How to Watch BBC iPlayer in the USA

How to Watch BBC iPlayer in the USA

Would like to know how to watch BBC iPlayer in USA? Being one of the most popular streaming services in the United Kingdom, it provides ad-free access to numerous renowned TV series, radio shows and movies produced by the BBC.

Only UK viewers can use BBC iPlayer, what’s more, they can watch the available content while being inside the country. Below, you will find a detailed guide that will help you access the service when you are abroad.

Here are the best ways to watch BBC iPlayer in the USA or any other country:

Just like other streaming services, BBC iPlayer employs geolocation technology to detect your whereabouts. When you connect to the Internet, most services can easily identify your provider, city and country. If you aren’t in the UK, you won’t be able to access BBC iPlayer. However, there are several ways to bypass the restrictions.

1. Use VPNs for Watching BBC iPlayer in the USA

vpns for watching bbc iplayer in the usa

VPNs for streaming are especially useful when you need to switch to another IP address. Most streaming platforms verify a user’s location by checking an IP address. This is why you need to choose a server in the country where a geo-blocked service is available.

The BBC heavily invests in advanced geo-restriction features, so only top VPN services can unblock access to this streaming platform. If you are wondering how to watch BBC iPlayer in USA, take a look at the list of the most reliable VPNs that allow you to bypass the restrictions:

  • ExpressVPN - Ultra-fast encryption
  • NordVPN - Comes with an ad-blocker
  • Surfshark - Unlimited connections
  • CyberGhost - Streaming settings can be adjusted quickly
  • PrivateVPN - Servers are located in 60+ countries

These are the best VPNs for BBC iPlayer services that are powerful enough to circumvent geolocation restrictions.

After you have selected a VPN service, make sure to choose a server located in the UK. Then, you can access the official webpage and enjoy watching BBC iPlayer in US.

2. BBC iPlayer Web-Based Alternatives

bbc iplayer web-based alternatives

If you want to watch BBC in real time without iPlayer, try using online platforms that stream foreign TV channels, such as MyiPlayer or Filmon.

You might face some difficulties because of the time zone difference. The video quality can be occasionally low as well, and you will need to get used to ads.

3. Change DNS Settings to Watch Videos on an Xbox or PS4

change dns settings on xbox or ps4

If you have an Xbox or PlayStation, you can use your game console to watch UK TV after configuring DNS settings. To do it, go to the network settings and change them manually. You need only to enter primary and secondary DNS numbers.

Domain Name Server numbers can be found on the Internet as they update quite often. While they are free to use, the connection might be slow. In some cases, you might get redirected to a third-party website instead of the service that you are trying to access. Some websites will offer you to purchase VPNs, while others might infect your PC will malware.

If you want to watch BBC iPlayer in US by using your game console, you need to consider all the risks carefully. It might be much safer if you decide to install a VPN for home on your router. It will allow you to connect your console to the Internet through the VPN without compromising your data.


  • • Do I need a UK TV Licence to watch BBC iPlayer in the USA?

Yes, if you are a UK resident covered by a TV Licence, you can sign in and use either a VPN or configured DNS settings in the way I described it above. If you don’t have a TV Licence and live abroad, it will be impossible for you to sign up because you need to indicate your UK postal code and other personal data to get access.

  • • Is it legal to watch BBC iPlayer in the U.S.?

As opposed to common beliefs, you can access BBC iPlayer in USA with the help of a VPN without breaking the law. However, by doing it you will breach the BBC’s Terms of Use. It’s clearly stated in the section 7a that users aren’t allowed to access content from outside the United Kingdom. Fortunately, the BBC doesn’t block user accounts for using VPN services. If it detects that you are accessing iPlayer via a VPN, you will receive a warning asking you to turn it off.

  • • Does Smart DNS proxy work with BBC iPlayer?

Those who want to keep watching BBC in USA without installing a VPN can opt for Smart DNS instead. They come in handy when you need to access iPlayer, however, unlike VPNs, they don’t use reliable encryption algorithms. What’s more, you will need to configure DNS settings manually whenever you decide to switch to another server. A VPN allows you to switch between servers located in different countries in a few clicks.

  • • On which devices can I install BBC iPlayer?

As BBC iPlayer enjoys wide popularity, its developers released apps for various devices. For example, owners of a PlayStation, Xbox or Amazon Fire Stick can connect them to TVs thus turning their devices into Smart TVs. Then, they can download an application and start watching video content.