9 Best Free VPNs for Mac in 2024

9 Best Free VPNs for Mac in 2024

A good VPN for Mac covers three main aspects: unlocking inaccessible content, preventing spying on the user’s Internet activities, and a safe connection via public Wi-Fi.

VPN as a virtual private network provides encryption of traffic between the client and the VPN server, as well as the spoofing of IP addresses. It protects your personal data with military-grade encryption while they are concealing their IP addresses.

Also, it is possible to overcome any geographical blocks surrounding the content, depending on the Mac VPN server you’re referring to.

Top 9 Best Free VPNs for Mac

  1. Windscribe – Our choice
  2. ProtonVPN - With unlimited data allowance
  3. TunnelBear - Best VPN in terms of safety
  4. Hide.me – With split tunneling
  5. Speedify - For channel bonding
  6. Private Tunnel - For cyber security
  7. Betternet - High-speed connections
  8. VPNBook - Unlimited free data
  9. VPNGate – Absolutely free VPN

VPN for Mac may be divided into 3 categories: software that applies integrated system functions (typically, the IKEv2 Protocol), software that supports protocols that are uncommon for macOS (widely used, such as OpenVPN, WireGuard, and so on), as well as services that haven’t developed their own software but offer settings for third-party VPN clients.

The first two types are preferred, and I will review them below.

1. Windscribe – Our Choice

With different operating modes
  • Ability to connect multiple devices
  • Integrated firewall, torrent support
  • Independent choice of security protocol
  • 2-10GB of free traffic monthly
  • Advertising, Netflix for premium only
  • High load on servers

Verdict: Windscribe presents a safe and straightforward application for macOS that supports P2P connections. It applies AES-256-bit encryption, circuit breaker, kill switch and DNS leakage protection.

Besides, the application doesn’t save the user’s connection logs, IP stamps or visited websites, which is present only in the best free VPN.

It is the best free VPN for Mac OS since it doesn’t only encrypt traffic but also blocks ads and spam by means of the in-built adblocker and firewall. Windscribe may be integrated into browsers with the extension, so users can simply connect the browser via a VPN.

For a successful connection, Windscribe offers three operating modes that employ different ports. This lets users bypass restrictions set by network providers.

windscribe free vpn for mac interface

2. ProtonVPN

With unlimited data allowance
  • Native Mac, iPhone and iPad applications
  • Amount of data is unrestricted
  • No-logs policy, blocks ads
  • Top-grade anonymity and legal protection
  • Servers in 3 countries, 7 days for free
  • For one device only, lacks torrenting or P2P

Verdict: ProtonVPN offers an unrestricted amount of data and robust safety capabilities for free without ads. Internet traffic is protected by military-level encryption and a "secure core".

Instead of directing users to the Internet via a single location, traffic is redirected through multiple servers. This VPN free Mac applies 256-bit AES encryption and a choice of IKEv2/IPSec or L2TP/IPSec protocols.

ProtonVPN boasts a strict no-logs policy, which means that none of the user’s data or online activity is stored or transmitted elsewhere. Also, you may download VPN Unlimited for Mac that offers strong protection and unlimited online access.

The macOS application integrates an ad blocker, providing easy surfing without interruptions. Due to its multi-platform nature, ProtonVPN belongs to the list of the best free VPN for Windows.

protonvpn free vpn for mac interface

3. TunnelBear

Best VPN in terms of safety
  • Incredibly safe encryption, kill switch and GhostBear mode
  • Torrenting and P2P file-sharing
  • Native applications for macOS
  • Servers in 20 countries
  • Absence of access to Netflix, streaming, or large files
  • 500MB of safe surfing with low speed

Verdict: TunnelBear offers a straightforward application that enables the use of an unrestricted number of server switches. It is the best free VPN Mac for novices due to its user-friendly interface. TunnelBear applies 256-bit encryption.

The no-logs and registration policy means that the user’s data and actions are completely anonymous and are not recorded. The application boasts an integrated free adblocker.

Before searching for TunnelBear torrent, try the free GhostBear mode, which can bypass censorship and deep packet inspection (DPI). This makes the user’s encrypted data resemble normal traffic for surveillance services and firewalls.

It is possible to set the "Always on" option to enable VPN on startup without reconnecting. Vigilant mode, like a kill switch, temporarily deactivates the users’ connection if they experience any crashes.

tunnelbear free vpn for mac interface

4. Hide.me

With split tunneling
  • AES 256-bit encryption, kill switch, zero-log policy
  • 10GB monthly for surfing and torrenting
  • Split tunneling, without ads
  • Trial may be extended
  • Only one device can be connected at once
  • Inability to unblock Netflix and other streaming sites

Verdict: This VPN for Mac free is rather straightforward and doesn’t require registration. The free plan is valid for 30 days, and users can renew it many times.

