10 Best Filmstock Alternatives for Various Purposes in 2023

Filmstock is a royalty-free online service launched by the Wondershare company. Although it has many pluses, there are still some drawbacks that make users start looking for Filmstock alternatives. First of all, the platform isn’t completely free. Only subscribers who have purchased one of the packages are allowed to use all stock videos, effects, audio, or pictures. 

Top 10 Filmstock Alternatives

Unfortunately, you can download very few videos from such categories as Birthday, Gaming, Green Screen, Nature on Filmstock. Besides, these are trial versions of footage provided to users to try the functionality of the editor. All these clips contain watermarks meaning you can’t use them for commercial purposes unless you’ve paid for one of the packages.

Top 3 Filmstock Alternatives

Filmstock is so popular among users because it works well with other resources introduced by Wondershare, which are developed for professional video makers. However, if you don’t need to use these pro-grade tools, it would be more sensible to try other stock services.

Also, the Article Considers:

  • Has sponsored content: Pexels
  • Contains video clips in various resolutions: 123RF
  • Donation system: Pixabay
  • Personalized stock videos on demand: Foap
  • Video collections for telling stories: RawFilm
  • Stock videos for teams of enthusiasts: Dissolve
  • Great toolkit for professional video makers: Motion Array

The web has a great variety of other platforms with free high-quality and customizable video content. Some of these services even have a built-in editor for improving clips and giving them personalized touches.

1. Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is a well-known platform that offers royalty-free and high-quality videos, pictures, music, templates, and other assets. Thematic categories contain premium and editorial content that is unavailable on similar resources.

adobe stock filmstock alternative
  • Integrates with Adobe’s software
  • A rich collection of free videos
  • Clips in 4K and HD
  • User-friendly
  • Complex licensing
  • No wat to search for video clips only

Main Adobe Stock Features:

  • Displays video specifications
  • Uses word tags for searching
  • Offers similar searching results
  • The collection is regularly updated

Adobe Stock is a popular Filmstock alternative that offers a great variety of video groups, including HD and 4K clips, graphic templates, video loops. Besides, the service allows sorting files in each group according to the following criteria: relevance, most recent, featured, download specifications, etc. Moreover, you can even set the more detailed filters for search.

Adobe Stock allows users to look for clips indicating the desired resolution, duration, frame rate, size, color, people who are present in video, etc. First, view the images with watermarks. Then purchase a license to get access to them and receive an opportunity for managing files directly in Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and other software developed by Adobe.

2. iStock

iStock by Getty Images is another well-known stock video site that offers a lot of useful stuff. However, there is no royalty-free content. Visit this platform if you are looking for original cinemagraphs, aerial and time-lapse videos, looping backdrops, etc. All the content provided by the service is easy to customize according to your requirements.

istock filmstock alternative
  • Easy navigation
  • Professional depth of features
  • Related content
  • Boards for keeping videos and pictures
  • Lacks separate subscription plans for videos

Main iStock Features:

  • 4K and HD videos
  • Additional media types
  • A rich collection of stock content
  • You can edit imported clips in the editor

The video content on this platform is categorized into several groups, including Trending Searches, Popular Categories, More to Discover. The first group contains the most popular and searchable clips lately (e.g. brain, Chinese new year, business people, etc.). Abstract, architecture, lifestyle, and aerial videos are highly popular these days. They are gathered in the second group. The third type includes clips created by an artist of the month, as well as free video of the month.

A great advantage of this platform is an integrated editor for editing the content published on the website. It is much easier if compared to Filmstock or iStock vs Adobe Stock. By using the available tools, you can cut videos, add text, combine clips, pictures and music from iStock, or uploaded from your collection.

