How to Watch HBO Now Outside the US and Abroad

How to Watch HBO Now Outside the US and Abroad in 2021

If you have watched all seasons of Sopranos and have never missed an episode of Games of Thrones, this post is something that you need now. You might be crazy about HBO content and watch offered movies day and night but what should you do if you are not in the USA, how to watch HBO Now outside the US?

If you are overseas, you will face some territorial restrictions. What is more, to get a subscription, you need an American payment card. Fortunately, this problem may be easily solved. Just read on and you will know how to access HBO Now outside the US and without using a US credit card.

There are three ways to legally unlock HBO Now:

HBO Now is a streaming platform full of world-known series, shows and movies. It is identical to HBO Go but with one essential difference ‒ you may bypass territorial restrictions and access it without getting a cable TV subscription plan.

1. Watch HBO Now over VPN

vpn services how to watch hbo now outside us

We all know that HBO Now doesn’t broadcast outside the USA. Even if you have a subscription, it is impossible to access that content. However, you may use one of the VPN services to watch HBO Now outside the US. Mind that you can’t use any VPN you like; it should necessarily list HBO.

So, how VPN might help? It will simply hide your real IP address and replace it with a fake one showing that you are in the USA. I believe that the best VPNs for streaming are ExpressVPN, Surfshark or PureVPN.

no access how to watch hbo now outside us

STEP 1. Download and sign-up for a VPN that broadcasts HBO Now.

STEP 2. Find an optimized server providing speedy streaming of HBO content in your region. An optimal variant is an American server.

STEP 3. Get an American gift card. If you don’t have a US-residential card, you can get a gift card. You may do it using mygiftcardsupply. It costs only 27 dollars (quite a budget offer). One more way out is to buy an iTunes or Google Play gift card and subscribe for a $ 30amount (you may use it two times).

STEP 4.  Create an original account on the official HBO site. You will have to enter an American Zip Code according to your server location ‒ any state with its ZIP Code.

STEP 5. After checking access, you may easily watch HBO Now outside the US.

how to watch hbo now over vpn

2. Subscribe to Sling TV Streaming Service

how to watch hbo now outside us with sling tv

Another reliable method to watch HBO Now outside the US is to subscribe to one of the video streaming services that support an HBO channel. I believe that the best variant is Sling TV that might be used with free VPN services to protect your personal data.

Although you should have an American card to subscribe to, you may still use some alternative payment methods. It might be a Sling TV gift card that is available in all big online shops or via PayPal.

It should be a card with a nominal value of $50 since it is equal to the cost of the monthly subscription to the streaming service. If you think that it’s too much for HBO content, don’t forget that you will also get access to other streaming services listed on Sling TV.

3. Use Amazon Prime Video

how to watch hbo now outside us with amazon prime video

One more popular way of accessing HBO Now if you are not in America is the Amazon Prime Video Service. It allows broadcasting HBO Now series in 4K quality.

Thanks to this streaming service, users may watch the latest American series, top shows and movies that used to be accessible only on PBS and state TV channels, BBC America, and some premium cable channels.

If you decided to use this method for accessing HBO Now, you need a subscription to Amazon Video or Amazon Prime. You may get it for $8.99 a month or $12.99, accordingly. Here, you may save some money by purchasing a year subscription to Amazon Prime that costs $119. It is an optimal variant if you plan to watch the HBO channel regularly, using Amazon Prime Video. Don’t forget to protect your personal data with a VPN for Amazon Prime.

You may use Amazon Prime Video in a web-browser as well as almost on all iOS and Android devices, multimedia streaming devices, game consoles and Smart TV.


  • Are there any free ways to watch HBO Now outside America?

Theoretically, there some ways to watch HBO Now outside the US for free but I don’t recommend using them. Considering the fact that initially, it is a paid channel, free streaming is regarded as a pirate activity. In this case, connecting to suspicious streaming channels, you endanger your personal data, software, etc. Moreover, piracy is illegal in any country and can be punished in the form of a fine or even imprisonment.

  • Which devices are suitable for streaming HBO Now content?

You may stream the channel almost on all modern desktop and portable devices, game consoles and television, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android, Amazon Fire TV & Fire Stick, Android TV, Kodi, etc.

  • How long does a $25 HBO Now gift card last?

You may use it for two months. Then, you should buy one more card if you want to continue accessing HBO Now.

  • Can I use a proxy server to stream HBO Now outside the US?

Yes, you may use any proxy server providing access to the channel, like Unlocator Smart DNS. It works like a VPN service but mind that it doesn’t protect your personal data from unauthorized people.

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