Free users get the same extended protection without having to download Hide.me VPN crack. This includes 256-bit AES encryption, a zero-log policy along with a kill switch. Hide.me guarantees decent speed with an array of protocols: OpenVPN, IKEv2, PPTP and L2TP.

Integrated leakage protection conceals the IP address, even if failures occur. It is possible to configure Hide.me to connect after launch, or direct some of the traffic through a VPN, and the other part – through a local IP address, which saves the dedicated traffic.

Shared tunneling as a premium option lets users access local websites and wireless devices on their local network without disabling the VPN.

hide.me free vpn for mac interface

5. Speedify

For channel bonding
  • Channel pooling technology
  • Unrestricted bandwidth, torrenting
  • Servers in several dozen countries
  • Robust encryption algorithm
  • Not for Netflix or streaming sites
  • 2GB monthly for one device, keeps logs partially

Verdict: The main peculiarity of the Speedify service is the Channel Bonding function meant to boost the connection speed and reduce the waiting time. A combination of available Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and mobile data increases speed but uses more traffic.

So, in case one of the communication channels is broken, the rest will let users preserve the connection. If the user has one type of connection, the company claims that its turbocharging technology will help speed up the process.

This free VPN Mac offers top-grade protection: 256-bit AES encryption or the more robust ChaCha20 algorithm on supported devices. The kill switch is present only in the iOS app.

The MacBook isn’t protected in case of a VPN connection failure. So, in case the user doesn’t immediately notice a dropout, their data will be transmitted without encryption using a local IP.

speedify free vpn for mac interface

6. Private Tunnel

For cyber security
  • OpenVPN standard with open-source code
  • The size of the AES block is less open to attacks
  • 24/7 support via the ticket system and live chat
  • 50+ VPN servers in 12 countries
  • Requires registration, free only for 7 days
  • New application, continues to improve

Verdict: This VPN free Mac was developed by the authors of the OpenVPN technology, which is one of the most preferred and safest protocols to be used with VPN.

The company is based in the United States. Therefore, data safety can’t be guaranteed due to legal restrictions. However, only a few logs are stored that are used for maintenance and offer the best performance.

As for encryption, Private Tunnel applies 128-bit AES-GCM, which provides data protection without slowing down the speed of the computer. Users have only three devices to work with. Luckily, the OpenVPN system is compatible with many Mac computers and devices, including the ones that use Mojave OS.

private tunnel free vpn for mac interface

7. Betternet

High-speed connections
  • 500MB of free data daily
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Enables torrenting
  • Speedy connections
  • Only one free server
  • Displays ads and stores geo-data

Verdict: Betternet speeds are reliable even with so many users connected to just one server. It is worth noting that the headquarters of Betternet is located in the jurisdiction of the 5/9/14-Eyes Alliance.

Since it doesn’t register the users’ online activity, it is unable to share their history with the government. However, the application stores info about the user’s approximate location and device.

Premium payments unlock access to any streaming site. Besides, viewing of YouTube is available without downloading Betternet crack.

Its 256-bit encryption ensures the safety of the user’s Internet traffic. Betternet displays ads during surfing and passes the info it stores to third parties in order to adapt it for the user.

betternet free vpn for mac interface

8. VPNBook

Unlimited free data
  • Unrestricted free data
  • Supports Netflix US
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Smart CDN Fallback
  • 8 server locations
  • Without torrenting

Verdict: VPNBook is the best free VPN for Mac since it offers unrestricted free data and doesn’t require registration. Unlike many free VPNs, it is capable of accessing Netflix US, Hulu and HBO GO. Speeds are reliable, although streaming is performed with slight buffering. The application offers military-grade encryption to guarantee the user’s security during streaming and viewing.

Installing VPNBook is a bit more complicated – the OpenVPN application has to be downloaded from the App Store. Then the user needs to select the server they wish to connect to and upload its configuration file to the OpenVPN console.

Fortunately, the VPNBook site provides plenty of helpful info to get started. The privacy policy showed that it saves partial logs, including the actual IP address, checks these logs and erases them weekly.

vpnbook free vpn for mac interface

9. VPNGate

Absolutely free VPN
  • Always free with open-source code
  • SoftEther VPN protocol
  • Huge selection of locations
  • Streaming services are allowed selectively
  • Server search and installation are difficult
  • Without native applications and torrenting

Verdict: VPNGate is a free distributed network of servers managed by volunteers and linked to a single center. There are regular computers with special software. So, it is possible to run VPNGate on your PC and join this network as well. Traffic from other users will pass through your computer.

Among the benefits of VPNGate that make it the best VPN for Mac free is the presence of the SoftEther protocol. It is notable for the invisibility to security firewalls, proxy servers, and the fact that there is no need to configure NAT.

Invisibility when trying to detect a VPN is performed by HTTPS with a complete imitation of a normal site visit, preventing leakage of an IP address.

vpngate free vpn for mac interface