How to Watch Disney Plus on TV

How to Watch Disney Plus on TV from Anywhere in the World

Since its launch, Disney+ has opened its doors to thousands of family-friendly programs, series and movies. That’s why viewers of all ages want to know how to watch Disney Plus on TV. The popular ad-free streaming service features content from Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, National Geographic and 20th Century Fox. You will find 7,500+ episodes of TV shows from Disney cable channels, as well as Disney+ exclusives not available on other streaming services.

You can watch Disney Plus on TV in several ways:

Most of Disney’s content will be removed from Netflix as the main streaming platform. As Disney production disappears from other streaming sites as well, subscribing to Disney+ is the only way to watch your favorite content.

4 Ways to Watch Disney Plus on TV

In addition to the mobile app and website, you can connect Disney Plus to your TV by downloading the appropriate app or adding a channel. If you are setting up your TV for the first time, adding compatible apps will allow you to stream your favorite content in just a few clicks.

1. Sign Up for Disney Plus on the Official Website

STEP 1. Go to the Disney Plus website in the browser of the smartphone, tablet or PC.

signing up how to watch disney plus on tv

STEP 2. Choose your preferred subscription type (annual one offers a discount).

email entering how to watch disney plus on tv

STEP 3. Enter the email address you want to link to your Disney+ account. You can uncheck the box for email notifications if you don’t want to receive them. Click Agree & continue.

password entering how to watch disney plus on tv

STEP 4. Enter a strong password for your account. The scale under the password field will show its strength (must contain at least six characters and at least one digit or special character). Click Continue.

STEP 5. Enter your credit card details or PayPal information. Tick the checkbox if you want to link payment information to your account. Click Agree & subscribe.

The fee will be charged to your account upon confirmation. Now you have access to 4K viewing via a created account from any of your devices that supports simultaneous viewing from 4 devices.

2. Sign Up for Disney Bundle on the Official Website

disney bundle how to watch disney plus on tv

If you want access to extended content, Disney+ provides a bundle subscription that includes some of the best video streaming services. Hulu offers popular movies and TV shows from local networks and cable channels, as well as original programs after they are aired. ESPN+ offers a vast array of sports broadcasts (MMA, American football, baseball, basketball, tennis), some of which aren’t available on ESPN cable channels.

Are you purchasing an extended Disney Plus bundle for the first time? You first need to select the extended Disney Bundle from the official website for $12.99 per month and go through the step-by-step subscription procedure of the previous section of the article.

services bundling how to watch disney plus on tv

For those who already have a Disney+, Hulu or ESPN+ streaming account, there is a plan to link the accounts. You can click on your Disney account details, then select the “bundle and save” option. Or when subscribing to Disney+ bundle, click “Already a Disney+, Hulu and/or ESPN+ subscriber?”. You will receive an email with details and instructions on how does Disney Plus work with your ESPN and Hulu accounts.

If you want to link your account to Hulu and ESPN+, you need to use the same email address for all three of them. Existing Hulu and ESPN+ subscriptions should be linked by visiting the Manage Account page of the corresponding service.

3. Download and Access Disney Plus App On TV

There is the Disney Plus app where you can easily add a Disney Plus channel to any compatible TV device. The experience is more or less the same on all devices, with a small difference in search and supported resolution:

  • home screens how to watch disney plus on tv
  • home screens how to watch disney plus on tv
  • home screens how to watch disney plus on tv

    STEP 1. Go to the device’s home screen when you turn it on, or by pressing the Home button on the remote control. Find the Disney Plus channel:

    • For Roku player: in Streaming Channels menu > Search Channels > press OK.
    • For Amazon Fire Stick, Android TV: switch to the Apps side section and click on it.
    • For Apple TV: go to the App Store at the top of the screen > Search.
    • For Smart TV/Roku TV: scroll to the Add Channels option and click on it.

    Then find the appropriate section in the list or enter Disney in the search bar and select it.

