8 Fastest VPNs in 2023

8 Fastest VPNs in 2023

Anyone who uses VPN does it for privacy and remote access but the speed remains a crucial element. That is why when searching for a provider you will see many call themselves the fastest VPNs and hardly anyone claiming to be the most secure.

You have to understand that your basic speed will always be lowered as an inevitable consequence of using a remote server,but the degree to which it happens can vary. Don’t compromise on either speed or protection, find the most secure providers with the smallest speed drop. Some VPNs come with useful optimizing tricks as well.

Top 8 Fastest VPNs

  1. NordVPN - Unlimited bandwidth and speed
  2. Surfshark - Unlimited amount of users for one subscription
  3. Hotspot Shield - Offers a free option
  4. ExpressVPN - Strong encryption
  5. TunnelBear - Annual and independent security audits
  6. StrongVPN - Best Available Location' option
  7. PrivateVPN - For streaming
  8. Private Internet Access - Has a built-in ad and malware blocker

Many services indeed claim to be the fastest among rivals but few actually stand to that claim. Out of the hundreds of tested providers, some failed at streaming, some limited downloads, and many were just laggy all throughout.

Apart from running extensive speed tests, I also took care to investigate the level of security provided. As a result, you get a list just one entry short of a dozen, but every program included in it is excellent at ensuring the speediest and the most protected browsing.

1. NordVPN – Our Choice

Unlimited bandwidth and speed
  • Cross-platform
  • AES-256-bit two-tier encryption
  • Self-activating kill switch
  • Suitable for torrent downloads
  • Total log absence
  • Android version without the kill switch
  • Hard to find streaming-optimized servers

Verdict: This is the most frequently recommended software whenever someone inquires what is the fastest VPN. As of now, it holds the largest network of servers, over 5,500 of them, and only the fifth part does not support P2P. You can frequently see this program recommended as the best VPN for torrenting for that reason. There are many more features specialized at the particular demands of the growing clientele.

For instance, the SmartPlay technology has been introduced as a higher-level geolocation unblocking. It combines the Smart DNS masking with the advanced ciphering algorithms to bypass even the most complicated blocks. This means you are free to watch Netflix and any other similar service in any other country.


2. Surfshark

Unlimited amount of users for one subscription
  • Sensible price
  • Easy to operate
  • Split tunneling
  • Can eliminate advertisement
  • Few routers are compatible

Verdict: Those who want their VPN fast and affordable at the same time will like this option. Unlike even some paid programs, this one supports an unlimited number of simultaneous connections. The automated algorithms find the fastest and most stable server for you to work with.

Some might think it limited in features, but there are users who dislike the abundance of settings and tools they have no use for. If you need a simple, agile and secure VPN, there is hardly a better candidate.

It contains useful features, simple as the program is. You are allowed to pick the protocol. Besides, this VPN is equipped with a kill switch and double hop.

surfshark fastest vpn interface

3. Hotspot Shield

Offers a free option
  • Vast server coverage
  • Appropriate for Netflix and similar platforms
  • Up to five devices
  • Refunding for 1.5 months
  • Avoids blocks in China
  • Does minor data logging
  • Kill switch only in Windows

Verdict: This program is more famous for being the best free VPN, but you’ll be wrong to expect it to be substandard. Thanks to its own special protocol that reduces the connection establishment and data transfer times, it is a pretty fast VPN service.

It is also pretty expansive, reaching into over 80 countries and counting more than 3,200 servers, all of them P2P inclusive. With such specifics, no wonder the company is quite capable of maintaining proper speeds.

In addition, they make sure the streaming services are available as well, even those with stronger protection. The service has a log, however, so if your first priority is privacy, you might want to keep looking.

hotspot shield fastest vpn interface

4. ExpressVPN

Strong encryption
  • Large toolkit and convenient controls
  • Impressive back-end technology
  • Wide coverage and abundance of servers
  • Opens access to US Netflix
  • Overpriced services

Verdict: Users with families name this the best VPNs for multiple devices, and it is a great bonus that so many features are implemented in the program. The provider is represented in almost half of the world’s countries, and the broad network helps it to remain considered one of the fastest VPNs.

The way the servers are distributed and the protocols they use result in the total absence of network congestion. So, if you wonder whether Netflix works in Mexico and want to access this platform from anywhere in the world, you can fully rely on the service. This program is so widely supported that you can have it installed directly on the router or on any other device.

expressvn fastest vpn interface

5. TunnelBear

Annual and independent security audits
  • Allows for free use
  • Owns its DNS servers
  • Pleasant design
  • Compatible with major platforms
  • Kill Switch
  • No access to Netflix and the like

Verdict: A very decent VPN for P2P that is easy to figure out. It can be installed on any device plus as a Chrome extension. It’s not the best speed VPN services offer but still a decent option allowing 5 devices to have secure Internet access. You can use it for free, but the 500 MB monthly allowance is hardly enough.

Still, the company is decent enough not to exploit their free users through ad exposure or other common contrivances. There are absolutely no logs in the software, and your privacy is very strongly protected. There are no servers for streaming, but you can bypass any geo-blocking, even Chinese, for all the other content from regular browsing to torrenting.

tunnelbear fastest vpn interface

6. StrongVPN

Best Available Location' option
  • Supported on any OS
  • A month for claiming a refund
  • WireGuard protocol
  • Over 30 countries with a total of nearly 1000 servers
  • No records concerning connections or activity
  • Design not modernized

Verdict: Potentially the best VPN with WireGuard protocol that can be used on any device without exceptions. It is definitely one of the fastest VPNs, and the only reason it’s not among the leaders is in the absence of numerous additional features.

The program has a narrower focus on security and performance so you won’t encounter flashy features but will definitely find industry-leading speed. You also have more freedom with simultaneous connections because a whole dozen devices can make use of the thousand available servers with 35 different locations.

strongvpn fastest vpn interface

7. PrivateVPN

For streaming
  • Every server torrent-supportive
  • Log-free operating
  • Provides remote access to US & UK Netflix
  • Six simultaneous connections
  • Unstable access to live chat
  • No add-ons for browsers

Verdict: Even though the company recently appeared on the market, it already deserved the reputation of an excellent VPN for streaming. There is a whole range of reasons as to why this is the best fast VPN. First is the remarkable network of company-owned DNS servers and coverage in about 60 countries.

Second is the kill switch function and leak prevention imposed over the military-grade encryption. Third is the complete absence of logs, but you could also mention the six-device allowance. As for the much-praised streaming, you can easily watch Netflix in HD and never encounter buffering.

privatevpn fastest vpns interface

8. Private Internet Access

Has a built-in ad and malware blocker
  • Easy to install
  • 10 sideline connections
  • Anonymous payment options (Bitcoin, gift cards)
  • 3300+ servers
  • Reliable encryption
  • Simplified feature pack

Verdict: This is the best VPN for speed if your interest mostly lies in watching American Netflix. The company’s network covers 33 countries and counts 33,000 servers, a bulk of which is scattered over the US. They also have great algorithms, and those platforms that fight remote access are still powerless here.

The company is also considered a great VPN for home because they protect you from advertisements and malware, thus speeding up your traffic, and let you select the preferred security protocols. There is no doubt of the high security and privacy level your connection will receive.

private internet access fastest vpns interface