3. Storyblocks

Storyblocks is one of the most popular Filmstock alternatives that doesn’t impose restrictions on stock downloads. It has flexible licensing and included a user-friendly open source video editor. If you are looking for some original assets for your creative projects, visit this platform and download videos in 4K and HD resolution, After Effects templates, animated backdrops, and more.

storyblocks filmstock alternative
  • Unlimited downloads
  • The stock content is constantly updated
  • Reasonable pricing
  • In-browser editor
  • Free videos of poor quality
  • Lacks original content

Main Storyblocks Features:

  • Green screen video
  • Video tips and tutorials
  • Virtual Reality & 360° Videos
  • Featured top collections

The bragging point of this platform that the possibility to download as many videos or other media files as you need. Besides, you can edit all content that is available on the resource. At the same time, you get media materials of the highest quality and can edit the, they way you want. Other stock photography sites and video platforms have same pricing policy, but offer less royalty-free content.

By using an in-browser editor you can make changes to stock clips by adding text, logos, various effects, e.g, original transitions. Additionally, the platform allows personalizing videos by importing media from your library.

4. Pexels

Pexels is similar to Filmstock service that contains free stock images, royalty-free pictures, and clips commissioned by creators. The service pleases users with handy features for searching and previewing content to find the necessary file in a matter of seconds. By opening the video you like, you can go to the author's account and view other content that he/she has uploaded to the platform.

pexels filmstock alternative
  • Videos are convenient to view and select
  • Numerous filters to find the desired video
  • Allows choosing content by authors
  • You can select the clip resolution
  • No community

Main Pexels Features:

  • Allows editing content
  • Export to social media networks
  • Absolutely free content
  • Tag-based search

Using Pexels, you can edit provided content based on your needs and preferences. Besides, the service even allows creating a collection of the selected images and videos that you may need down the road. All videos available on the platform are easy to download and use. The service offers a handy sharing option for exporting content to your social media networks, blogs, and vlogs.

With this stock photo finder, you can view popular content or select the newly added videos. Once you open any video for preview, the platform will display similar clips. This is the main reason why Pexels is in high demand among students, marketers, bloggers, and creatives who are constantly looking for stock content for their original projects.

5. 123RF

123RF is a popular stock service that contains videos of different quality presented in three pricing plans: 72HD (30 credits), 1080HD (35 credits), and 4K/UHD (35 credits). Such a categorization system makes this platform suitable for home and commercial use.

123rf filmstock alternative
  • Cheap
  • Allows using the rest of downloads the next month
  • Simple website navigation
  • Videos in different resolutions
  • Few filters for searching for videos
  • Only standard categories

Main 123RF Features:

  • Featured videos
  • Many categories
  • Blog and tutorials
  • Keyword-based search

123RF stock platform contains a large collection of royalty-free videos grouped in different categories: Family, Technology, People, Food, Fashion, Fitness, etc. You won’t find a long list of some specific themes that can be used for certain tasks. But the collections are quite vast so you will manage to find the appropriate content for any project.

The website is updated with stock videos on a daily basis. Besides, the developers regularly select and publish a featured video. You can customize it to your taste and needs. The collection contains high-quality videos, aerial photographs, and other types of multimedia.

6. Pixabay

Pixabay is a popular Filmstock alternative where you can find a great number of HD videos and pictures, various types of multimedia for any field. The service shares content under its own license, therefore you can safely use the downloaded materials for both personal and business purposes without the risk of being penalized for copyright infringement.

pixabay filmstock alternative
  • Own license
  • A great variety of clips
  • Flexible pricing
  • Allows sharing media files on social networks
  • Fewer stock videos if compared to images

Main Pixabay Features:

  • Allows editing footage
  • API documentation
  • Donation system
  • Handy search features

Pixabay is an absolutely free platform, but users are encouraged to make a donation to contribute to the development of the service or express their gratitude to a particular author. Besides, Pixabay allows earning money and promoting your own work by joining the community and posting media files on the stock platform.

When looking for some specific video, you can use filters for categorizing materials by the type of media, authors, topics, keywords, popular queries, and more. In addition, you can view collections periodically made by site editors, explore selected collections, and search in the category of popular content. All video and other files can be edited using third-party video editing software and shared on social media platforms without restrictions.