    STEP 2. Click on the Disney icon to start downloading/installing or adding a channel. If necessary, enter your device PIN or Disney account credentials (depending on the device):

    • For Roku player: select Add channel
    • For Amazon Fire Stick, Android TV: select Get
    • For Apple TV: select Get
    • For Smart TV/Roku TV: select Add channel

    STEP 3. Go back to the home screen – the Disney Plus channel or app should be on your list. Launch it and, if necessary, enter your Disney Plus account registration details or your device’s PIN (depending on the device). Typically, at this step, you are charged the usage fee if it has not been done earlier.

    Now you are in your Disney Plus account, where you can search for a movie and start streaming. Also, you will have the option to edit or add profiles.

    4. Stream Disney Plus over VPN Server

    best vpns how to watch disney plus on tv

    At the moment, Disney+ is available in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the U.K., Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and France. If you are located not in one of these countries, you won’t have access to your subscription or the entire Disney catalog. The VPN service will help you get around the restrictions. It will change your IP address as if you are accessing the Internet in one of the above-mentioned countries.

    Ultra-fast Express VPN is recommended for streaming Disney+. It is optimized for smooth operation with Disney+ and streaming services. Its unlimited bandwidth provides high connection speeds without buffering. Besides, the provider’s built-in speed test finds the fastest server.

    Also, you can choose from the best VPNs for Disney Plus, such as NordVPN for its SmartPlay auto-configuration technology, or CyberGhost for optimized servers for streaming. The suggested providers offer router apps to provide VPN coverage for devices that don’t support VPN directly.

    You need to activate your VPN, connect to the nearest server with access to Disney+, log in to your Disney+ account and start streaming. You can use a VPN to subscribe to Disney+ from an unsupported region. A good VPN service bypasses the Disney+ restrictions set by educational institutions and the Wi-Fi network, cancels the regulation of the Internet provider, which can slow down the connection.


    • • Can I use a VPN to watch Disney Plus for free?

    No. You will need to sign up for a Disney+ subscription if you haven’t already. A VPN complements your Disney+ subscription by allowing you to watch all the content you need without limiting traffic, geo-location or bandwidth. The good news is that Disney and Verizon have announced a deal that gives a free year of Disney+ to all customers of the carrier with an unlimited 4G LTE or 5G account, as well as new customers of Verizon Fios and 5G home Internet services.

    • • Is there a free trial?

    Not anymore. The channel managers, based on exceeding all expectations for the number of subscribers in the first few months, canceled the 7-day Disney Plus free trial included in the monthly plan. In addition, management believes that the monthly cost, half that of Netflix, and support for 4K content justifies the lack of trial versions.

    • • Is parental control enabled?

    Not really. When you create a profile and assign it to a children’s account, it will be restricted to a special Disney+ portal that includes age-appropriate content for children. However, nothing prevents children from learning how to access Disney Plus and switching profiles to regular Disney Plus mode, for instance, when the device is turned on. Disney doesn’t offer any PIN protection or way to hold in a child-friendly experience. You only need to rely on the built-in protection of the playback or playback device.

    • • Which devices are supported?

    According to constantly updated information, you can watch Disney+ content on LG TV, Samsung Smart TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV (Fire Stick), Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku; on PCs with Chrome OS, macOS and Windows; on phones and tablets with iOS, Android and Amazon Fire tablet; on the PS4 and Xbox One game consoles.

    • • Which Smart TVs can I use?

    Disney+ is currently available on all Samsung TVs from 2016 or later (with HD video support) that use OC Tizen. Samsung TVs with Orsay OS aren’t supported at the moment. Ensure that your Smart TV is fully updated and has the latest OS version installed. Disney+ is also compatible with LG smart TVs released in 2016 and later running on WebOS 3.0 or later. LG TVs with NetCast OS are not supported at the moment. Disney suggests using a high-speed Internet connection and a smart TV with the latest OS update.

    • • What if I didn’t find DisneyPlus on the app list?

    If your smart TV doesn’t have Disney Plus in the app store, you can stream to it from the smartphone. Many smart TVs offer a built-in Chromecast and you can stream content without having a connected device. Tap the broadcast icon in the upper-right corner of the Disney Plus mobile app, and the available TV will appear in the list of streaming options.