outdated design and lacks many features. All in all, the application can hardly compete with other similar products and lags far behind its competitor.

    What Is NordVPN?

    nordvpn logo NordVPN is one of the best VPN services of 2023. It has both a mobile version and those optimized for Windows, macOS, and Linux devices. Manual configuration is available for wire-free routers, NAS devices, and other platforms.
    NordVPN transfers all users’ traffic through a remote server, which is managed by the program. It keeps the IP addresses invisible and encrypts other data. To hide this data, NordVPN uses OpenVPN and Internet Key Exchange v2/IPsec technologies.
    • nordvpn interface
    • nordvpn interface

      NordVPN: Strengths and Weaknesses

      icon Reliable encryption. NordVPN’s OpenVPN clients use AES-256-GCM encryption and HMAC SHA256 hash authentication. NordVPN also uses Perfect Forward Secrecy by exchanging DHE-4096 keys. The AES-256-GCM cipher is also used to encrypt traffic with the IPSec/IKEv2 protocol.

      icon More than 100 locations in 60 countries. As one of the best free VPN for Android, NordVPN covers about 140 locations in different parts of the globe. Besides, users face no limitations on the number of switches between servers. Thus, you can change the location countlessly.

      icon Double VPN. NordVPN, unlike other services, makes it possible to use multiple transitions or double VPN servers. In this case, traffic is encrypted on two separate VPN servers before going online.

      icon Safety without leaks. NordVPN has a decent selection of secure applications (clients) for the main operating systems and devices like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS.

      icon Works great with Netflix. NordVPN is the best VPN for streaming, as it supports BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Disney +, Amazon Prime, etc. After thoroughly testing, I decided that NordVPN is the best VPN for Netflix.

      icon Slow application and poor connection. Using a client application from NordVPN for Windows, be ready that connecting to the server will take some time.

      icon OpenVPN configuration is complicated. In case you prefer OpenVPN to L2TP or other protocols, you’ll be a bit disappointed. First, you have to find a ZIP file of NordVPN’s servers that contains a configuration file for every server. Each server has two configurations – for TCP and UDP.

      IPVanish Vs NordVPN: Price

      ipvanish vs nordvpn price

      When comparing NordVPN vs IPVanish in terms of prices, it becomes obvious that both services belong to the same group with average fees. Keep in mind that all services have unique prices, which can vary depending on the versions of the program and additional perks, so make sure to visit the official website to learn more details.

      • IPVanish: $10.00/mo (monthly package) and $6.49/mo (annual package)
      • NordVPN: $11.95/mo (monthly package), $6.99/mo (annual package), and $3.49/mo (a 3-year package)

      IPVanish Vs NordVPN: Who Wins?

      Who is the winner in the IPVanish vs NordVPN rivalry? I can say that IPVanish is ahead in terms of user-friendly interface, mechanics powering and functionality. NordVPN is known for its affordability and good connectivity.

      NordVPN stands out by strong confidentiality, the best streaming services, worldwide server coverage, and multi-platform support types. IPVanish, at the same time, is a leading provider in terms of fast connectivity, costs, and connection battles.

      Concerning customer support and security, both providers offer a high level of service for an affordable cost. Besides, both can earn the title of the best VPN for torrenting. However, NordVPN still slightly surpasses its rival.

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