7. Foap

Foap is an impressive stock platform where you can order the desired media materials by creating a query directly on the website. To do it, you need to provide detailed information about the tone, aesthetics, target audience, and brand specifications of the needed content. Afterward, the team of creators will provide you with variants that can satisfy your requirements.

foap filmstock alternative
  • It is possible to order content
  • The material can be personalized
  • Unique developed content
  • Videos of high quality
  • The result doesn’t always meet your expectations
  • No preview option

Main Foap Features:

  • Handy system of cooperation
  • You can provide as many details as you want
  • No restrictions on commercial use
  • User-friendly process of ordering and getting stock videos

To order a video, you can launch three types of Missions: Exclusive Mission, Product Sampling, and Secret Mission. The first one provides exclusive content to help your business surpass competitors. The assets requested specifically for your brand will make it unique.

The aim of the Product Sampling mission is the production of pre-launch content. It will come in handy if your business needs to pre-release the product on the market. Secret Mission is only available to some specific groups of people. The platform can help businesses create effective visual marketing campaigns to advertise their products or services.

8. RawFilm

Considered as one of the best Filmstock alternatives, RawFilm is a stock video service with content available on a subscription basis. You will get 4K to 8K footage recorded with RED Digital Cinema Camera. High quality of content makes this service a great source of creative digital assets. RawFilm can definitely compete with Filmstock and even be used as an Adobe Stock alternative.

rawfilm filmstock alternative
  • Story-driven collections
  • Excellent quality
  • Free clips for downloading
  • Numerous themes
  • A bit complicated site navigation

Main RawFilm Features:

  • Speedy loading
  • Great video selections
  • Allows creating a free account
  • Many offbeat topics

Videos on this platform are not only conveniently grouped by themes, but are also created to tell the stories and complement each other. The developers have chosen the option of creating thematic collections with videos that can be easily combined to make original business projects.

You can download clips in the desired resolution immediately without any additional actions. The technology used by website developers ensures the excellent quality of media materials that you can zoom, crop, or customize.

9. Dissolve

Dissolve is a worthy Filmstock alternative that contains more than 3,6 million stock videos and images. The content presented on this platform is suitable for various purposes, for both personal and commercial use. As the service contains different themes, it can be called a site to find stock historical photos and videos, along with contemporary-oriented clips (e.g. modern technology, science, etc.).

dissolve filmstock alternative
  • Premium collections
  • Handy organization of collections
  • Allows saving videos in folders on the website
  • Popular themes
  • More suitable for group use
  • Expensive

Main Dissolve Features:

  • Tools for joint work
  • Free storage space
  • Community of creators
  • Detailed filters

The platform contains videos of the top quality recorded by experts in a cinephile, film production, design, etc. Their passion is to prepare exclusive collections of videos for visual artists and creators. The website is more focused on group use and contains tools for collaborative content management, so this is a great option for businesses.

The videos are available in SD, HD, and 4K. Dissolve also offers a single-user license for printing, the cost of which ranges from $5 to $9 based on the pixels. Whereas a 10-user license allows unlimited printing from $49-$499.

10. Motion Array

Motion Array is one of the most serious Filmstock competitors. It not only provide users with original stock content but also allows creators to make their own clips directly on the website. Select footage and use it as a basis for your future video. Handy drag-and-drop functionality allows adding various digital assets like logos, graphics, audio, and various effects to clips.

motion array filmstock alternative
  • Editor with many options
  • Stock clips and motion graphics
  • Filters for a quick search
  • Allows submitting searching requests
  • Bad choice for ordinal users

Main Motion Array Features:

  • Compatible with Adobe plugins
  • Unlimited number of downloads
  • Professional tools
  • Can be used for free

The service is an optimal choice for professional users, who make movies, edit them, and create original visual projects. Motion Array is compatible with many Adobe plugins for editing stock videos, adding premium effects, etc.

Although the website is primarily designed for professionals, it is very intuitive and easy to navigate. You can figure out how to set search filters, select the necessary parameters for a clip, download or share the content with other users without problems.